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  1. riversco

    Not only is Trump racist, he is WORSE than a racist

    At the moment it looks like democrats are running to Biden.
  2. riversco

    Saddest music video

  3. There's a lot of them but what's your limit?
  4. riversco

    Only in California

    What about all the gay bars that are named "the man hole"? Are they offensive now?
  5. riversco

    What Urban Myth Will Turn Out To Be True Next.

    Coffee cause cancer https://beatcancer.org/blog-posts/does-coffee-cause-cancer Prior to 1948, the British people drank tea and very little coffee, whereas after 1948 there was a vast increase in coffee drinking in England. Dr. Spencer plotted the importation of coffee into England between 1948 and 1973. During that time, the importation of coffee increased by 120%. Also during that time the death rate from pancreatic cancer in England increased by 50%.
  6. I would have thought the word "policeman" would have replaced with "antifa". Maybe not YET...
  7. riversco

    What concerns do you have coming up?

    Dodgers bullpen.
  8. So basically you turn into House for 7 figures.
  9. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/chris-pratt-hot-water-controversial-184007706.html Also, his wife katherine Schwarzenegger is wearing a necklace with a cross on it. https://pic.bozsh.com/1s/20190717/20190717100809_92091.jpg In a surprising about-face from his normally positive public reception, there seems to be mounting criticism over Chris Pratt’s controversial American flag shirt. The Jurassic World star was spotted out-and-about earlier this week with new wife Katherine Schwarzenegger wearing an at-first-glance patriotic tee. But, superimposed on the shirt’s stars and stripes is a rattlesnake with the phrase “Don’t Tread on Me” — and that design element has some labeling him a “racist” and accusing him of aligning with white supremacist values.
  10. When the vet tells you it is time.
  11. I think a more direct comparison would be if the oil companies bought a controlling interest in google and then adjusted google search results to benefit their interests.
  12. riversco


    The best part is when they start pretending to care about the plight of farmers due to the trade war. 99% of the time they would call those farmers a bunch of uncultured redneck racists if they ever cared to think about them at all. So fake.
  13. riversco

    Trump, you clever dog

    That was true 20 years ago but the nation demographics have changed. For generations, those without a college degree voted democrat. Today they actually lean republican. Trump's base is out of work or underemployed whites in the rust belt and mountains. This is a new breed. They will riot. They see no future, nothing ahead of them, and have nothing to lose.
  14. riversco

    Trump, you clever dog

    if they try to remove him from office for this, its gonnna spark civil unrest. dems might just try it too. his core supporters dont see this as racist but will see it as reverse racism to try to remove him. I was surprised we got to the 2018 election but right now it feels like this country wont make it thru the summer let alone to 2020.
  15. riversco

    The Jihad squad

    Its like impeaching and removing Trump defines the democrat House's existence. They couldn't get it done with the Mueller investigation. That isn't going to stop them. Now the trick is to get super offended at everything he says or does and try to impeach and remove him that way.