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  1. birdiepop22

    Need help at RB/WR/Flex

    Goodwin was a bad call lol…. Oh well
  2. birdiepop22

    Need help at RB/WR/Flex

    Yes forgot to mention it’s half PPR, thanks!
  3. birdiepop22

    Need help at RB/WR/Flex

    Overthinking it this week, still can’t believe I’ve made it this far but need other opinions. RB (need 2) Sanders Pacheco Patterson Hubbard Waiver wire: Deon Jackson, Allgeier WR (need 1) Diontae Johnson Lazard Demarcus Robinson KJ Osborn Waiver wire: Jakobi Meyers, Goodwin, Richie James Flex: any of the above Really need some help! 0.5 PPR
  4. birdiepop22

    Cam Akers

    No trade value? lol
  5. birdiepop22

    Cam Akers

    Is Akers safe to drop? My 0.5PPR league has a short bench and we can only roster a max of 4 RB's at any time. RB is my weakest position on my team and frankly I'm tired of holding on to this bum.
  6. birdiepop22


    Need help deciding which 2 players to keep, drafting tonight. RB - Chubb WR- Diggs WR - Deebo 0.5 PPR league. Leaning with Diggs and Deebo.
  7. birdiepop22

    Chiefs @ Chargers: TNF Discussion

    Anyone feeling confident enough starting Justin Jackson? Ekeler is expected to play but... for how long? I am in dire need of RB depth... my other options are Zeke, Michel, Hilliard, Mattison... FML
  8. birdiepop22

    Start Ertz tonight?

    Ohhhhhhh yeah!!!!!
  9. birdiepop22

    Start Ertz tonight?

    Screw it, pulled the trigger!!! Good luck and may the fantasy gods smile upon us tonight
  10. birdiepop22

    Start Ertz tonight?

    Care to elaborate why? Tks
  11. birdiepop22

    Start Ertz tonight?

    I think I’m going to pull the trigger. The Eagles are probably going to have to throw a ton to try to keep up. Maybe a garbage time TD…
  12. Damien Williams just tested positive for covid. So I would go with Sanders and Meyers. Harris isn’t a pass catching RB
  13. birdiepop22

    Start Ertz tonight?

    Goedert out on reserve/Covid… should I start Ertz over Schultz? 0.5 PPR What say you?
  14. birdiepop22

    Pick 2WR Half PPR - Godwin, DJ Moore, AJ Brown

    I wouldn't risk it. AJ has stunk all year (I have him in one league). I think Godwin is up to have a good night, start him with confidence
  15. birdiepop22

    Flex help

    Beasley is a target monster and has the best matchup out of the bunch