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  1. Who Were The Most & Least Improved Players In The NFL Last Season? Feel free to make a pick for offense and defense. If you want to pick a ST player too, then go for it.
  2. the lone star

    What If The Commish Accidentally Breaks The Rules?

    Not sure I agree with that. What if that means changing the rules so that they have a retroactive effect? What if he changes the rules right after collecting dues? What if he nixes a deal that appears to be for fair-market-value and was negotiated in good-faith?
  3. What Stat Tells You The Most About How Tough A Guy Is? How Important Is Toughness To You When Evaluating NFL Players? Who Do You Think Is The Toughest Player In The NFL? Who Do You Think Is The Least Tough? Are There Any Players You Avoid Drafting In Fantasy Because They Aren't Tough Enough? What's More Important, Mental Toughness Or Physical Toughness? Please discuss fantasy implications and real-world (non-fantasy) issues. Personally, I think that you obviously have to look at games played and games missed. Those are good ones. After that, I guess hits taken vs. times the offensive player ran out of bounds. And I would say penalties taken and penalties drawn have to be looked at too. Qualitatively, I think you gotta look at how a guy plays through an injury. So, obviously, guys like Emmitt, Ronnie Lott, McNabb, and Terrell Owens were all very tough. Then I think you gotta look at the playing style of the player. Guys like Gronk and Le'Veon both make contact with a lot of players, so they're physical and pretty tough. However, Gronk is injury prone and Bell has missed many games in his short NFL career. Grantland had a good article several years back about how Andrew Luck was the toughest player in the NFL because of how many hits he took. However, now that he has missed many games, I'm not so sure about that. But that raises another good question. If you are injury prone, then is that an indicator that you could be more tough? For a guy like Le'Veon, I think he could be tougher mentally. His off the field issues early on in his career had me facepalming hard, and this holdout backfired on him. You could argue that he had a tough stance in negotiations, but that obviously prevented him from suiting up last season AND he lost money too. I will say that I normally do try to stay away from injury-prone guys like Eifert and even Gronk (Kelce, Ertz, Delanie, and Kyle Rudolph were my go-tos in redraft). Unfortunately, it seems like Hunter Henry has the injury bug, so I might have to stay away from him too.
  4. the lone star

    What If The Commish Accidentally Breaks The Rules?

    So the rules basically just say Free agency starts on the Xth week after the draft, and last for Y amount of weeks. The league's rookie draft will then be held on week Z, and last for AA weeks, with BB minutes/hours per pick.
  5. Is It Obvious Not To Tank If It Isn't Clearly Against The Rules? Consider the examples below, are any of them obvious No-Nos? Why or Why Not? Assume that some people in the current league have played in other leagues where some, and even all, of these were allowed. Also assume that tanking has never been discussed by the current league. Examples of Tanking 1.) Trading away good players to increase your chances of losing 2.) Benching starters to increase your chances of losing 3.) Starting inactive players to increase your chances of losing 4.) Combination of 1-3.
  6. In one league, the Commish would set the clock for our draft and/or the length of the free agency period. There are express rules that govern how long each person has to pick, and how long the free agency period is. However, the Commish wasn't really aware of these rules and thought that he could just change them whenever he wanted and for the convenience of the league. There are also rules in place that govern how rules should be changed, and this procedure wasn't followed. Now, nobody actually challenged these new rules, but in the event that they were challenged, then what do you think should have been done? Should it have reverted back to how it is in writing, or should the Commish's wishes have won out? Should the procedure for changing the rules have been strictly followed, or would it just be OK to hold an impromptu vote and see how many people are in favor for the new rules?
  7. the lone star

    Players That Are "Being Held Back."

    I think the Chiefs will draft a RB. Well, they should. But let's see. Sometimes rookies don't start right away. Like Hyde was behind Gore, and Chubb was behind Hyde.
  8. the lone star

    Players That Are "Being Held Back."

    for sure, but I don't think he'll be the starter.
  9. the lone star

    Role Players That Will Breakout In 2019

    Perriman is a good pick. I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed on Rashard Higgins too. I like that guy a lot.
  10. the lone star

    Breakout Candidates For 2019

    I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed on Rashard Higgins.
  11. the lone star

    Players That Are "Being Held Back."

    Depends on if they draft somebody else. Hyde has had some bad situations, but he also got outplayed by other guys or fell out of favor in those stops.
  12. the lone star

    Is Full PPR Too Much Nowadays?

    Agreed. 0.5 or 0.33 is fine with me. Get an extra bonus point for making 3 catches? I'm fine with that. It kinda makes sense tbh.
  13. the lone star

    What Percentage Of Vetos Would You Need To Nix A Deal?

    The first scenario is always tough to patrol. I've been there for sure.
  14. Pretty much. There were times when he didn't overthrow it though.
  15. Pretty much. Now you know what inspired this thread.