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  1. All valid but my point was that in my belief the parents were negligent in securing the gun and how they handled their child. You don't go deer hunting with a sig-sauer 9mm. Parents should have had that gun secured. No way that kid should have been able to get to it without their permission.
  2. I have no issue with this whatsoever, I would say in cases like this I would encourage it. Just from a quick review of the info out there I think it's clear that the parents were criminally negligent in their handling of both the gun and the child. Lock them up with their kid for the rest of their lives. Goes back to a point I've made in the past, society ills could be solved by having to pass a parenting test before you are allowed to have kids.
  3. Masshole

    The GC in a nutshell

    Poor Mooney. Came here with such ambition. He found this place, saw there were some conservatives posting stuff here, and he thought; "I've always been the smartest person in the teacher's lounge, I'm gonna go in there and stuff some 'righties' in a locker". But then people here challenged him and his assumptions. That hadn't happened to him in a long time and those muscles had long since atrophied to the point of being completely crippled. And now instead of him being the white knight coming here and slaying a bunch of right-wing dragons, he is just another pathetic, sputtering lefty who can't really debate a point on its merits. So he goes back to what's he's used to - a bunch of teachers hanging around the lounge talking about how deranged the "trumpers" are and calling them names. If it wasn't so funny, it would be sad.
  4. Masshole

    Christmas time in NYC advice

    Don't waste your time going to NYC, that's the advice. The most overrated city on the planet.
  5. Masshole

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    But, but, but . . . . Trump told "30,000 lies"!!! I mean I heard that about a million times during his 4 yrs. This president telling lies about serious stuff, like whether he was present during significant historical events or was a truck driver earlier in his life (I've driven trucks, you don't just forget whether you drove one or not) - that's got to warrant about thousand stories on CNN, right?
  6. Masshole

    So Who Wins In A Fight Tom Brady Or Gisele ?

    You never get in a fight with a South American woman. Those chicks have crazy tempers/energy.
  7. Masshole

    The GC in a nutshell

    Actually, you are right. That is a solid analogy. Except that CNN personnel pretend they are unbiased but the people on the Blaze don't hide what they are.
  8. Masshole

    The GC in a nutshell

    Nice strawman you have there. Can you actually name someone you know who thinks that the Blaze is an unbiased news source, because I can't. I am sure that among all of the conservatives you interact with that you've delved into their opinion of the Blaze. I can name my sister and her husband, my wife, my neighbor across the street, and about 1/2 my FB friends who would all say that CNN is a reputable news source. When I point out all of the BS that CNN has slung over the last several years, they just have blank stares.
  9. Yup. It's a sorting mechanism for business. Being able to complete any college no matter where is a sign that you can, to some degree, get your sh!t together and follow thru on something that isn't instant gratification - takes years to complete. At my last job the "2nd in command" that I hired for the new operation/facility we launched graduated from a low level community college. He was great. But he would have never gotten in my office or his resume in front of me unless he had some kind of degree. All that being said, if this is the case - it's an awfully expensive and poorly suited sorting mechanism. There has to be a better way to sort out qualified candidates. This method fails frequently because being able to function in and complete college isn't really a good indicator of how you will perform in business. So it's a really expensive, time consuming, poor sorting mechanism
  10. Masshole

    Jutta Leerdam

    You would die a happy, happy man
  11. Masshole

    Jutta Leerdam

    She would crush you like a walnut between her legs. . .
  12. Unlikely. Netflix threw about a billion dollars at the Obamas and she's made a gazillion from her ghost-written book. No way she'd want in on that poop-throwing contest. Although an AA woman on the ticket would be something. You could say something like you don't like her shoe choice on a given day and that would become an international hate crime incident that would get tried at the Hague.
  13. Masshole

    This may be end for Chris Cuomo

    This is the absolute best, most perfect comment about Chris Cuomo: The Chris Cuomo issue is hard. On the one hand, he took a direct role in smearing victims of serial sexual misconduct. On the other, he's a terrible journalist and the living embodiment of the absolute worst of for-profit cable news cynically posturing as Truth Defenders
  14. Masshole

    Lara Logan - you shall be missed.

    I can't believe that we're up to page 2 and no one has said it yet: HOF worthy cans . . . In a battle of hot South African women, I'd take LL all day long and twice on Sunday over Charlize Theron. I always was thought CT was a bit over-rated in the looks dept anyway.
  15. Masshole

    Jack Dorsey is out at Twitter

    If you are a woman and are sporting a nose ring, it's very borderline (meaning if you are hot, it's OK. If not, you're not helping yourself) A guy sporting a nose ring is a tool, no matter how much you are worth. Only acceptable if you are part of some tribe where wearing a nose ring is part of your culture. If you are just a dude and think "hey, let me put a metal ring thru the side of my nose" and go for it - I question your judgement. And yes, I am looking at you too Lenny Kravitz.