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  1. RareN64Dream

    FU Week 14

    Steelers got 2 sacks, an interception and a fumble recovery. That isn't totally awful and there is about 12 minutes left.
  2. RareN64Dream

    K. Mitchell or A. Mattison?

    I am thinking Mattison. But, I could see Mitchell getting 2 TD somehow. Thoughts?
  3. RareN64Dream

    K. Mitchell or A. Mattison?

    One league, I got Kyren in over Mattison and Foreman. Other one, I picked up Mattison and starting him over Foreman, because Foreman is doubtful to play. I think, next year I will try a different strategy for my Auction league. Probably, not spend as much on RB. But, I doubt I remember by August of next year.
  4. RareN64Dream

    Thanksgiving: 49ers at Seahawks - Wk12

    Looks like a good start for Purdy, McCaffrey, and Samuel. I am watching a movie and checking the stats etc.
  5. RareN64Dream

    Thanksgiving: Commanders at Cowboys - Wk12

    Going against that team, they also got Tyler Lockett and Seahawks D/ST. I got George Kittle in over DK Metcalf and looks like my kicker just made a 51 yard FG, Jason Myers for Seahawks. My other matchup in that league they got 20 points from Jared Goff and have 49ers D/ST going now. Howell ended up with 21 points. He has been a nice addition to my QB group in this 2 QB start, even if he is on the bench sometimes. That is pretty crazy that Bland has like 6 more games or something to break his own record also.
  6. RareN64Dream

    K. Mitchell or A. Mattison?

    Thanks for the advice. I basically have to start him based on how this season has been going. But, I actually have another Mattison question haha. Would you start Alexander Mattison or D'Onta Foreman? I am leaning Mattison on this one. But, I could see Foreman pulling off a big game.
  7. RareN64Dream

    Thanksgiving: Commanders at Cowboys - Wk12

    I needed that for Cowboys fantasy defense points. I am going against Dak and David Montgomery in a league. I chose to start Tua and Stroud over Howell and Levis in that one also; we start 2 QB. Howell has 20 points, not too bad; but they are losing by 35.
  8. RareN64Dream

    K. Mitchell or A. Mattison?

    I got Kyren Williams now too. So, looks like Williams will start on my team; if he gets activated by Saturday.
  9. RareN64Dream

    Help setting up my starting line up week 12.

    Bench Hill imo
  10. RareN64Dream

    Why is there still a salary cap?

    Unlimited money doesn't work. It turns every team into a powerhouse and the fans would probably be depressed more often; because their "team" choked when they were the "best".
  11. RareN64Dream

    Drop Bernard Williams

    I already knew about the Eagles thing. But I was confused as f uck hahah; I was probably drunk
  12. RareN64Dream

    Drop Bernard Williams

    Who the hell is Bernard Williams? No offense to you my fellow FF post enthusiast.
  13. RareN64Dream

    Trevor Lawrence isn't that good

    Trevor needs me to tryout. I did 400 calf raises the other day and I am sore; but ready to help. Especially, since Zay is in trouble. I am guessing Ridley has been a bust this year.
  14. RareN64Dream

    Goedert owners

    Looks like one of those teams had a nice week. I got a good game from Seahawks kicker to help a lot.
  15. RareN64Dream

    Goedert owners

    Yeah, I got him on two money leagues out of 3 now. Somehow nobody out bid me for him about 4 days ago.
  16. RareN64Dream

    Goedert owners

    I ended up getting Tank Dell, WR, Texans and dropped Goedert. I have CJ Stroud, QB, Texans; so it made sense to me to bid on Dell.
  17. RareN64Dream

    Goedert owners

    Bumping post to see if it gets more views, responses.
  18. RareN64Dream

    Goedert owners

    I have him in a league where TE count as WR. I have to decide whether to drop him or Josh Downs for a D/ST. Or keep Downs and start him, and keep Goedert. Downs is questionable with a knee injury. I want to keep Eagles defense; they seem pretty solid usually, but are also on a bye with Goedert.
  19. RareN64Dream

    MNF Discussion: Chargers at Jets WK9

    I don't think the Bills have either.
  20. RareN64Dream

    Taysom Hill

    Depends on who is available. Would you rather have Dalton Kincaid, Logan Thomas, David Njoku, Dallas Goedert, or Kyle Pitts etc.? Kind of a guessing game at TE for anyone not named Kelce, Andrews or Hockenson; pretty much.
  21. RareN64Dream

    Christian Watson

    I could see the Packers offense start clicking together again; but it seems like Love thinks Watson has like a 50 inch vertical. If they can make the tough throws; it may help build confidence for the vertical game again. The Vikings had control of that game almost the whole time; so it makes it easier for the defense to roam, instead of 1 on 1 man coverage? Doubs almost had a huge gain; but he seems kind of slow for how Love likes to throw also.
  22. RareN64Dream

    FU Week 8

    I benched him and Dameon Pierce for Josh Jacobs and D'Onta Foreman. I am hoping Jacobs is the one out of those 4 that actually has a good week in Week 8. MNF, let's go! haha, I need points against Goff and St. Brown; pretty much from when I last checked. Not feeling too confident, to be honest.
  23. RareN64Dream

    FU Week 8

    I benched Tua and Howell for Cousins and CJ Stroud in one league. Other I benched him for Burrow and Bryce Young. Looks like I should say FU to myself for starting the rookies over Tua. Howell did great statswise also; I did not see that whole game, same with Dolphins vs Patriots. I saw some of Bengals game and we all know what happened with Cousins now.
  24. RareN64Dream

    Lamar Jackson blows chunks.

    Ravens still won. They don't care about your fantasy football team. But, dang I should have started Gus Edwards. FML lol
  25. RareN64Dream

    UPDATE: Purdy got concussed? - Will Start Wk8

    TE count as WR. Kelce, Andrews and Hockenson are solid usually and Waller, it seems is doing better than last season.