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  1. A focus on Russia and its military activity. Some of it is almost a month old but I think its flying under the radar and people should be looking at it. Just to say it right out, in the event of civil war in the US, I firmly believe Russia will come to the aid of the republican faction. Putin's MO is to send in unmarked vehicles and soldiers with no insignia. Sneak them in, just get them inside, and then get to work. https://nypost.com/2020/08/29/russian-sub-aircraft-edge-close-to-alaska-amid-war-games/ Russian sub, aircraft edge close to Alaska amid massive war games By Eileen AJ Connelly August 29, 2020 | 7:51pm The Russian Navy conducted its biggest war games since Soviet times off the coast of Alaska this week, with more than 50 warships and 40 aircraft taking part in the exercises in the Bering Sea. “Our northern approaches have had an increase in foreign military activity as our competitors continue to expand their military presence and probe our defenses,” said NORAD commander Gen. Glen D. VanHerck. “This year, we’ve conducted more than a dozen intercepts, the most in recent years. The importance of our continued efforts to project air defense operations in and through the north has never been more apparent.” https://www.cnn.com/2020/09/05/politics/trump-putin-relationship/index.html As world leaders condemn Russian aggression, Trump says he and Putin 'get along' By Barbara Starr and Jennifer Hansler, CNN Updated 12:04 AM ET, Sat September 5, 2020 Washington (CNN)As Russian President Vladimir Putin continues his efforts to exert his personal influence around the globe and meddle in American democracy and is accused of using a nerve agent to poison one of his main political opponents, President Donald Trump broke his recent silence on Russia and the attack on Alexey Navalny, calling it "tragic" but emphasizing that he has a good relationship with the Russian leader. "I don't know exactly what happened. I think it's tragic. It's terrible; it shouldn't happen. We haven't had any proof yet, but I will take a look," Trump said on Friday in a news conference at the White House. In response to further questions on the matter he attempted to deflect to his favorite opponent, claiming that what China is doing is "far worse." And as he had done the night before at a campaign rally in Pennsylvania, he stressed, "I do get along with President Putin." But the pace and risk posed by Russian actions in recent weeks is worrying top military officials. Moscow has conducted at least five military missions aimed at US forces in locations ranging from the waters off Alaska and the skies over Europe to remote eastern Syria. So far the White House has offered no explanation for the President's silence in the face of the repeated military provocations. When Hogan Gidley, deputy national press secretary for the Trump campaign, was asked why Trump has not called out the Russians, he told CNN earlier this week, "He's done it, and this is the same song, different verse. He's done it before, he'll do it again." But experts are unconvinced. "I think it speaks to the ambiguities of our policy on Russia. Point of fact, the policy overall is pretty good. It could be better, but it's pretty good. But you have the unusual factor of the President's unwillingness to criticize Putin or the Kremlin. And so that makes the policy a little bit unusual, and that's obviously not a positive," Herbst told CNN.
  2. riversco

    Fighting Back Against Critical Race Theory

    Yes, Trump banned it from government agencies. He will not stop there.
  3. riversco

