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    Tough Choice RB

    Right off the top forget CJ. Last week Moore rushed for twice as many yards on less than half the carries, and he is a rookie WR! Add in CMC and you see where Rivera's priorities are. Miller is hot right now, so unless he has both legs amputated, Blue will not get enough snaps. Morris will be fighting for snaps with Mostert and Breida. I like Mostert better, but both he and Breida are battling injuries. May have to wait to see what the game time status is for all three tonight, and in your case go with Morris if the other two are hobbled. Additionally, Beathard looks like he has an injured wrist and last I saw was game time decision, so if he plays (or his backup) will likely be handing the ball off....a lot. Just my opinion.
  2. Head-fake

    Some Bye Week Help Please

    Need help picking an RB2 this week: T Coleman, D Lewis, J Richard or Duke J ? Also need advice on WR/TE slot (no RBs) with Tate on bye (again!): Tre'Quan S, DJ Moore or A Hooper ? (Leaning towards Moore) Team is in the signature. Thanks in advance!
  3. Head-fake

    Fair Trade?

    Starters are: 1 QB 2 RB 2 WR 1 WR/TE 1 TE 1 K (the rest is IDP) I am loaded for bear with WR, but aside from Kamara, not so much with RB
  4. Head-fake

    Fair Trade?

    Same trade. This league blocks waiver wire drops/adds to once a week (I don't know why, my first year in this league, thought I'd try it). You are allowed to make trades at anytime. If however you have 5 RBs on your roster which is the max allowed and you want to add another, you can't simply drop one to FA to make room for a new RB, which is the case here because the other player already has 5 RBs. So in this case I have to take one of his RBs so that he can stay at 5 RBs max. That plus me giving Kamara for Cohen would be a bad deal for me, so I am making it a 4 player deal. On the upside though, there is no max on other positions in this league, and the bench is quite large to make up for the waiver wire restrictions. Hope that is not too confusing. Just know in this case it has to be a 4, 6, 8, etc. player deal
  5. Agree with Libertynugget. Doyle is off the injury report this week so he might be in game shape after the bye, lowering Ebron's value.
  6. Head-fake

    Fair Trade?

    I am considering offering a trade for the following. In this league, we can only carry 5 RBs max, and there are only 2 slots for RB, no RB/WR/TE flex, only a single WR/TE flex. Kamara for AB and Tate for Cohen Am I giving too much away? Thanks in advance.