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  1. Masshole

    America sure seems f'd nowadays.

    I can learn and check myself. I used to argue against the concept that USA was a "systemically racist" country. Well, you can't argue with data, we are systemically racist:
  2. Many years ago I missed out on the first prize on a striped bass fishing tournament by 1 ounce. Literally that close. As I walked away from the weighing the thought did cross my mind; "if I had just stuffed a 2 ounce egg sinker down its throat - I would have won this fuking thing".
  3. There are very few things in life I am absolutely certain of. However, that the people who are now saying "it was Brady not Belichick" were the same people who were saying sometime around 2010-12 that "Brady is a system QB" who "benefitted from great defenses" - that's one thing I am absolutely certain of. . .
  4. Masshole

    Marjorie Taylor Greene

    Mazie Hirono and Mondaire Jones would like to have a word with you. Hank Johnson is also considering giving you a call.
  5. Masshole

    Clinton Campaign Indictments Coming?

    No one cares. But I'll keep putting these up. Stzrok's termination letter was declassified today. And he's an MSNBC analyst now.
  6. Masshole

    Democrats & The 2016 Election

    Nice strawman you've got there. This ain't complicated: ballot harvesting and targeted finance. Ballot harvesting means no duplicate ballots, no shredded ballots, nothing really to trace. And by targeting groups that largely don't vote you are "harvesting" votes that never would have happened because they won't vote even with mail in. And we know for certain that there were millions of mail in ballots that were sent to old addresses, dead people, bad names/addresses, etc. You know for sure that in every area where they were ballot harvesting - all of those landed in the harvester's hands. Ballot harvesting isn't new, but it was a local thing. But in this last election especially with all the mail in ballots out there - it went national and big time fast (but only on one side. . .). Targeted financing. We know that Zuck and a bunch of other billionaires (Bezos and Gates ex-wives seem to be taking their frustrations out on republicans - by throwing their husband's money at dems. Not sure how that works since both of those geeks are libs. . .). Zuch asked some of his very highly paid data analyst types to crunch some voting data and give him a road map of how he/they could swing the election with the $ they had. How long do you think it took some hard-core data analysts to figure that out? By coffee break that day? And then they went and did it and it worked. They targeted swing districts and financed the dem operations there. Somehow wormed themselves into the actual election offices too. They did so well, Time magazine couldn't help but spike the football and wrote all about it. I've linked it here: https://time.com/5936036/secret-2020-election-campaign/ Got any other of your BS you need me to set you straight on?
  7. Took me a bit to get back to this. When you posted I thought "did I not hear that?" But Occam's razor - the simplest answer is usually right. No I didn't make a mistake - You are a fraud. They never said anything about the ownership being African immigrants, just that many of their "customers" were. They never once say who the owners of the quarter of a billion dollar scam are, they mention 1 name and it's not even an African sounding one and give no other details about the ownership/leadership of Feeding our Future. Here's the only parts of the transcript of the podcast where they mention Africans and Feeding our Future at all. Show me where is the "straight up lie" that the NYT never mentioned the race/background of the scammers? "But then the pandemic hits. And something unusual happens. Feeding Our Future, this tiny little operation starts to grow and grow and grow rapidly. They start adding in new sites, bringing in new people, and saying, look at all these new people we’ve recruited to feed kids. Look at all these new kids we found to feed. So in one year, they go from supervising the feeding of 4,000 kids to 400,000. What they said was that they had partnered with people from Minnesota’s very large community of East African immigrants. And they had found people in that community. There were a lot of kids out there that had not been served before. But also, there was a specific kind of food that their places offered that was familiar and culturally appropriate to people from Ethiopia or Somalia or Kenya. And so in some cases, their operations were claiming to be feeding far more children than even lived in the zip code that they were in. And when people ask questions about that, they would say, well, yeah, people are driving in from all over because we have the food they want, and they’re not getting it where they live. And Feeding Our Future responds very aggressively. They sue. They sue the state, saying, you have denied us our right to serve these kids. Children are starving because of you. They accused the state of being racially discriminatory, saying that because we serve East African immigrants, because many of our vendors are East African immigrants, there’s racial animus behind this decision."
  8. Masshole


    That is how it's done. Address the issue that was raised but don't ignore the blatant bias and the leading question from the reporter. Address that too, don't let them off of the hook. But the key to this - you gotta know your stuff. This is where I think Trump floundered. If this was Trump he would have just looked at the reporter and said something like; "your fake news and that's a fake question" and then either weakly defended his admin or not answered the question. You have to do both, can't do just one or the other (see; McCain, John and Romney, Mitt for examples of people who would just answer the question and not call the person out for their gross bias). And for those who like to try to make RD some kind of one-dimensional right wing nut job, I'll remind you that he graduated Summa Laude* from Yale with a degree in history and then went to Harvard law school. Then had a distinguished military career. He's smarter and more accomplished than everyone in DC right now with the only possible exceptions being Rand Paul and Thomas Massie. * yes I know it's "Summa C.u.m. Laude" but GC's word police system wouldn't accept the correct spelling of C.u.m. All you porn degenerates have ruined that word. . .
  9. Masshole

    Democrats & The 2016 Election

    Timely for this thread:
  10. Yah saw that one. I know it gets old playing this game all the time, but I'm going to bite anyway: "Imagine that it had been a republican who said this. . ."
  11. Masshole

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    Oh, FFS. . . Ron Klain's wife was just appointed to be our "diplomat for plants and animals".
  12. Masshole

    Democrats & The 2016 Election

  13. Masshole

    Democrats & The 2016 Election

    They already did and it got de-monetized. But then Youtube got challenged to show what was "misinformation" - and had to re-monetize it and apologize. Just goes to show you the reviewers at Youtube are hopelessly biased - they can look at a factual and accurate video and think "I've never heard of any of this stuff" and ban it. They have no idea how deep in their bubble they are.
  14. Masshole

    Democrats & The 2016 Election

    The order in which things happen is important/relevant. The part you don't get is that the left now sermonizing about "election deniers" - that's coming from a group that should sit down and STFU given what they did/said in 2016. "You are in no position to judge others given your own actions". And it's the same collection of D-bags who questioned and hoaxed 2016 who can't believe anyone would question 2020 (Jake Sullivan, Susan Rice, Mark Elias, Biden, etc, etc, etc,). Additionally - with all the voting changes that were made because of CV19 - there were infinitely more reasons to question the 2020 election process than 2016. And while the Jan 6th riot was terrible, it was a couple of hours and then done. There is nothing remotely comparable to what we now know with certainty happened in 2016 - The dems colluded with Russians to get fake info to smear a political rival, create a hoax, and cause a 3 year long investigation that would tie up the elected administration in knots.