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  1. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    Is Full PPR Too Much Nowadays?

  2. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    First year of Keeper league (Need Help !)

    Thomas brown and mayfield
  3. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    Is Full PPR Too Much Nowadays?

    I got it from Jenny.
  4. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    Players That Are "Being Held Back."

    I think Tom Brady is being held back by his receivers corp.
  5. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    Is Full PPR Too Much Nowadays?

    Could you add an option for .8675309?
  6. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    Players You Think Will Be Traded This Offseason.

  7. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    Michael Bennett to the Patriots?

    Great move by the Pats. May encourage Marty to come back at TE too. Really low downside.
  8. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    Geek cooking challenge

    Vegetable chickpea tikka masala over rice. cottage pie.
  9. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    New here

    So, tell us more about this swallowing problem you’ve been having ...
  10. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    Dumb credit card question

    My experience ... We put 90% of our daily spending on credit card, and autopay full amount each month. (We have never used debit cards.) having a high balance can drop your credit score, but once it is paid in full does help increase your credit score. (My swing last month was 100 points, due to an exceptionally large credit card bill.) I’ve never intentionally carried a balance month to month ... don’t want to pay interest and fees. Autopay in full works wonders for that ... the manual process (or old school mailing checks) has much more potential risk IMO. And autopay is processed the day the payment is due ... so if you have funds in an interest bearing account, you benefit there.
  11. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    the POS car

    Enter a demolition derby with it. Go 50/50 on the prize money with a desperate driver. Enjoy watching revenge on the POS for every time it let your down or embarrassed you. Hopefully win prize money.
  12. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    Who are you rooting for and why?

    Im rooting for the Patriots because I was born in Southie. Never changing allegiances.
  13. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    Least important position other than K/P?

    Any player restricted to special teams only - other than punt returner. Kick returner nearly useless in the current rules configuration.
  14. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    How Would You Resolve This Dispute?

    I think there best play is to put minimum effort into winning in 2019. Bet on some good sounding veterans at the end of their career (Latavius Murray? Mike Wallace? Dez?) with one year prove it contracts ... draft for 2020 development or trade picks and players forward. Would give time to See how Guice and Smith return from injuries, and create an underdog story for 2019. But no, cant see them winning NFC east next year.
  15. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    Help Me Pick Keepers

    If you can start three RBs, Adams goes. If not, keep Adams and explore trade value for Conner.