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  1. Masshole

    President Trump taking hydroxychloroquine

    You are a funny guy, you said "people in the media were held accountable". . .
  2. Masshole

    Bikini Try on, but just a little different

    For some reason the word "perky" comes to mind as I watch that. Hmmm, I wonder why. . . .
  3. Personally, I think it started in the Bush (W not H) admin. That's when I first heard "normal" people saying things like "Bush is a war criminal" and stuff like that. It was then I started to think "wow, that's pretty harsh. I am surprised to hear {fill in the blank with a name} say that" after my more liberal friends and family would make a comment. It was surprising because it wasn't that long after 9/11 that it started to turn. About a year after it, I started to hear stuff that I couldn't believe. My own family are life-long Massachusetts moon-bat libs. But it wasn't unil around 2002-2003 that I started to hear them say stuff that made me stop and go "what???". Although I could also probably make the case that during the Clinton admin things started to get bad. Monica, Paula Jones, Whitewater, etc. made some of my right-leaning friends go off the deep end. But I don't remember them getting as blood-thirsty as the libs do these days. But as far as a matter of "when did it start getting really bad" I would say sometime around Clinton 2nd term/Bush 1st term was when it started to get ugly.
  4. My wife decided a while back that she likes "ABC World News Tonight with David Muir" and DVRs it and watches it most nights. So I have to watch it too when I am hanging out with her. It's been an education. I cannot believe how slanted against the Trump admin and repubs in general it is. How slanted it is in general. It's more about what they don't say than what they do. As example, if they do a story about Bill Barr they never mention or acknowledge that there are serious issues with how the FISA stuff was handled, the Flynn case, etc. It's all just; "in a move that has many legal professionals in an uproar, today Attny Gernal Barr moved to . . . ." and then they don't even reference that there is another school of thought that says that Barr's actions are entirely justified by the maleficence that he has uncovered. I find myself making comments after almost every segment pointing out to my wife the things that weren't mentioned or addressed in the story. I wasn't really a big "fake news/the media is biased" kind of guy. But after seeing it because of my wife's tastes in news shows, I have to say I am a convert now.
  5. Masshole

    Tucker Carlson Thread

    Ben Shapiro, Steven Crowder, Howie Carr, Gerry Callahan, et all beg to differ with you. But I will grant you that Tucker has the biggest platform. Callahan & Carr are Boston guys that you have probably never heard of. Callahan has a podcast that you would love, RLLD.
  6. Masshole

    I sold my soul about 20 years ago

    I think he's referencing this, if so - I give him credit:
  7. Masshole

    Teddy Roosevelt...canceled

    WTF? Some of TR's stuff is problematic (Spanish American war and the campaign in the Phillipines comes to mind. Loved to kill animals too). But TR is the father of environmental activism and is probably the person most responsible for the preservation of vast tracts of public lands. If it weren't for TR, this country would have been clear cut from sea to sea before we realized what we had done (and couldn't get back). He is also the father of workplace and business ethics and integrity. He was a republican that took on big business. And was successful. He is one of the biggest reasons that we have some of the safest workplaces in the world now. And he won the nobel peace prize. And not for BS reasons like Barry. He got Japan and Russia to end a war when Japan had no reason to stop and Russia no way to win. And he's the reason we have the Panama canal. It is no stretch to say that TR may be our greatest president (sorry Abe, no offense meant). At least in the top 3. And we are removing his statue from in front of a museum? That makes me sad.
  8. Masshole

    Is it at all possible.... Bubba Smollet

    It is noticable the blind spot liberals have on this stuff. I pay attention to the follow up to news stories. It's remarkable how many of these "hate crimes" turn out to be done by the people that were the supposed "victims" of the hate crimes, or done by or invented by people trying to get sympathy for the victims, or were just BS (like the "nooses" in Oakland last week). I am to the point where I don't believe anything until I see a proper investigation has been done. Many on the left like to cite the "rise in hate crimes since Trump was elected" statistic. But it's a rise in reported hate crimes, no statistics are kept for hate crimes that have born out to be legit. I live in the "most racist city in the US" (Boston). I work with truck drivers, truck mechanics, and warehouse workers. Exactly the kind of lower income, lower education types that are supposed to be the breeding ground for white supremists and racist ideology. I am in a position where if there were any racist incidents - it would come to my attention. I've dealt with 10s of thousands of people in my career. The # of times I have seen an actual racist incident or dealt with a white supremecist? That would be a big 0. All of those white supremecists who have been "on the rise" since Trump came around are as good at hiding as they are at hating black people. I've never seen or met one. But the left assures me they are out there.
  9. Masshole

    Is it at all possible.... Bubba Smollet

    I was thinking this too. I gotta believe that they don't just let someone with a pile of rope in their arms (or anything in their arms) just wander into the shop part of the racetrack? And there's gotta be a lot of security cameras around, right?
  10. You hang out with dickheads? Do I win a prize for the correct answer?
  11. Masshole

    Defund Ben and Jerrys

    B&J have always been hyper-liberal dooshes. Not surprising. Funny part is the joke's on them. VT is rapidly approaching a financial catastrophe. Due to high taxes, anti-business policies, and it's hippy population - they are rapidly running out of tax paying businesses and wealthy tax payers like B&J. They are not generating the tax revenues they need to support their social justice agenda and every year a higher % of their population depends on social programs to support themselves. And they are now realizing that if they tax the existing wealthy residents and businesses any more than they already are - they will just drive more of both out of the state. So basically they have no idea what to do. They need more money but have no idea how to do it, because if raising taxes is no longer an option then capitalism is the only option. Hippies don't do capitalism too good, so basically they are fuk'd.
  12. Masshole

    Beggin' strips dog treats

    Chicken jerky dog treats. Dog can't get enough of them. $20 at your local big box store. Lasts for about a month.
  13. Dumb question. At this point, if you are a conservative - you know to avoid politics in discussion with your liberal friends. It's pointless.
  14. Masshole

    Why BLM is nonsense

    I don't use the term "brilliant" very often, but I thought that Ben Shapiro's podcast on Friday, which was almost entirely on this subject - was brilliant. If you have an hour and half, I highly recommend listening to it. 90 minutes is long, but in that span he wraps it all up and ties it all together. No conspiracy theories, no BS. Spitting truths like they were firing out of a machine gun. . . . https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/ep-1035-the-soft-bigotry-of-low-expectations/id1047335260?i=1000478644601
  15. Manhattan and the Hamptons? . . . nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.