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  1. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    The Best Movies to Watch on the 4th of July

  2. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    Not something you read everyday

    That toad was a
  3. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    What was a better stand alone movie?

  4. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    Is it still capitalism

    You forgot to mention Sears, Blockbuster and Compaq. Capitalism gives lots of opportunities for new players to emerge and grow quickly. Staying power isn’t as simple ... sometimes years, sometimes decades, and occasionally more than a century. Don’t get overly mislead by every shiny new object. Pets.com, WeWork, Theranos, etc are there too.
  5. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    Personal income surges 10.5% in April

    This is pretty much what will happen ... just it will be collected from everyone (including those who did not get payments) and will be in the form of higher taxes. but don’t worry ... the 1200 is free. Totally. No strings attached.
  6. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    Quarantine First Date Ideas

    Pet grooming party. ( kitty cat & trouser snake)
  7. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    Who's out of a job?

    You should put the bathroom and outside window on the posters. Key differentiators. Maybe rebrand ... how does “The Fresh ” sound?
  8. Maybe someone comes out as identifying as a woman and Biden chooses her. Biden/Cuomo perhaps?
  9. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    A Diver Friend of Mine is Missing Near Hilton Head SC

    So sorry. Offering up a prayer.
  10. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    Spermoff: Wedding song

    I wanted White Wedding, but we ended up with Lady in Red. I sure do miss Lucille.
  11. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    **Happy NFL Draft Day Everyone**

    Streaming and radio info: or maybe they’ll have takeout from Buffalo Wild Wings
  12. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    The new Bubble?

    Virtual will accelerate... virtual games, virtual sex, virtual servers, remote work. on-demand delivery services like Peapod, Amazon now, grub hub will continue to grow. real estate will face challenges, especially dense population centers.
  13. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    4/15/20 Left Right Center

    Left, left left, right, left
  14. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    Bronx zoo Tiger has Corona...wtf?

    AVMA reports on testing in Wuhan on 102 cats that were analyzed for COVID-19 antibodies before and after the outbreak. None prior, 17 exhibited after. So it sound like cats can be infected, but no evidence on transmitting to humans or getting from humans ... most of the 17 were from kennels or strays ... not living with infected individuals. see second preprint study in literature section: https://www.avma.org/resources-tools/animal-health-and-welfare/covid-19/sars-cov-2-animals-including-pets
  15. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    Bronx zoo Tiger has Corona...wtf?

    I’m sorry for your loss.