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    Established Standard Re-draft League

    Mike - great news! send me an email at commissioner@gentsff.com and I'll keep in touch with you that way...
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    Established Standard Re-draft League

    Shepherd -- I have a filled league but I'm always looking for solid candidates. Take a look at my league: www.gentsff.com -- the entire league setup and history along with frameworks is on this site I created. If this looks like a good fit email me: commissioner@gentsff.com
  3. SLEEPER AUCTION REDRAFT RELEGATION 2020 The Leagues of Ordinary Gentlemen is an auction-redraft fantasy football league competing under the Gents FF Shields. All leagues under the Gents FF Shields compete on the Sleeper platform. We are currently seeking new franchise owners as part of an expansion initiative as we prepare to transition to a Relegation Format in 2020. Our Relegation Format for 2020 will follow the same basic premise of the British Premier League (soccer) in which the Premier League relegates (sends down) the two worst teams to the 2nd Division while the two top teams in the 2nd Division earn promotion to The Premier League. The evolution of The League of Ordinary Gentlemen to a Relegation format creates a need to add a full 12-team 2nd Division (The Jellybean League) that will compete annually for promotion to the Original 16-team League (The Premier League). Many of the 12 new Jellybean Gents are in the “franchise setup phase” now but we are still looking for several more prospects to round out our 2nd Division for the 2020 season. Are we right for you? Do you want your fantasy football experience to be more than anonymous, silent game play? Do you want to join in on the early years of a league that will be around for years to come? This is a unique opportunity to become a part of a league with a growing history and a strong framework of rules and expectations to take it decades into the future! Those interested in obtaining franchise rights and investing in a team should expect to be vetted through a short interview process with the Commissioner following the completion of a short Application (Google Form). Only serious applicants will be considered to be invited to join on a one-year probationary endorsement. Adhering to and supporting our Frameworks is all a Gent need be concerned with doing in order to achieve a permanent placement in The Leagues. To receive and review a copy of our Frameworks document along with an Application to fill out for franchise consideration, please email: The Commissioner