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  1. I didn't see a thread about the Lewandowski testimony from this week in front of the House Clown Show Committee. It was a thing of beauty. He basically used the same formula that Robert Mueller used in his testimony from a few months ago. (Stall, deflect, repeatedly ask for page citations, can't recall, not permitted to answer, etc) And it drove the Democrats crazy. This is better than anything SNL has put out in a decade. In case you forgot the Mueller testimony, here is the full version: (You have to skip ahead about an hour and a half to get to the actual testimony) Corey deserves a Medal of Freedom.
  2. Intense Observer

    Thanks for the chainsaw Obama

    You must be under 40 to get those rates. Also, if you are business owner, you should be able to hire n accountant to show you made next to nothing and then qualify for a nice subsidy. Unless those are your premiums with subsidy and you are 45+? And those "free wellness exams" include prostate checks don't they? That is like a free trip to the massage parlor.
  3. Intense Observer

    Felicity Huffman versus jussie Smollett

    Technically, I believe Felicity paid $15k for someone to correct the missed questions on an SAT for her kid. Her charge was fraud. Aunt Becky was the one who gave $500k to an organization that would trick USC into thinking her kids were on the rowing team.
  4. Intense Observer

    Post your odds AB is a Pat week 16

    Assuming the NFL and the Patriots give him the same benefit of the doubt that was given to Zeke, meaning he isn't forced to sit based on the baseless allegations of a gold digging ... I say there is a 95% chance he finishes the season a Patriot. I leave 5% in case he really does have CTE. Seems like most people forget that AB was a top 2 WR in the league for most of the last 6 years. His stats were HoF level. He isn't some dude who had one great season and then went insane like OBJ or Josh Gordon. He has a track record of sustained success and hard work. His mental issues only showed up in the last 2 years, coincidentally when he got paid. For reference: Receptions: 2018 104 (9th) 2017 101 (5th) 2016 106 (2nd) 2015 136 (T-1st) 2014 129 (1st) 2013 110 (2nd) Yards: 2018 1297 (11th) 2017 1533 (1st) 2016 1284 (5th) 2015 1834 (2nd) 2014 1698 (1st) 2013 1499 (2nd) Touchdowns: 2018 15 (1st) 2017 9 (T-3rd) 2016 12 (T-2nd) 2015 10 (T-7th) 2014 13 (T-2ND) 2013 8 (T-10) He already has money, after that a ring is why players play. He was a role model player prior to getting paid. Winning is contagious and that is what happens in New England. For the good of the league I hope he puts his head down and balls out.
  5. Intense Observer

    More AB news

    You may want to brush up on the definition of charges. AB has not been charged with anything. Also, for the lazy, the "3" accusations are from the same chick, a chick he was banging off and on in 2017-2018.
  6. Intense Observer

    AB accused of sexual assault ...3X.

    AB is the victim here, dumb fock.
  7. Intense Observer

    Antonio Brown is World Class Con artist

    1. In case you were unaware, the Raiders are moving to Las Vegas at the end of the season. 2. Why would a player buy a house in a community he would only be working in for 6-9 months? 3. You are not as smart as you give yourself credit for. The rest of your post is basically AB is dumb nagger who can't speak or read, is crazy and too stupid to know how to make a living. You are a sad and miserable person.
  8. Everyone is distracted by irrelevant nonsense that ESPN and talking heads tell you is important. They need drama heading into week 1 to get eyeballs. 2019 has no wife beaters, child beaters, rapists, drug users, season ending injuries, flag pissers, cop haters, holdouts, etc. Enter AB. A focking helmet. A focking PT cryo bath. A focking tweet. A focking heated exchange at practice. This is what has grown men pulling their hair out and screaming at the sky. AB, Gruden, Raider Nation, and Al Davis' ghost all laugh at you. Antonio Brown will finish the season as WR #1.
  9. Intense Observer

    I actually agree with Jemele Hill

    She is the black version of Alex Jones.
  10. Intense Observer

    Suicide Watch

    Bump to add new contenders, in order of likelihood to commit "suicide". Patrick´╗┐ Byrne (Overstock CEO who was informant for the FBI, yet ignored by Mueller, recently went public with his story) Ghislaine Maxwell (Epstein's madame/pimp, front row guest at Chelsea Clinton's wedding, recently participated in a staged photo op/Photoshop at In & Out Burger. Proof of Life video?) James Comey (poet, fashionable dresser, long time swamp and Wall Street rat, hated by everyone in America at some point over the last 3 years, doesn't have the sphincter for prison)
  11. Intense Observer

    No Koch dead thread here?

    Yep. And now they have liberals duped. They have been funding and supporting liberal causes for several years now. U-N-I-P-A-R-T-Y Good riddance. Hopefully Soros will be joining him down under shortly.
  12. Intense Observer

    Nuke Katrina

    So CNN quoting another blog that based their article on anonymous sources is considered fact nowadays? I like how they put the hearsay in quotes as if Trump is on camera saying it. Top notch journo right there. Lemme guess, you are also one of the retards who thought Trump colluded with Russia.
  13. Intense Observer

    In and out Burger tips

    I always thought the appeal of In & Out was that it was simple, fresh, tasty, and cheap. People have this expectation that it is going to be the craftiest artisanal burger they have ever posted to Instagram and wind up disappointed.
  14. Intense Observer

    Portland alt right / antifa marches August 17th 2019

    Alleged statement from Proud Boys
  15. Intense Observer

    Portland alt right / antifa marches August 17th 2019

    GM? Urbanhack? MDC?