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  1. Maybe "idiot" is a little strong. But just dismissing that as a Republican narative is a little strong too. She's definitely; "poorly informed", "lacking in real world experience", "should have gotten a real job or been a lower level elected official before she became a congressperson", "should realize that as a new and very inexperienced congressperson she should maybe talk less and spend more time learning", etc. Maybe we can agree to just call it "idiot adjacent"?
  2. Masshole

    State of the Union

    Dan Crenshaw in 2024. Ivanka or Don Jr can have 2032
  3. Masshole

    Titans @ Ravens: AFC Divisional Round

    John Harbaugh = Completely and utterly overrated HC
  4. boobs boobs boobs boobs boobs I only gave you 5 for my list of 10. Because, well you know - they almost always come in pairs. 5X2=10
  5. Yah, probably not my best. But Krugman is one of the few people, which includes you, that make me irrationally angry. With you it's because you are a fraud and a troll. With him . . . . actually now that I think about it - it's because he's a fraud and a troll too. You two would be beautiful together.
  6. Other than me, my whole family is classic Massachusetts moonbat liberals. Never voted for anyone without a "D" next to their names in their lives. They love Krugman. Somehow one of our conversations one time got to Krugman and how wonderful he is. I couldn't take it and said; I'll tell you what, you pick any article of his you've want and I guarantee that I can find at least 3-4 outright lies or falsifications in it. They all gave me that "oh you are sooo biased" look but they dug out a recent article. I got 3 paragraphs in and the count was already at least 3-4 outright lies. I just looked at them and said: that's enough. I didn't change their minds at all but I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  7. Masshole

    NYG hire HC - Joe Judge

    It must be coincidence that this thread is about the Packers now. It couldn't have anything to do with HT not wanting to address that his team just hired someone to be their head coach who was just the special teams and WR coach from the team that he says are frauds and cheaters and are washed up now. So, which is it now HT? Your team sucks because they hired a cheating, lying, coach from a washed up franchise? Or your team is brilliant because they grabbed an up and coming coach from one of the most successful sports teams in history? Kind of a big gap there.
  8. As do I, for now. But I am sincerely hoping that it was him. He is such an arrogant A-hole. I would love to see him dragged down a few notches. Congrats on the nobel prize, but it doesn't mean you're not a doosh.
  9. If that statement were true, then why do so many Jewish people vote Democrat?
  10. A pretty solid article by NYT's columnist Thomas Friedman. Yes, the New York Times and Tom Friedman. Every once and a while he wakes up from the "you must hate the current president and anything he does" gas that the NYTs pumps thru the HVAC system at their HQ and sees things clearly. He is very knowledgeable about the ME and I have read some of his books. A good take that I have heard from other people. But coming from him really reinforces this point. https://www.irishtimes.com/news/world/us/tehran-s-overrated-military-strategist-made-many-political-miscalculations-1.4131089#comments
  11. Masshole

    Official Trump Impeachment Inquiry Thread

    Fox and Newsmax bring it up with frequency. Other than that - crickets chirping. . .
  12. This. I am going to vote for Trump. But I live in moonbat liberal MA. So if I don't know your political point of view or you're not someone who I care about trying to sway your opinion - I am not going to tell you that I am voting for Trump or that I support a lot of what he's doing. If you are pollster, not that I ever get called on that stuff, I would probably just hang up. Everybody knows by now that what RLLD said above is why the polls were so wrong about the Hillary/Trump election. But yet somehow that is NEVER mentioned when you hear about all of the Dems leading Trump. Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. . .
  13. Masshole

    wild patriots offseason rumors 2020

    Agree w/ all (I forgot about Simon) Disagree w/ both Disagree, they find a way to keep van noy. Thuney - maybe he goes. Collins - don't care, they can find someone to replace him. Maybe, he's getting a little late in his career and they probably can replace him Disagree. Slater has been here too long and he's just a special team guy, not big $. He stays for the same reasons as Brady Nice to have but the key trio of RBs stays the same.
  14. Masshole

    wild patriots offseason rumors 2020

    This, thank you. All of you have let the Pats get in your heads. What they do in the offseason won't be something crazy. Brady stays. They find a TE in either the draft or FA that can at least be 75% of Gronk or better. They sign one of the big FA WRs and take a flyer on some lower level WRs too. They get their center back from injury (very underrated how much losing Andrews and Gronk hurt them this season on the OL) and maybe add some other OLman to add depth. All of you saying they need RB help are on drugs. Michel is their main guy and Burkhead and White complement well. You have all forgotten that a year ago Michel, as a rookie, had one of the best playoff seasons of any RB in NFL history. They'll stick with that trio, all are signed thru next season. They need to sign a couple of their DLs expiring contracts (Shelton & Butler). Although they may let one go if the $ is too tight to the cap. Devin McCourty isn't going anywhere as a FA as long as his brother is still on the team. Van Noy wants to stay and will get paid to do so. Otherwise the D is solid and will be again next year. They will go 13-3 or 12-4 and be in the playoffs again next year. And I will be copying all of your "they're done, it's over" posts from the last 2 weeks and firing them back at you like Sderk reposting MDC's 2011 Bin Laden posts back at him 157 times in a row. Can't wait. Looking at you HT - I may send yours to you 158 times in a row while your giants continue to be a dumpster fire.
  15. Masshole

    Actors I'm sick of seeing anymore.

    I kind of wondered if Gervais was looking at Deniro when he made the "you know nothing about the real world. Most of you’ve spent less time in school than Greta Thunberg" comment. Deniro dropped out of HS to become an actor. And of course he's been one of the worst offenders of runnining his mouth at these kinds of events.