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  1. QB: Brees, Ryan RB: CMC, Chubb, Carson, Mostert WR: Thomas, Golladay, Lockett, Parker, Pascal TE: Waller K: Lutz DST: Ravens Finished 1st regular season and in total points. Drafted RBs in first 3 rounds, it really paid off this year.
  2. Chicago Domer

    Saints/Colts...what do you need?

    Down by 6, have Lutz as kicker, opponent has Saints DST. Hoping for a shootout!
  3. Chicago Domer

    Antonio Brown requests trade

    Did anyone see episode 1 of The Masked Singer that aired two weeks ago? AB was one of the contestants (they revealed his identity at the end). The NFL regular season was over by then, but the optics make him look even more like a diva now.
  4. Chicago Domer

    Ship winners.

    In money league, finished 4th in regular season standings, but won the playoffs. In the fun league, finished 6th, but it was an individual defensive player (IDP) league. This was a first for me and enjoyed following defensive players for a change. Did not realize it was IDP until the online draft and started seeing defensive players coming off thd board towards the second half of the draft.