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  1. Dammit Im Mad

    Cigar smoking geeks...

    Really enjoy the CAO Flathead 660. The 770 is good but makes me feel like a gay p0rn star.
  2. Dammit Im Mad

    Donald Trump will be re-elected in 2020

    Cannot recall what they were 2 weeks before election in 2016 but I am sure Female Satan was more highly favored than -190. However, I think they (Libs) got this one in the bag even if Mr. Trump wins by a landslide.(Fixored as some old timers on here used to say).
  3. Dammit Im Mad

    Donald Trump will be re-elected in 2020

    My betting site has Biden at -190 and Trump +150. This makes me more scared than any polls
  4. Dammit Im Mad

    Best tradition in sports

    The good news for the NBA is that their ratings aren't down that much with the China Flu cancellation.
  5. Dammit Im Mad

    Favorite band from the "Grunge" era / scene?

    Fock Grunge! Didn't most of these cats off themselves because they (and their "music") were so depressed? Nice 2 year run....
  6. Dammit Im Mad

    Geico commercials...

    I'm a sucker for the little pig screaming "weee-weee" all the way home.
  7. Dammit Im Mad

    Funniest movie of all time

    I'm a sucker for Sophomoric humor: American Pie Porky's
  8. Dammit Im Mad

    Movies with the best soundtracks

    The Last American Virgin
  9. Dammit Im Mad

    Movies with the best soundtracks

  10. Dammit Im Mad

    Ozark now on Netflix

    Same here. For some reason I like Rachel (and her dirty mouth) with that strong Arky/Mizzou twang
  11. Dammit Im Mad

    Favorite store that went out of business

    Funny, I'm going to Arthur Treacher's for lunch today. Still like 1-5 worldwide.
  12. Dammit Im Mad

    I dont have words...only in Pa.

    This made me giggle.
  13. Doc, What is a HGH brand that you would recommend for a guy, 51, that shows signs of hypogonadism? Asking for a friend...bah