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  1. Masshole

    Official Trump Impeachment Inquiry Thread

    I am willing to say and make into law that if at any point in your life you wore blue denim overalls with cuffed legs and you weren't actively engaged in some type of farming - you should be ineligible for any political position above dog catcher. Although farmers would never cuff their legs like that. . . Say what you want about Trump's hair, but that picture right there is serial killer level stuff.
  2. Masshole

    Official Trump Impeachment Inquiry Thread

    That one infuriates me but it may be one of the clearest examples of what the dems are doing. Just keep saying it over and over, regardless of accuracy. And people parrot it. The rest of my family (all MA moonbat liberals, I'm the black sheep) says this all the time and then I'm like; "ummm, IRS targeting right leaning political organizations, fast and furious, Bengazi, spying on reporters, Hillary's emails, veterans dying while waiting for VA care, and now Hunter's excellent adventure, etc, etc, etc. . ." and they tell me I'm just repeating Fox news talking points.
  3. Masshole

    my gambling day yesterday was a dream.

    I thought Seattle was a great pick last night (but i don't gamble anymore, not for any reason. Just not my thing now). But that tease # doesn't make sense. They were a 5.5-6.5 pt underdog. Did you mean that you got them to +12.5? What did you tease them with? The over/under # or did you do it with a hoops game or something else?
  4. Masshole

    Official Trump Impeachment Inquiry Thread

    Investigate what? Didn't you hear? Hunter found that job on "Indeed.com - Ukraine version". He really nailed the interview.
  5. Masshole

    Official Trump Impeachment Inquiry Thread

    Orange man bad?
  6. Masshole

    Official Trump Impeachment Inquiry Thread

    All of this makes perfect sense. It's actually to be expected: If the R's are able to establish that there was corruption with Bidens, even if it's just implicit (Ukraine hoping throwing $ at Hunter would = more juice w/ Obama admin) then a huge piece of the D's case falls apart. Your gonna impeach a guy for asking for assistance with an investigation with actual corruption and influence peddling involving US citizens? Is it really even in doubt that there is something there? Hunter getting a 80K/month job in an industry he doesn't know, a country he's never been to, and a language he cannot speak? Really? And if the R's can prove that there are legitimate reasons to at least consider the Biden mess in conjunction with the Ukraine stuff that's swirling around; Crowdstrike, Steele dossier stuff, etc. (the Chulupa lady is in deep with the "etc." in Ukraine) and about to break - the dem's case and image completely implodes. Combine that with an impending criminal investigation thats about to break that may result in Comey and a few others getting rung up on charges and the entire setup/frame job of the Russia collusion thing comes apart and is open for all to see. The really crazy thing is that all of this stuff is actually kind of tied together with a couple of different threads running thru the Russia collusion, 2016 election, Ukraine, Obama sr admin member deep state stuff, etc. It all comes together at certain points. If that stuff is hanging in the balance or about to break, the dems are going to thrash around and fight with anything they've got like a Titanic passenger who just hit the water. If you think about it - It doesn't even matter if what they are thrashing around and doing makes any sense or is provable. Just keep the noise & headlines blaring at people. These dem maneuvers mean that there's some big stuff coming. And of course an election in a year. The impeachment is a joke anyway, best case for dems is that it will get voted down in the senate. The dems only strategy is to create such a firestorm of BS/litgation/draggin it out that it will obscure and confuse the public's view when all of this stuff breaks. They are trying to create such weariness, anger, and confusion about this stuff that people will be too shell shocked to react to anything anymore. If you have one bomb go off near you that's startling and scary. If you've been shelled for weeks and are just trying to hunker down in your trench & ride it out - a couple more bombs landing nearby aren't going to get much of a reaction from you. The dems are "shelling" the population in anticipation of the coming counterattack & election. The more they do it, the more you know they are in trouble. As painful as it is to watch and infuriating to endure, it's actually a good sign.
  7. Masshole

    Michelle Obama "Ya'll are still running from us"