    This Week I Splurged On __________________

    Splurged on a gym membership in Ventura county. LA county isn't letting gyms open. Ventura county lets them open but everything must be outdoors. They claim indoor workouts will be allowed in Ventura county in 1-3 weeks. We will see if that is accurate or not.
  4. The crux of my argument for civil war is well-known here and it is not anecdotal. Widespread loss of trust precedes civil war. There are plenty of polls out there detailing the collapse in trust in American institutions. Most recently, we have seen trust in cops collapse. 1. You use anecdotal evidence. 2. You outright lie about my position, claiming it is about anecdotal evidence and fail to give any mention to my core claim that this is about loss of trust. 3. You then tell me to STFU. You are a goon.
  5. Roger Goodell says the NFL screwed over Kapernick. I wonder if Goodell would like to adopt #abolishthepolice as an approved saying on the field.
  6. The democrats will argue that any violence at these protests are not done by democrats. The counter charge is that protesting democrats are aiding and abetting. They create a nameless, faceless crowd for violent elements to jump out of, commit crimes, and disappear back into. They know this is going on but keep doing it. Democrats need to either create a system to pick out the violent members of the protest, or stop protesting altogether, or accept that they are complicit in the violent acts. Or as the democrats are fond of saying "silence is violence". If democrats continue to protest and are silent on the rioters in their midst, then they themselves are violent.
  7. Anecdotal evidence is the WORST kind of evidence. It is highly misleading at best. It is telling that you defend your stance using anecdotal evidence. You are defending your view with the weakest argument possible. If I was told to think one way and evidence I was given was anecdotal, I would think less of that opinion and also suspect the person who gave me that opinion was not smart. 1. You personally know many righties. 2. You have a home in a righty town. These are the things less intelligent people use to argue with. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anecdotal_evidence Anecdotal evidence is evidence from anecdotes: evidence collected in a casual or informal manner and relying heavily or entirely on personal testimony. Anecdotal evidence is considered the least certain type of scientific information.[14] Researchers may use anecdotal evidence for suggesting new hypotheses, but never as validating evidence.[15] Anecdotal evidence is often unscientific or pseudoscientific because various forms of cognitive bias may affect the collection or presentation of evidence. For instance, someone who claims to have had an encounter with a supernatural being or alien may present a very vivid story, but this is not falsifiable. This phenomenon can also happen to large groups of people through subjective validation. Anecdotal evidence is also frequently misinterpreted via the availability heuristic, which leads to an overestimation of prevalence.
  8. riversco

    This Week I Splurged On __________________

    Yesterday my OTHER headlight burnt out. Gonna splurge on another extra bright bulb.
  9. That will be an interesting conversation they will have in 2035. "What did you do with your life?" "Me? I served in the military!" "Oh! You're a war hero?! You fought in the second civil war and saved the republic from the radical left? I salute you sir you are my he-" "Naw. I served before that war. When the second civil war broke out, I couldn't be bothered. Didn't believe in the cause. I took my family and hid in the woods until it blew over."
  10. Fun fact: the big chunk of bottled water that Americans buy actually comes from northern California. Nestle has some major bottling factories there. Nestle is paid up good with the democrat party, so that even during that horrific drought California experienced a couple years ago, Nestle was allowed to continue shipping all of that water to other states while residents were forced to cut back on water usage. The media refused to criticize Nestle as well since they were paid up with the democrats. Total corruption.
  11. I wish I was wrong. I think it just comes down to trust. Americans effectively lost its trust in the system in 2015. From that point on, we've been rolling towards a civil war. I noticed it by 2016. Now I think we're neck-deep.
  12. riversco

    Defund the Police- Seattle Style- Hire a Pimp

    Even before BLM, I know people that didn't trust the cops to do what it takes. I know a landlord that rented out rooms to sketchy people. If they gave him trouble, he didn't bother calling the cops. He would just hire the russian mafia and they would quickly take care of the issue by scaring the ever living hell out of the tenant and running him off. If you need a gun right now quickly, some people might go thru channels to buy one illegally from the russian mob. The fact that the cops hands are tied always made room for the russian mob to find business. With the defund the police movement, I expect the russian mob will grow very strong inside the US.
  13. Trump enjoys a huge enthusiasm gap over Biden. The candidate with the enthusiasm gap has always won dating back to JFK. That means that, even if Biden has more support, Trump's supporters are MUCH more likely to actually cast that ballot in the end. Look, Biden has the exact same problem as he did on day 1: democrats are just not going to go out and vote for him. Honestly, the democrats needed a hail mary and try mass protests and riots to even have a chance here, but even then, public opinion is turning against BLM every day.
  14. Could you imagine what this world would be like if democrats gave this much dedication to teaching people how to look for a job, be a good employee, save money, take care of themselves. They want to send buses out to round up people to shuttle them to voting booths. Imagine if they rounded up people and shuttled them to seminars to actually teach them life lessons. Just think of how many problems that would solve. But they only do it when it comes to voting. https://sports.yahoo.com/votingplaybook/
  15. riversco

    This Week I Splurged On __________________

    I should hang that over my toilet.