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  1. Upsman89

    Pick 3…do i dare sit Barkley?

  2. need 3 total out of these 5 J Jones , Gallop , Mooney ,Sutton and R Moore have both K allen and Mitchell out this week win and iam in playoffs underdog by 2 pts . which 3 should i go with
  3. Upsman89

    TE Scraps with Waller out and Goedert on Bye

    Moreau and guess i would drop Goedert
  4. Upsman89

    Possible Tony Pollard Replacement (NON PPR Flex)

    hilliard and Aikuk
  5. Upsman89

    .5 ppr flex this week

    Gallup, Sutton or R Moore
  6. Upsman89

    .5 ppr flex this week

    over Gallup with wilson out and Cooper questionable
  7. Upsman89

    WR issue this week

    yep agree Higgins and jefferson
  8. Upsman89

    Qb pick one whir

    herbert think this could be a shoot ouy
  9. Upsman89

    RB Help

    patterson and zeke
  10. Upsman89

    Drop Moore?

  11. Upsman89

    Who to start? Help

    wilson , williams and herbert
  12. Gallup E moore and D Arnold
  13. Upsman89

    Qb for week 11

    Herbert or Burrow
  14. Upsman89

    wr and flex help .5 ppr league

    need a wr also
  15. Upsman89

    .5 ppr flex this week

    Gallop, Van jefferson or eli moore
  16. Like love think he has a good chance to score 20 pts
  17. Jefferson i just picked him up aslo