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  1. riversco

    The left just doesn't get it

    Actually the left wing not only tries to ruin the careers of their opponents in the private sector with iron fist authoritarian moves likes bans and exclusions, but they accuse the right wing of being evil authoritarians. That gives them political cover because if the accusation gets thrown about in both directions, it becomes noise and people stop listening.
  2. riversco

    Nike dropped Antonio Brown

    At least until the civil war breaks out.
  3. riversco

    Fake Meat

    When a new product comes out, corporations pimp the hell out of it. Then 10 years later, research comes out that it causes you to grow a second head. I'll pass for a decade until I see what science comes out.
  4. riversco

    Gig Law passed in California...thoughts

    That only works for people who are still allowed to be uber drivers. If this legislation is signed and not stopped by the referendum, there will probably be a lot less uber drivers on the road, and it will cost a lot more. If you cancel the ride and pay out of pocket post-legislation, it might wind up costing more than a taxi lol. But some disgruntled ex-uber driver might create a "meetup" app where people just meet and then when they do, they arrange payment for a ride off the books.
  5. riversco

    Gig Law passed in California...thoughts

    I think one possibility is that a lot of uber drivers go underground. I mean the system is already established. If Uber and Lyft get limited, then some aggressive entrepreneur might start some underground app or system to connect people to drivers either in another app or without using phones at all somehow. It might work for many months until law enforcement catch on and start running sting operations to catch them. Maybe a streetcorner gets tagged with a symbol to let people know to wait for rides or to pick up riders. Or underground ridesharers will have a sticker on their car or some small sign they wave out the car window. Who knows.
  6. riversco

    Gig Law passed in California...thoughts

    The people that make out big in this deal are far left union leaders who hope to rake in lots of money if they can get uber / lyft drivers to organize into a union. For uber and lyft, if they are forced to give all drivers pay, vacation time, health care, and all the bennies, both companies will have no choice but to drastically cut the number of drivers on the road. They cannot afford to pay that kind of money to all of them. They will still have to raise the cost of rides. For riders, it means longer wait times and higher fares. This makes taxi drivers more competitive. For the city of Los Angeles, its a money windfall because more tax revenue, and it will push riders to use Blue LA, a government run version of Uber where you pick up an idle car stationed on the side of the road and drive yourself. For Uber / Lyft drivers, it means one day they may try to log in and the app will tell them sorry they are no longer an uber driver. They got cut because its too expensive to have so many drivers. Those that remain will be forced to work a shift and set number of hours. This also affects ALL 1099 employees, from rideshare drivers, to fruit cart workers, to taco trucks, to hair and nail salon workers, truck drivers and more. For the economy, it means a lot more people will be out of work. Unemployment goes up. It may force people to leave the state. Right to Work laws spawned in the Old South and it drew away tons of industries from northern states that didn't have right to work laws. Places like Detroit, Buffalo, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh got slaughtered with sky high unemployment and crumbling cities because businesses fled to right to work cities like Charlotte. Charlotte became a boom town. We may see a repeat of work flight as 1099ers flee states that pass this sort of legislation and go to red states that reward people for working hard. A big winner here would be Phoenix, Arizona. Arizona has proven to be friendly to 1099ers and uber and lyft especially. We might see 1099 flight from California to Arizona. Current Arizona governor Doug Ducey helped rideshare companies by suspending an investigation into companies operating illegally and changed the rules to make them favor rideshare over taxis.
  7. riversco

    Kavanaugh sexual misconduct in High School

    That would destroy Trump. Trump is popular with the base because he has an air of authenticity to them. If you start filtering Trump, the Trump's base abandons him AND the rest of the GOP will NOT follow him. You destroy Trump with your plan. People chose Trump because he seemed real in a sea of 17 fake GOP candidates in 2016. You don't filter a guy like that. Ever.
  8. Miami will make everyone look good. So let's wait and see.
  9. riversco

    Bose bluetooth speaker sunglasses

    What is that girl wearing? She got like a Big Bird blazing yellow furry top and then what looks like a kitchen apron over it.
  10. riversco

    Friday Fun Facts

    Entering this season, the 49ers had not won a game in the eastern time zone since Noevember 16th, 2014. They are 2-0 this year, both wins in the eastern time zone.
  11. riversco

    Is Sony Michel dead?

    Traditionally, Belichick foregoes the run vs the Steelers and spreads them out with a passing attack. They've never been able to stop Tom in that setup. No reason to take the ball out of Tom's hand and feed it to Michel. I would ignore reading anything into the Patriot run game vs the Steelers.
  12. riversco

    If Obama had a son?

    The statue in the video was of Harmon Killebrew at Target Field, home of the Twins. https://proxy.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=https%3A%2F%2Fstatic01.nyt.com%2Fimages%2F2011%2F05%2F14%2Fsports%2Fjp-killebrew%2Fjp-killebrew-jumbo.jpg
  13. Sure, during the war. But AFTER the war into peacetime? Especially after Lincoln was dead. They obviously went hard into a "mend fences" mode.
  14. Its a pragmatic move. Technically, it probably isn't correct to celebrate General Lee. But the GOAL was to reunite the nation and prevent riots. In order to achieve that, the Union allowed for southern states to celebrate their Confederate leaders. That way, they lost the war but are still welcomed back into the US and not shamed. It is about making a cohesive nation that functions. Its kind of ironic that today we've lost sight of that goal, and are trying to tear down southern heritage and also tearing the nation apart all over again and heading towards civil war. The pragmatism of the people who fought the civil war is gone and now we have hardliners trying to erase history and shame whites, which is exactly the opposite of how we reunified the nation back then.
  15. riversco


    The fairy tale I mentioned is the belief that Western civilization is this shining beacon of progress that no longer commits genocide and has the rule of law in place and this will be built upon forever and ever. I'm not talking about things that happened 150 years ago. I'm talking about progress from that to today. In reality, there is no progress, and we will see the west slide back into genocide and other behavior we thought was gone forever, if the US collapses and China takes over as world superpower.