    She went to a magnet HS, to Princeton and Havard Law even though neither of her parents went to college. Her dad was a municipal worker and her mom alternated betwen being a stay at home mom or a clerk at a catalog store. Her husband was born to a single mom and dad took off at an early age. His white grandparents helped raise him and supported him. He rose from meager beginnings and attended Columbia and Harvard Law. Went from being a community organizer to US Senator. But at no point throughout all of that time, until we all saw the light and elected her husband president, did she ever feel any reason to be proud of her country. Not even when she got promoted from a "director of community affairs" for a city hospital to a VP position and making $350K/yr shortly after her husband was elected a state senator (clearly coincidence). I am proud that our country is a place where it's no longer whitey who gets all the grift, anyone can do it! The "1st time I've ever been proud of my country'" statement I cannot forgive. If she had been subject to a lifetime of racism and denial of opportunity, I'd understand. But to have the life experience she's had and then say that? Well then you are just another brainwashed idiot who can actually ignore their own experience and spout "whitey and the US keeping us down". Yup, I'm good. I have no interest in hearing anything else you have to say. You have attained positions of elite prominance, people look up to you and put weight to what you say. And you use that position to poison the minds of those that listen to you with this crap. To me that is not only wrong, it's evil. Hey Michelle, good news. I am proud enough of my country for both of us, I have a surplus of pride for my country! Because it is a place where you and your husband can achieve mind-boggling levels of success even though you don't appreciate it at all and bad mouth it at every turn. Where else you gonna be able to do that?
  8. Masshole

    Official Trump Impeachment Inquiry Thread

    If the people who are manufacturing all of these "Trump bombshells" were the ones building our weapons in WWII, we'd all be speaking German or Japanese now. . .
  9. Masshole

    You Might Think Ric Ocasek is dead...

    You are all dead to me if you don't reference "Moving in Stereo" in a thread about the best Cars songs. Plus it was the theme song for one of the great, surprising, "Mister Skin" type movie scenes. I don't even need to say who and what movie because I know every single one of you know what I am talking about.
  10. Masshole

    Bloomberg about to enter the presidential race.

    Me and Kamala Harris have more chance of being our next president than Holder. If he got in - it would just be to pump up his speaking fees, which may be at about $50 and and a fistful of soon to expire coupons right now. Plus, Biden already has the "I'll vote for whomever did the best at wiping Obama's ass for him" voting block wrapped up. What would be Holder's lane?
  11. Masshole

    Demi Moore - Still hot?

    That would give new meaning to "Rose Bud" in the story line. . .
  12. Masshole

    Demi Moore - Still hot?

    IGW, I can handle your completely misguided political views, as painful as they are. But when you try to tell me that Showgirls was a good movie/just misunderstood for any other reason than "rampant nudity of beautiful woman throughout the movie", now we've gone too far. And yes, I like Starship Troopers as a movie and I recognize that it is combination of sci-fi and social commentary on where extreme right-wing militarism could go if it took over global governance (no shock that you like that part of the movie). But that still doesn't make Showgirls a good movie. Personally I think the "social commentary" part of Starship Troopers is a bit over-rated and people trying to turn it into "Citizen Kane" are trying a little too hard.
  13. Masshole

    Demi Moore - Still hot?

    Kind of related but not really - but have you ever watched a regular channel ("edited for content") version of Striptease? I've never actually watched an entire edited version but just dropped in to it to see how you could still have a movie left after you edited out the nudity. The whole concept is kind of humorous. There is literally only 1 reason to watch that movie (well, 2 spectacular reasons actually). So what's the point of even showing that movie on regular TV? There is no reason left to watch it. Because other than Demi's surgically enhanced twins it's a "Showgirls" level bad movie.
  14. Maybe just me but I thought this story was fascinating and awesome. Hopefully this hasn't been done before, but I thought if you haven't seen/read this before you might enjoy it. Makes you realize that there's a bunch of cyber stuff that the military has that can totally F--k you up. Even better, they can do it and it's impossible for you to figure out that they did it. https://cavemancircus.com/2019/07/31/the-most-sophisticated-piece-of-software-ever-written/
  15. Masshole

    OK, Warren is done

    You want to really drive yourself insane? Take note of how she leads every goddam answer with "soooo.. . .. ". You'll never be able to unhear it again once you've noticed it. And she says it every f----king time. It shouldn't, but now that I am sensitive to it - it makes me irrationally crazy. My wife must have lost a bet or something because she wanted to watch the democratic debate a couple of weeks ago. I sprung a trap on her right before the debate started and mentioned Warren and to notice the "sooo. . .." thing. She made it about 10 minutes before Lizzy's "sooo. . . . " thing made her start throwing shoes at the TV.