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  1. Trump won the popular vote if you exclude California. So what you really want to see are polls that reflect that outcome. You want polls of the 49 states ex-Cali. I have a feeling the media isn't going to do that.
  2. I don't even know what day it is anymore. I assume its friday. Here you go.
  3. riversco

    1 Album. 1 Movie. 1 Video game. 1 Book

    your mom your mom your mom your mom
  4. riversco

    Internet for All

    Actually what's going to happen is the need for an actual school will go away because it'll be vastly cheaper for parents to organize their own home schooling on the internet.
  5. riversco

    Internet for All

    Some cities already offer free internet. Santa Monica, CA has free internet service. You can go down to the beach, sit a a bar, and get on the internet for free on a laptop.
  6. riversco

    The Negative Media

    Media goes through stages of decline from being about hard news to a total joke. The next step for some of these liberal media outlets is that they are going to cross the rubicon and, in a desperate quest for eyeballs, become tabloids like the National Enquirer. They'll be covering space aliens, Bigfoot, ghosts, and time travel. At some point, some of them are going to realize that stuff gets more viewers than liberal reporting does.
  7. Give them a ladder. Hang the keys to the locked doors on a strap hung from the rafters.
  8. riversco

    has looting started tonite?

    If society unravels this time, I promise it will affect you. For the first time in human history, we are witnessing a nuclear armed nation collapse. If the collapse is allowed to happen, its gonna end in nuclear war. And that will destroy even you out on a farm somewhere.
  9. riversco

    has looting started tonite?

    Supermarket looting breaking out in Italy today as the money is running out and people need food.
  10. Does a global emergency reduce or even halt the threat of civil war? History suggests it doesn't. The biggest example would be Russia. Russia collapsed into civil war in the middle of World War I. Conventional wisdom says engaging in a World War would be a strong unifying factor for a nation. But Russia actually had to withdraw from WWI to sort out a domestic crisis as the Bolsheviks overthrew the Czar. We've been in this pandemic crisis long enough to take a look at how the US cultural war is faring. We see the liberal media choosing to use the crisis to attack President Trump and republicans. They are trying to sew discord and hate everywhere they can. Its a neverending drumbeat from the press trying to get the public mad and offended at everything. The attempt to tear the nation apart is more intense than ever. Opinions on President Trump's handling of the crisis is starkly different between democrats and republicans, however democrats' opinions have improved. Approval of the media and how it is reporting the crisis is terribly low. I think the danger of the pandemic helping to destabilize the US is quite real. The public so far is resisting the siren call of the liberal media to get offended. If that turns, everything could be lost. As far as fftoday forum posters, most are right wing but have income and jobs (at least until the pandemic). This is not the demographic that revolts. I don't expect a single poster to join a revolt. In a revolt, the demographic on this forum is expected to try to split the middle. That means they will hate the democrats outright but also decide the things the revolution as bad as well. So they will sit out the revolt and criticize both factions. Its often meant to come off as being above conflict but usually results in the worst possible outcome. By refusing to side with either faction, you get hated by both. If the democrats win, you'll get branded a traitor for being a republican. If the revolution wins, you STILL get branded a traitor for not helping the cause. That's why you actually see the demographic here opt to flee the county. And that's why I always suggest to get passports and be ready to leave.
  11. riversco

    Is it time to get out of the market?

    Tradesight (I like to watch their videos) just published their newest video on market conditions.
  12. riversco

    Will NY be first area Quarantined?

    What sad is they found tons of WMDs, then the media reclassified them as not being WMDs. Then years later we had the Boston bombing. The cobbled together makeshift bombs created by a kid were classified as .... WMDs. He was charged with using WMDs. Its all mumbo-jumbo. So a kid making a crude homemade device gets classified as an WMD, but all the chemical weapons we foud in Iraq are NOT. The point is, the media will redefine terms, reclassify events, tell you half-truths, until they destroy this nation. And the way they get there is getting conservatives to call Trump focking retarded. So they are gonna blast Trump nonstop. But you can see why when civil war comes in this nation, the armchair conservatives that have a good paying job aren't going to be the people who revolt. They are chicken shiots that will not do anything. That's why Trump is building up a group of blue collar workers with nothing to lose. As I said before, when the civil war comes, no one on these forums will be fighting it. Not a soul here. We have good jobs and are ok. That's why I recommended the best course of action is to get your passports updated and be ready to leave the US for a while. The demographic here is the type that will criticize democrats but ultimately will cave to the half-truths of the leftist media and turn their backs on Trump when the going gets tough. That doesn't mean the civil war won't happen. It just means a lot of posters here will try to split the middle and wind up alienating both sides. You will be turned off by the left but equally turned off by the revolution and side with nothing. Might as well leave the US.
  13. riversco

    Will NY be first area Quarantined?

    It doesn't matter what he says. If he says it is a big emergency, the media will blame him for causing panic buying of necessary goods at supermarkets and ruining the country. If he tries to downplay it to stop people from panic buying, then he is a murderer. His job as president is to try to manage panics as much as controlling a virus. If you don't see that the media will crucify him no matter what action he takes then you are focking retarded. You can see it on a broader scale already where they are cutting him both ways. He downplayed it early so he is evil. If he wants to quarantine NYC then he is going to far and he is evil. They don't give a fock. They are going to call Trump evil no matter what. I would have thought people would understand this is what the liberal media does after Iraq. Had Bush not invaded Iraq, the media was set to crucify Bush and call him a wimp unable to defend the nation. If he invaded Iraq, they were set to crucify Bush and say there were no WMDs by magically re-defining what WMDs are. If Bush was a democrat and invaded, all those pre-91 WMDs would have counted and the media would have worked tirelessly to figure out what was shipped to Syria. I would think after seeing the media do that, you would understand what they are about to do to Trump here.
  14. riversco

    Will NY be first area Quarantined?

    That was before the media discovered they could turn 911 around and divide the people over fighting terrorism. That was before the media discovered they could successfully blame Bush for a hurricane. The media has now learned nothing is sacred. Every crisis will now be used to destroy republicans by the media. The media will throw 312489739847 different stories at the public about how Trump got people killed in this crisis. Their plan is that one of them will stick. Once one of them sticks, they will zero in on it like a laser beam and every story will be about that issue to destroy Trump and the GOP. They will begin to script 20 films and 50 TV shows about whichever one that is. They have no idea which exact story it will be. But they will keep trying different angles until something makes the public angry at Trump.
  15. riversco

    On a scale of 1-10, How worried are you?

    I'm surprised so many people are worried about the actual illness. I'm MUCH more worried about people looting. I'm much more worried about how the media keeps bombarding people with reasons to get angry and offended. The media is going out of its mind trying to tear everyone apart. As far as the illness I say its a 3. As far as civil unrest its a 7.