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  1. I never ever seen it and I think I look pretty hard.
  2. Before youtube, I believe most people would buy VHS videotapes on handyman type issues. Before that, there were some good detailed books. https://www.bonanza.com/listings/Three-1960s-Books-Practical-Handbook-of-Plumbing-Carpentry-Concrete/555326859
  3. Give me a specific example of how a business runs better under socialism than capitalism.
  4. riversco

    Bill Maher nails it AGAIN!

    I think the political compass for many boils down to if you think charities are enough to help the needy, and if you think government programs are enough to help the needy. How you answer those 2 questions will determine the politics of a large share of the population. Maher answers no / yes. So he's on the left.
  5. Yah but I've never seen a video from anyone that can give examples of how socialism is supposed to work. Plus the attitude and lines of attack this guy uses reads like newbie or FBG style methods. Either try to make people feel guilty or insult them to win.
  6. riversco

    Bill Maher nails it AGAIN!

    Maher's view of politics is that: 1. the right wing wants the poor to starve and freeze to death. 2. the far left wing are nuts with their SJW bullshit. 3. normal people are center-left. 4. while many define socialism as a full replacement of capitalism where "the workers own the company" (whatever that means), Maher seems to be in the camp that socialism means supplementing capitalism with big government programs and that's it. So he is in favor of free healthcare for all, free housing and education for the poor, all paid for by taxpayers. The term "mixed economy" implies a false definition that republicans don't want to help the poor, and so you need to mix capitalism with big government programs. Maher needs to be exposed to lifelong republicans that do charity work for the poor. Although the odds are low he'd change his mind.
  7. Old video from 2016 that just highlights the stupidity of this group. You can see how he either wants to make the capitalist feel guilty or just throw insults. Guilt or insults. He cannot explain exactly how socialism will work or even improve things. The capitalist repeatedly tries to ask for specific examples but he stumbles as he seems to realize for a moment socialism is nonsense. The socialist seems to hate globalism and mega-corporations but can't identify a better system. He keeps retreating to "the workers will have a voice / share in the company". Well, capitalism offers that with buying shares in a publicly held company. Its very hard to run a business and many times you need to make quick decisions instead of deliberating with a governing body. But nope, he thinks the best way to fix capitalism is if all employees vote on who should be the supplier, what color the drapes will be, what type of chairs to make, etc. They'd never get anything done.
  8. riversco

    In Case of Emergency Break Glass...

    Nice try IRS....I mean, might be a good idea.
  9. riversco

    Donald Trump will be re-elected in 2020

    Remember in 2016, dems were getting excited seeing all the super long lines at polling places and saying heavy turnout means dems win. 2016 actually saw low turnout. Turnout in rural areas spiked. Turnout in urban areas fell. And we don't know the impact of BLM and Covid. Maybe it creates high turnout in urban areas to fight against racism. Or maybe urban voters actually turn out less than in 2016 because they are scared of covid.
  10. My dad is a very good handyman. He can work on cars, plumbing, electrical wiring, woodworking, poured his own driveway, grow crops, etc. He never actively tried to teach me any of it, but I usually had to come along and help him, so I picked up quite a bit just from observation. I seem to share his spatial contextual awareness in that I can look at a broken piece of machinery and generally understand how it works and what steps might be taken to fix it, which seems pretty rare. If the toilet guts break down, I can repair it and I was never taught how. Or if the garbage disposal breaks down, I generally know what I'm looking at and will repair it. A lot of people seem terrified of machines for some reason and will spend hundreds or thousands to fix a simple job. If I had to, I could probably repair wiring or rewire a room with heavier gauge wire to support something that draws a lot of power like a space heater or something but it never really comes up.
  11. To be fair, she might not be homeless. She might just be an ahole.
  12. In some ways, we are mirroring the 2014 Russo-Ukrainian War. That war started with widespread civil unrest by left wing radicals against the right wing president of Ukraine. Eventually, they successfully completed a coup and ousted him. That was when right wing groups began protesting and causing more civil unrest. Then Russia came in and backed the right wing faction. These sorts of classes are effectively a coup attempt. Trump will probably start using the word coup a lot I imagine. The Ukraine was a dry run for the real show which is happening now.
  13. riversco

    NASCAR bans confederate flags.

    Trump seems to be moving in the direction of defending the Confederate flag. I suspect that after the right wins the civil war, the Confederate flag becomes the flag of the new nation. Ultimately, this war will be one where the left says the right is racist against minorities and the right will claim the left is racist against whites. There may be no better way to express that than when the right wins, the Confederate flag is the new flag and they just assert the Confederate flag stands for the fight against racism.
  14. What are they gonna do? Get the police to escort them out? The police might join in on the chant.