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  1. birdiepop22

    Start Ertz tonight?

    Ohhhhhhh yeah!!!!!
  2. birdiepop22

    Start Ertz tonight?

    Screw it, pulled the trigger!!! Good luck and may the fantasy gods smile upon us tonight
  3. birdiepop22

    Start Ertz tonight?

    Care to elaborate why? Tks
  4. birdiepop22

    Start Ertz tonight?

    I think I’m going to pull the trigger. The Eagles are probably going to have to throw a ton to try to keep up. Maybe a garbage time TD…
  5. Damien Williams just tested positive for covid. So I would go with Sanders and Meyers. Harris isn’t a pass catching RB
  6. birdiepop22

    Start Ertz tonight?

    Goedert out on reserve/Covid… should I start Ertz over Schultz? 0.5 PPR What say you?
  7. birdiepop22

    Pick 2WR Half PPR - Godwin, DJ Moore, AJ Brown

    I wouldn't risk it. AJ has stunk all year (I have him in one league). I think Godwin is up to have a good night, start him with confidence
  8. birdiepop22

    Flex help

    Beasley is a target monster and has the best matchup out of the bunch
  9. birdiepop22

    WR’s Who to start?

    Start 2 WR, 1 Flex Stefon Diggs Mike Williams Flex: Diontae Johnson Tyler Boyd DJ Chark Robby Anderson Torn between Johnson or Boyd. Johnson was banged up and Roethlisberger isn’t doing so well. Boyd has a good matchup tonight and is healthy. Who you got?
  10. birdiepop22

    The Official Week 3 FU Thread

    FU Lockett for exploding and making my team lose
  11. birdiepop22

    Which RB/WR/FLEX to start week 2

    Good call guys!
  12. birdiepop22

    Which RB/WR/FLEX to start week 2

    Please help! 0.5 PPR 12 team league. Which 2 RB, 2 WR and 1 FLEX to start week 2? RB N. Chubb vs CIN K. Hunt vs CIN David Johnson vs BAL C. Edmonds vs WSH WR JuJu vs DEN Kupp @ PHI E. Sanders @ LV R. Anderson @ TB I will help with yours as well, thanks!
  13. birdiepop22

    Alright...What Do You Need Monday Night For The Ship?

    I need a Christmas miracle... opponent is done, I'm down by 56 points and have Diggs and Boone tonight
  14. birdiepop22

    Alright...What Do You Need Monday Night For The Ship?

    Man that will be a fun game to watch! Good luck
  15. birdiepop22

    Alright...What Do You Need Monday Night For The Ship?

    Are you still in it? What do you need to win? I need a combined 56 points from Diggs and Boone in half ppr to win the ship... I'm so screwed LOL