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  1. AxeElf

    Buffalo homers...

    Not a Buffalo homer, but I'd set the odds at 8-1.
  2. AxeElf

    Le'Veon Bell to KC Chiefs

    It's up to Clyde to answer the Bell.
  3. AxeElf

    ROS CeeDee Lamb Or Jarvis Landry ?

    I'd see one game with Ben DiNucci at the helm before I throw away what was a top 10 WR. He was kind of a gunslinger at a perennial FCS contender--70.9% completion rate, 29 TDs to 6 INTs last year. Stranger things have happened.
  4. Graham Mertz, redshirt freshman QB for Wisconsin, was last seen throwing 5 TDs to win the MVP of the All-American Bowl after his senior season in 2018. I know this because he's from Blue Valley North High School in Overland Park here in the Kansas City metro. As a true freshman in 2019, Mertz threw ten passes for the Badgers before redshirting. The first one fell incomplete. The remaining 9 were completed. Tonight, Mertz started with 17 straight completions, tying a single-game Wisconsin record, and completing a stretch of 26 straight completions going back to last season. He threw 4 TDs in the first half, and tied another single-game school record with a 5th TD pass late in the game. This was only the second time in Lovie Smith's career (college and pro) that his defense had surrendered 5 pass TDs to an opposing QB. Mertz finished the game 20/21 for 248 yards, setting yet a third single-game school record with a 95.2% completion rate. He had no INTs. So basically one game, three school records tied or broken! Russell Wilson isn't going to be the best QB from Wisconsin any more...
  5. AxeElf

    Is it time to let Cee Dee go?

    I would probably just keep Lamb. He should be fine as long as Dalton doesn't come back.
  6. AxeElf

    Revenge Games

    I might bench Peyton Barber for Bell, but that's about it.
  7. AxeElf

    Future Stud Alert - 2020 Edition

    And Big 10 protocols will require him to miss 3 weeks. When the season's only 8 weeks to start with, that's a lot! I guess I'll have to wait another year to watch our KC product tear up the Big 10... Oh well, I guess Trevor Lawrence can have his Heisman after all.
  8. AxeElf

    Bears at Rams: MNF Discussion

    If you have momentum, it's harder to change direction. Catching the ball in a stationary position allows you a quick survey of the oncoming defenders and the ability to start moving in any direction. If you're already running in one direction, it's much easier for defenders--who are also battling their own momentum--to predict your position in the next few moments.
  9. AxeElf

    FU Week 7

    And Woods owner. If Josh Reynolds could catch, he'd have 35 fantasy points by now. What was the gameplan again--feature our worst receiver? Nice!
  10. AxeElf

    FU Week 7

    Well then, FU2.
  11. AxeElf

    FU Week 7

    Shanahan for not telling anyone he was planning on resting McKinnon. It wasn't bad enough he had to put Mostert on IR, he had to surprise-bench his backup? Brutal.
  12. AxeElf

    M Thomas

    I'm not trying to say anything; I didn't write the article. I was just spotlighting it as being one attempt to answer the bust rate question. I understand that it's a few years old, but if you want to posit that bust rates vary so widely from year to year that a 5 year old study is no longer relevant, then aren't we really saying that the data on bust rates is inconsistent enough that there is no general "rule" one can follow regarding bust rates?
  13. AxeElf

    Gio or McKinnon RB WK7

    Yeah, Shanahan forgot to tell the rest of the world that he was planning on resting McKinnon for this game. Woulda been nice to have that info, as an owner myself in one league. Now I'm gonna need like 16 points from Woods tonight to make McKinnon's resting a moot point.
  14. AxeElf

    M Thomas

    Site Archives to the Rescue... FF Today Article on Bust Rates for Top RBs and WRs from 2015
  15. AxeElf

    Seahawks at Cardinals: SNF Discussion

    The 4.3 point night for Metcalf was bad enough, but losing those 11.8 points on a holding penalty in OT had to salt the wound.
  16. AxeElf

    Seahawks at Cardinals: SNF Discussion

    Arizona picked a great time to take their first lead of the game--at 69:45.
  17. AxeElf

    Seahawks at Cardinals: SNF Discussion

    Metcalf owners... ouch.
  18. AxeElf

    Seahawks at Cardinals: SNF Discussion

    And Axe Elf successfully executes the Reverse Jinx. 4.6 for Carson, so I need 15.9 or better from Woods on MNF. Doable.
  19. AxeElf

    Chargers Backfield = A Fantasy Cluster!@#$

    So you din't really dump Ryan FOR him; you could afford to dump Ryan BECAUSE of him.
  20. AxeElf

    FU Week 7

    Why didn't you trade Evans for Scotty Miller when Brady was signed, then?
  21. AxeElf

    FU Week 7

    So... you Evans/Godwin owners miss Winston yet?
  22. AxeElf

    Seahawks at Cardinals: SNF Discussion

    I need Woods on Monday to outscore Carson tonight by 11.3 in half-PPR, so you're probly good.
  23. AxeElf

    Chargers Backfield = A Fantasy Cluster!@#$

    You want us to believe that the 6th overall pick in the 2020 NFL draft wasn't already rostered in a dynasty league--especially after Herbert started in Week 2? Must be fun playing with chimps.
  24. AxeElf

    WSIS with Jones out

    Thank you, Axe Elf! Sometimes I hate being right all the time. Sorry 'bout that.