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  1. Liberals want to weaponize christmas and use it in their arsenal to make people feel guilty because inclusion and diversity. if every republican accepted the new term of holiday tree, then liberals would just say holiday tree isnt inclusive enough and use a new term because its about making republicans feel guilty to win elections, not because they want positive change.
  2. riversco

    Refusing to play "gender" games

    No its not that. If everyone in the US agreed to become communists, the left would stop pushing a social agenda. They would stop worrying about LBGTQ rights. They would stop worrying about climate change. Because all of it is crafted to make you feel guilty for being a capitalist. If everyone is a communist, there is no need for guilt trips. They would work to have everyone get along instead of dividing everyone all the time. Its Animal Farm. Snowball is the leader. Napoleon wants to take control from him. So he spreads gossip, rumor and lies to make people distrust Snowball and feel guilty for associating with him. Then once Snowball is driven out, Napoleon takes over and rules with a iron fist not allowing any dissent because Napoleon understands that it was allowing dissent that led to the downfall of Snowball.
  3. riversco

    Bye Beto

    Support of sanctuary cities. The Trump base no longer trusts the system. They BELIEVE the policy of the next dem president will be to flood the nation with illegals at a rate unimaginable. That brands the next dem President a traitor, regardless of the dem's stated policy position. You must understand, this nation has moved beyond any sort of trust of what a politician says. The platform is irrelevant. Taking a platform seriously is 20th century antiquated politics.
  4. You are admitting you have no evidence to back up your claims by trying to wager instead of producing it.
  5. Funny liberals going nuts in this thread: 1. Liberals will call you nuts. 2. They will ask for evidence, even in the very thread that supplies evidence. 3. When told the evidence is in the thread, they say they are too busy to bother reading it. 4. When I supply more evidence, now they switch their complaint up and ask why I am bumping my own thread. 5. They will again ask for evidence. 6. They will just assert I'm wrong without evidence of their own. 7. When asked for evidence for their views, they try to make a wager instead. 8. Then they tell me I'm not making any sense. Get help.
  6. riversco

    Don Cherry gets canned for telling it like it is.

    Once again, we circle back around to how Madonna can say someone should blow up the white house and nothing happens to her. Maxine Waters can advocate for confronting republicans in public and nothing happens to her. But Don Cherry says this and there is immediate, swift and strong action. Taken together, it leads people to see injustice in favor of democrats and racism against whites. And this sort of stuff tears society apart. If Don Cherry must lose his job for this, then society must also remove Maxine Waters for her comments and, at this point, the democrat leadership for backing her. We as a society cannot exist with a double standard on this because it will lead to civil war.
  7. i like how when people have no evidence to support their view, they resort to betting. you are basically admitting I'm right by posting that.
  8. nice evidence to support your view.
  9. We got some fresh polling data on civil war a few weeks ago courtesy of Georgetown University. I am sure that had I posted this on a liberal forum, I would somehow be told that Georgetown is not a legit source or they would ignore my source and ask me a billion times to name my sources. But, here it is. http://politics.georgetown.edu/press-releases/civility-press-release-oct-2019/ the average voter believes the U.S. is two-thirds of the way to the edge of a civil war. On a 0-100 scale with 100 being “edge of a civil war,” the mean response is 67.23. Voters also seem to disagree on the source of the incivility. Majorities of Republicans say Democratic political leaders, social media, large newspapers, CNN, and MSNBC are very responsible for our political division. Meanwhile, majorities of Democrats say Republican political leaders, social media, Fox News, wealthy special interests, and President Trump are very responsible. Independents single out just two actors as very responsible for divisive political discourse – social media and President Trump. “Our Civility Poll finds that eighty percent of voters say that they both demand compromise from political leaders, but want political leaders who will stand up to the other side. That creates mixed messages for even the most skilled political leader trying to decide whether to be a fighter or a dealmaker,” said Mo Elleithee, Executive Director of the Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service. But the takeaway here is that, despite people scoffing at the notion of civil war on internet forums, the average voter sees civil war as very close and a very real possibility.
  10. riversco

    MIT students build some cool ass robots

    There a youtube series about robots similar to these called Bosstown Robotics
  11. riversco

    MIT students build some cool ass robots

    Those aren't innovative at all. They just look like tiny versions of the "Big Dog" robot built by Boston Dynamics years ago.
  12. riversco

    Its screw the Chiefs week

    In case you forgot, the last time these two teams met, a thriller in Arrowhead:
  13. riversco

    Its screw the Chiefs week

    The Chargers are prepping to wreck the Chiefs right now.
  14. riversco

    Its screw the Chiefs week

    Well well well. After all the ridiculousness of this NFL season, the Chargers are somehow just 2 games back of the Chiefs and first place. And its Chargers vs Chiefs on monday night. Knock the Chiefs off and its like a huge reset on the entire season. Go into the bye, get healthy, return with our starting OTs and Derwin James and take the division. Let's go!!
  15. riversco

    Happy Football Day Week 10!

    Russell Wilson has been severely underrated his entire career. Everyone was all over the RG3 train his rookie year when Wilson was doing very well. And then he went pretty much ignored until they went to the Super Bowl. Never been a first team all pro. Only second team all pro once.