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    Cook for Lamar/Metcalf

    Should I trade away Lamar/Metcalf for Cook? I feel like Cook will finish top 5 overall. Have Herbert as backup QB. WR-Golladay/Woods/Chark. RB-Carson (possibly hurt) /JT/Hyde/Mattison.
  2. kschoiack

    Eckler Value

    Trade away Lamar/Eckler for Kittle? I’m sitting at 2-4 so I don’t think I can wait around for Eckler. Have Herbert as backup QB and Hurst at TE. Eckler doesn’t seem to have hardly any trade value.
  3. kschoiack

    Eckler Value

    Carson/JT other RBs
  4. kschoiack

    Metcalf ROS

    Trade away Metcalf/Eckler for Jones/Andrews? News that Seattle might sign Brown has me nervous for Metcalf. Rest of team- RB-Carson/JT/Mckissic, WR-Woods/Chark, TE-Hurst. Also have Jackson at QB so the stack with Andrews is a plus. I’m sitting at 2-4 so I don’t think I can wait around for Eckler.
  5. kschoiack

    Metcalf ROS

    Not at all. I could see him taking a decent number of targets away from him though, especially in the red zone. Might knock him down to a low end WR1-high end WR2. Even if Brown didn’t sign I don’t think it’s a terrible trade.
  6. kschoiack

    Metcalf ROS

    Aaron Jones, not Julio.
  7. kschoiack

    JT/Henry Trade

    1/2 pt ppr. Trade away Taylor/Woods for Henry/Andrews? He has Johnu as his backup TE and no WRs. Henry’s schedule concerns me (Pit,Bal,Indx2). JT has easy schedule, but much smaller workload.Have Lamar at QB, so the stack with Andrews is a plus. TE- Gesicki/Hurst, RB-Carson,Eckler, Mattison, Murray WR- Chark/Metcalf
  8. kschoiack

    Kelley Trade

    1/2 pt ppr. Trade away Woods/Kelley/Hurst for Hill/Hunter Henry? Guy had Chubb so he’s very thin at RB. I have JT/Carson/ Eckler/Murray/Mattison at RB and Chark/Metcalf at WR. Am sitting at 1-3 and feel like I need to make a move. Worried Rams will continue to be run heavy and Kelley will lose carries to Jackson.
  9. kschoiack

    Win or lose trade?

    1/2 pt ppr, 6 pt pass TD. Traded away Cook/Hockenson/Parker for Carson/Lamar/Metcalf. Had Stafford at QB and have Hurst/Gesicki at TE. Did I win trade?
  10. kschoiack

    Kupp Trade

    1/2 pt ppr. Trade away Parker/Hockenson for Kupp? Really no need for Hockenson and likely have to cut him when he’s on bye week 5. My main concern is that Woods is my other WR. Would you be concerned starting 2 Rams? Chark and Cooks on my bench. If I can get DJ Moore for the same offer which should I target?
  11. kschoiack

    Ertz Trade

    1/2 pt ppr, redraft. Should I trade my RB4 Kelley and 1 of Hurst/Hockenson/Gesicki for Ertz? I also own Eckler, but with Godert hurt I think Ertz will put up more points coming up. Guy who owns him had Quan, so he’s RB needy.
  12. kschoiack

    Drop Stafford for Minshew or Tannehill?

    I’ve considered the same thing, but Golladay should be back this week so I’m waiting to see if that helps out.
  13. kschoiack

    Eckler for Hopkins

    1/2 pt ppr. 2RB, 2WR, Flex. Trade away Eckler for Hopkins? Hopkins owner had Saquon and his RB2 is now Dobbins. Rest of my team below. I know Hopkins is the better weekly play, but is he worth giving up my RB depth? RB- Cook, Jon Taylor, Mattison, Kelley WR- Chark, Woods, Parker, Cooks
  14. kschoiack

    Eckler for Hopkins

    I haven’t got the deal it’s wishful thinking at this point, but I know he’s a big Eckler fan. I have a hard time comparing RB vs WR value. Tend to put too much value into RB since there’s only a handful of them with a lot of value.
  15. kschoiack

    gurley for evans

    If one of your RBs is going to get hurt, odds are it’d be Gurley. I’d do that trade to get Evans.
  16. kschoiack

    Taylor for Julio?

    1/2 pt ppr. Trade away Jonathan Taylor for Julio? Have Eckler/Cook (w/ handcuffs) at RB, Woods/Chark/Cooks at WR, Hockenson/Hurst at TE. Julio injury history concerns me, but might be best to sell high on JT in case he struggles or Hines takes bunch of work.
  17. kschoiack

    Shop taylor or dobbins ?

    Look around for RB needy teams. I’d try to see what you could get for JT or Dobbins from the Ingram/Mack owners. Maybe pair Hilton with one and aim for higher tiered WR.
  18. kschoiack

    JT/Parker for Adams?

    1/2 pt ppr. Trade away Taylor/Parker for Adams? Cook/Eckler plus their handcuffs are my other RBs. Wood/Chark/Cooks are my other WRs. Considering getting as much as I can while there’s hype for JT. Concerned Hines cuts into work load a lot.
  19. kschoiack

    Trade Proposal

    1/2 pt ppr. Should I offer Chark and Love for DJ Moore? He was the AP owner and is a fan of Love. I like Chark, but feel as if Moore has a higher ceiling.
  20. kschoiack

    Chark/JT for Zeke?

    1/2 pt ppr. 2RB/2WR/1Flex. Should I trade Chark and Jonathan Taylor for Zeke?Cook/Eckler current RBs. Woods, Parker, Cooks, Edwards at WR.
  21. kschoiack

    Rate my team

    12 team, 1/2 pt ppr. 5th pick. 1qb/2rb/2wr/1flex/1te Give me a letter grade please. QB- Stafford RB- Cook, Eckler, Jonathan Taylor (Carson picked one spot in front of me), Mattison, Thompson, Kelley WR- Chark, Woods, Cooks, Parker, Edwards(Raiders) TE- Hurst
  22. kschoiack


    I’d do it. Don’t know the details of your league but there’s almost always a streaming option at QB if Goff has tough matchup.
  23. kschoiack

    Rate my team! 1.07; full-point PPR

    Agree with what Byrdman said. Also if it’s a one QB league you might drop Ben and pick up a sleeper. (Redskins RB or Raider WR) Team looks solid though.
  24. kschoiack

    CMC for Cook/Cupp

    1/2 pt ppr. Should I trade away CMC for Cook and Cupp? Have Green/Sutton/Moore at WR.
  25. kschoiack

    Edelman or Sutton

    1/2 pt ppr ROS. Edelman or Sutton?