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  1. Bad Mojo

    Newton or Allen week 1?

    Allen vs Jets See how it goes for Cam
  2. Bad Mojo

    WR and Flex advice

    12 team ppr WR pick 2 T.Boyd, C. Kirk, C. Lamb Flex pick 1 Mostert, H. Hurst Thanks!!!
  3. Up 52... Going against Mike Boone
  4. Bad Mojo

    Perriman or McLaurin

    Won't they double cover Perriman??
  5. Bad Mojo

    WEEK 16. Denver or Pittsburg D ??

    Funny story I have BAL D he has Steelers D... I pick up DEN D. I then see Jacob's is out who he has as starter this week. I drop DEN and pick up D. Washington. He drops Steelers D picks up DEN D and starts L. Bell in place of Jacob's. Then again, it may not be so funny
  6. Bad Mojo

    Josh Jacobs OUT Week 16

    Mostert or Washington ppr
  7. Bad Mojo

    L Bell VS Steelers D

    Steelers I hope
  8. Bad Mojo

    Need 2 RB

    Same question this week, only this time Jacob's is out for certain
  9. Bad Mojo

    bal def this week

    I have BAL But just picked up DEN Will study and make decision soon
  10. 14 team ppr L. Jackson, R. Wilson CMC, Fournette, Mostert, Michel J. Jones, M. Williams, C. Kirk, G. Tate H. Henry Lambo Ravens
  11. Bad Mojo


    SF should run run run Go with Tannehill
  12. Bad Mojo

    OBJ Is This His Week?

    I see OBJ having best game of year
  13. Bad Mojo

    Need 2 RB

    14 team ppr Need RB #2 and flex rb Fournette, Mostert, D. Washington (If Jacob's out only), Michel Rb#1 CMC
  14. Bad Mojo

    TE Trash Pile

    Giving Burton one last chance
  15. If you play the non Brady choices and they crash... Give Brady this last chance