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  1. BillsBandwagon

    Pick 1 WR

    Sanders or Cooper, half ppr. Thanks
  2. BillsBandwagon

    Melvin Gordon Trade

    Should I trade Chubb, Ingram and Josh Gordon for Melvin Gordon? Half ppr only start 2 RB's no flex. I have David Johnson and Ekkler. Would then pick up Edmonds and have 2 starters and their cuffs.
  3. BillsBandwagon

    Mahomes Trade

    I have Matt Ryan and Mahomes. Was offered Antonio brown. Half ppr. Only start 2 Wide receives, no flex. I also have Josh Gordon, Amari Cooper, and Cortland Sutton. Should I make the trade?
  4. BillsBandwagon

    Trade Offer

    I have David Johnson, Mark Ingram, Aaron Jones, Royce Freeman, and Austin Ekeler as well. Can only start 2 RB, 2 WR per week...no flex.
  5. BillsBandwagon

    Trade Offer

    Offered Will Fuller for Chris Carson, half ppr. I am thin at WR with Michael Thomas, Amari Cooper, and Josh Gordon. Was going to start Carson this week but don't need to. Should I make the trade?
  6. BillsBandwagon

    Who to Start

    Royce Freeman or Austin Ekeler half PPR?
  7. BillsBandwagon

    Drop for Royce Freemam

    Just dropped in my league and I have a bit a mess at RB. I have David Johnson, Chase Edmonds, Austin Ekeler, Aaron Jones, Chris Carson, and Mark Ingram. I don't want to drop Jones and have always liked handcuffing my stud RB (who isn't much of a stud yet). I wanted to drop Carson. Who would you drop or no one?
  8. BillsBandwagon

    Drop a Starting RB

    Its half point PPR and I have some depth at RB but not for a couple weeks. Waiting on Aaron Jones and Mark Ingram. Have Carson and David Johnson. Start only 2, no flex.
  9. BillsBandwagon

    Drop a Starting RB

    Wondering if I drop Peyton Barber to get Austin Ekeler?