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  1. Shoeless Joe was banned from playing again. I’m begrudgingly OK if they want them to keep playing ... just limit their hero status ability. But I’d be OK with playing ban if the evidence were irrefutable.
  2. I really think the league took the coward’s way out in regard to not punishing players — especially since they say this was “player driven”. At a minimum, ban them from All-Star game and other awards that trigger bonus payments ... possibly ban them from HOF consideration. Definitely fine them. They should not go unpunished, and fines and bans can be done in a way that don’t directly impact the competitiveness of the teams they have moved onto.
  3. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    What's too big of a gap in age

    That’s sick ... no way I’m letting my two-year old boy date an 8 year old.
  4. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    I just went from ordering a double 12 yr macallan neat

    Where? Great scotch price.
  5. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    FF Scruples

    What “high powered offense”? Could not have been tonight’s game.
  6. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    The State of Michigan has come up with the opioid addiction cure!

    Follow the money Opioid Addiction has all sorts of perceptions wrapped up in it ... hopelessness, helplessness, randomness of something that is difficult to understand and has stigmas like some of the above ... the idea that it can easily be stemmed, that it reflects weakness of character, etc. opioid use disorder changes the conversation ... it aligns with other chronic challenges like eating disorders ... frames the problem as inappropriate use, but with wide latitude as to the underlying cause (peer pressure, physics addiction, depression. Over prescription.) and stigma is a huge part of the problem ... individuals with use disorders my perceive or have difficulty getting hired, which creates depression, which cycles back into worse use. Systematic, but with a drug much more powerful and dangerous than alcohol or nicotine. Receptors get used to a high, so more drugs must be used to reach the same level of high. Vicious cycle. but around that all, follow the money. Too much money in the pain reduction business to expect opioids to go away, so there needs to be a way for doctors to be involved in the solution. And doctors treat disorders. Doctors create health, not addicts ... the system can’t put the blame on them for causing addicts. But treating improper use of medications? Yes, doctors help people use medications correctly!
  7. Gun owners elect people. NRA (and US Chamber) money are two of the most powerful factors in congressional longevity. Why wouldn’t you expect that for the presidency? (Ok, maybe they put up someone other than Wayne ... but Trump certainly showed that winning a previous election isn’t all that.)
  8. no term limit? I’m going with Wayne LaPierre.
  9. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    Obama Warns Contenders About Leaning Too Far Left

    I think this is a very good warning. Our governmental system does not allow for radical change so even Obama wasn’t able to deliver the amount of change he proposed. Warren and Sanders are proposing even more change than Obama proposed. It’s probably not electable, and even less likely to be actualised and maintained.
  10. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    Pennington or McNair?

    Well, silverback memories are starting to slip not to mention the spotty connectivity in nursing homes.
  11. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    Pennington or McNair?

    Never bench Stephen Davis!!!
  12. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    What QBs do you think we've seen the last of?

    Jamarcus Russell
  13. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    Is a life sentence over when you die?

    Unless the government gets involved of course. Question: do we need to revise the death pool rules?
  14. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    What QBs do you think we've seen the last of?

  15. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    Ridley or G.Tate rest of season?