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  1. My RB;’s have carried me this year (Zeke, Saquon, Cook), and I’ve limped into the championship. But which QB to win it all?
  2. Now that Luck goes down - does that change my strategy? Should I now go: Zeke / Saquon / Thomas / Watson? or still go with Cook over Watson? Man I hate/love this.
  3. So looking across the teams in my league, and their current rosters and probable 4 keepers, I think a balance of the following QB's will be available: Matt Ryan Drew Brees DeShaun Watson Carson Wentz Matt Stafford Baker Mayfield Jared Goff Tom Brady So even if Watson doesn't fall to me, I could still get one of Ryan, Brees or Wentz I think. At worst, I'd get Mayfield or Goff as my #1. So then I'd have that QB, RB's: Barkley, Elliott, Cook and Thomas at WR. That would be a solid/balanced 5 don't you think?
  4. TT91

    Keep Thielen or Kelce in this situation?

    Thielen for that value
  5. TT91

    Keeping two RBs-now WR question

    Yep - Thielen for me. The ball just seems to find him.
  6. TT91

    Simple keeper question

    I like Ingram over Kittle. I have him as #2 TE on my list. I just don't think BAL will put up a lot of points. My $.02.
  7. 12 team PPR - we keep 4. I will keep 4 of these 5. My top 3 are: 1) Saquon 2) Zeke 3) Michael Thomas Question is, do I keep: DeShaun Watson or Dalvin Cook. If I keep Cook, I *think* DeShaun will be there with the 12th pick (I won league last year so I get last pick). If I keep DeShaun, I'm pretty sure Cook won't be available when its my pick. I also have Matt Ryan, so I know one of Matt Ryan or DeShaun will be available at QB. Thoughts?
  8. Hi all - 12 team keeper. PPR. Keeping: Deshaun Watson Zeke Elliott Michael Thomas Then either Dalvin Cook or Amari Cooper I get the first pick and will pick Barkley, so if I keep Cook, Ill have 3 solid RBs and will pick a 7th rounder type WR. If I keep Cooper, Id have 2 solid RBs and 2 solid WRs. Thoughts? We can play 2RBs and a flex. Thanks in advance!
  9. TT91

    Need to pick 2 keepers

    I'd stay away from ANYTHING JETS. Newton and Graham for me. Please see mine: http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=468414
  10. TT91

    Post-draft; "rate my team"

    Another good draft. I like it.
  11. TT91

    $ Draft! From the #8 slot; 10-team PPR

    Thanks for hitting mine. Good draft IMHO. You got Ryan, who should have another good year as the signal caller. Carson is getting up there and is a good #2. RB's look pretty good with Murray and at 1 and IC at 2. I think the Browns will rely heavy onto run this year as they try to give Kizer breathing room. You got Rawls listed as your 5th - which aint' bad. I think you're stacked at RB. Hard to go wrong with Jordy...Fitz is getting up there. Devante Parker will be a good PR guy. I'm a Buckeye so I love Ginn - and him and Thomas gotta be catching some of those Brees throws. Graham has struggled at TE as of late. Getting up there. Maybe package a couple of your 4/5 RB's for a Jack Doyle? QB: ATL & ARI RB: TEN - D. Murray, CLE - I,. Crowell, WAS - R. Kelley, BAL - T. West, SEA - T. Rawls, PHI - W. Smallwood, KC - C. West WR: GB - J. Nelson, ARI - Fitz, MIA - D. Parker, NO - T. Ginn, CAR - D. Funchess TE: SEA - J. Graham, TB - C. Brate DEF: ARI KCR: ARI
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    Rookie draft