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  1. jnynmbs

    Michael Carter

    When he was playing and not hurt, he was my flex. Have Ekeler and Fournette at RB. What makes you an expert Elf on the Shelf?
  2. jnynmbs

    Michael Carter

    I have 4 teams in the playoffs and he is on two of them.
  3. jnynmbs

    Keeper Leagues

    I am playing in a rookie keeper league, where you can keep 4 players one at each position. For drafting purposes the teams with keepers lose their last round draft picks. I feel that they should lose their early round picks to give other teams an opportunity to draft either keepers or other players. Anyone playing in a keeper league, I am wondering how your leagues are run. All opinions are welcome.
  4. jnynmbs

    Running backs

    I have Ekeler, Miller and Royce Freeman in a PPR league. Who do I start?