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  1. Real quick. We've had a last min drop. 12 team NFL league. Standard scoring. TE's can flex, two divisions.... clock is ticking. lol. Otherwise we'll just go with auto pick team, and drop it's players. Thanks tank1812@hotmail.com Jon
  2. Hello Everyone: Tired of same old thing? 12 Teams. Two divisions. TE's can flex. 6 teams in championship, and consolation bracket. Everyone plays right up to week 17. Top two regular season teams get a bye week. Title is week 16 & 17 combined score. Standard scoring. Not PPR or IDP. Just posted as open to the public. Live draft will be held Mon Sep 5th at 8 pm EST. URL: tank1812.league.fantasy.nfl.com Password: Tank1812 Feel free to join on your own, or to to contact me directly. I do still have an opening in a closed league drafting Sunday at 12 noon EST. Thanks, and looking forward to some new faces. Jon (Tank1812) tank1812@hotmail.com
  3. Hello lolo8b: You might of passed over my post when you put this in. But, I am running two NFL.com 12 team leagues that are drafting Sun and Mon. Both are going to be reactivated next year. If you'd like to know more. Let me know here, or directly. If not, best wishes with your hunt. John tank1812@hotmail.com
  4. Hello All: We have lost a couple of people that were called up to help with hurricane relief. Need to fill two 12 team NFL.com leagues. One drafts Sun Sep 3rd at 12 noon EST. The other drafts Mon Sep 4th at 8 pm EST. These are completely FREE to play leagues. Standard scoring. Not PPR, or IDP. TE's can flex. Two divisions. Top 6 make championship bracket. Top 2 regular season teams get a bye week. Title is on combined week 16 and 17 points. These are both private / closed leagues. I do not want to open them to the public, due to low participation rates. I figure that anyone who is reading this is far more committed than the average Joe, (or Jane) LOL that we would find. Most people who are returning like to trade. Have fun, and looking forward to adding a couple new players. Contact me here, or direct email. I will send official league invitation through NFL site. Thank you. Jon tank1812@hotmail.com