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  1. iambuttugly

    Merry Christmas geeks :-)

    A Christmas song for all my veteran brothers and sisters.
  2. Yeah I have to say you do seem to be one of the few that at least try to be respectful over there. At least most of the things you post don't make me cringe.
  3. iambuttugly

    What if we get refugees here?

    Well I lurk here now instead of there. I just got tired of being labeled a racist or ignorant because of my conservative leanings.
  4. iambuttugly

    What if we get refugees here?

    I heard you could use incognito window and still read the forum.
  5. iambuttugly

    What if we get refugees here?

    Joe started new thread on how to be a Trump supporter at FBGs. Wouldn't matter how you act there if you are a Trump supporter you are racist and many many other bad things. https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/782202-how-to-be-a-trump-supporter-here/
  6. iambuttugly

    Hey fellow Vets... good deal.

    Just got it. Thanks buddy.