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  1. iambuttugly

    ***Official Here we go Debate Thead***

    You can go in incognito mode. I do that for the subscribers contest thread since I also was suspended for a month. The rest of the threads and forums I'm done with.
  2. iambuttugly

    ***Official Here we go Debate Thead***

    They are going to love this debate over at antifaguys.
  3. iambuttugly

    ***Official Here we go Debate Thead***

    I'm retired moving all mine out of the market and buying gold. Safer.
  4. iambuttugly

    I feel bad for cops.

    I know that over at Antifaguys you were one of the more cordial posters and believe also a little more conservative than most in your opinions if I remember correctly. I just started lurking here recently and from what I can see so far I wouldn't call you a troll.
  5. iambuttugly

    Breona taylor decision

    So I have to drive through Louisville this weekend on the way to Indy. Do ya'll think the idiots will be burning things down? Should I detour around it. Also does anyone know if a Fl conceal carry permit is legal in other states?
  6. iambuttugly

    NFL TV Ratings Reasoning

    I know on youtubetv their is a Neilson tv measurement icon. So maybe they are reporting.
  7. iambuttugly

    Bronan is lighting up Antifaguys

    I agree about Tim. His posts are either outrageous as all get out or pretty informative. Either way entertaining.
  8. iambuttugly

    Bronan is lighting up Antifaguys

    He is another one that thinks he is more important than he actually is. Look at me I'm smarter than you is the vibe I get from him. Very condescending and self righteous. You know the type of person you try to avoid at all costs in real life because they are such a dickasaurus.
  9. iambuttugly

    Bronan is lighting up Antifaguys

    Yea I 2nd that. I hope the whole site goes down in flames. What would really be poetic justice would be if I could get extremely lucky and win the subscribers contest and then rub it in his face somehow.
  10. iambuttugly

    Bronan is lighting up Antifaguys

    That's what I got suspended for the new rule on spamming. This is what I said. " Well they killed the scumbag that shot and killed the Trump supporter. I hope he died a painful death. I don't see how that is spam. 50 posts in 14 days I don't post that much in 3 months.
  11. iambuttugly

    NFL Ratings Guesses

    I was really wanting to watch this year. It's been 2 years since I've watched. The Bucs got rid of Winston and the kneeling had just about dissapeared so I was going to start watching again. Now I hear they are going to play the black national anthem(whatever that is)and resume kneeling for the Anthem. So basically disrespecting the flag and all my veteran brothers. I'm done with the NFL. I will never watch another game. I will just watch NASCAR and MLS for my sports fix. I think after the first week ratings will be down at least 25%.
  12. iambuttugly

    Bronan is lighting up Antifaguys

    Naa I won't be going back to that site other than to check out the status of my entry to the subscriber contest after that contest is over I will be done with his site for good. They have Publix supermarkets in Tennessee now.Joe needs to go check them out so he can get an idea of what customer service actually is.
  13. iambuttugly

    Bronan is lighting up Antifaguys

    Well I got a month for saying I hope the antifa scum died a painful death. So probably permaban.
  14. iambuttugly

    Bronan is lighting up Antifaguys

    Found out it was because I said I hope the guy that killed the Trump supporter had a painful death.
  15. iambuttugly

    Bronan is lighting up Antifaguys

    Well after being a paid subscriber for damn near 20 years I got suspended for the first time today. Said I was spamming. I was replying to urban hack about the execution of the Trump supporter how he was being mischaracterized as being a white supremacist. I really only have one league now so I really didn't need to subscribe. Only did so out of loyalty to Joe's site and the subscriber contest. Unlike some of you guys I thought Joe was a pretty good guy he does a lot for homeless folks. Now while I think he is still good guy I don't think he is a very astute bussinessman. Running off long time loyal customers probably not the best bussiness model. Guess I will subscribe to FFT next year. I think I got suspended for saying they were being referred to as Antifaguys by some folks though I didn't necessarily agree.