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  1. Intense Observer

    How much news do you read/watch/follow?

    Isn't trumpurethra another alias of the twice banned Newbie/Observer? He can't complete a sentence without going on a deranged rant about Trump. Heck, his username is a sad melt response to Trump winning the election, check his join date. And now he pretends he doesn't follow the news? Countdown to him threatening to kill someone.
  2. Intense Observer

    Politicians whose families owned slaves

    Is that the VA Governor (D) who wore blackface and/or a KKK hood in his yearbook?
  3. Intense Observer

    Is it racist to hate Canadians?

    I don't get the hate for Canada. Lots of beautiful women, incredible landscapes, championship basketball, football that still allows tackling, legal weed and prostitution, great hunting and fishing, etc The only knock I can think of is Toronto, it makes San Francisco look conservative. And there isn't much diversity.
  4. Intense Observer

    Politicians whose families owned slaves

    Since reparations is a leading campaign issue for the 2020 Democrats it seems relevant to point out politicians who come from families that owned slaves. I'll keep a running tally here at the top of thread: Beto O'Rourke (D) Kamala Harris (D) Barack Obama (D) Mitch McConnell (R) Today, Beto O'Rourke announced his family owned slaves. As did his wife's family. https://medium.com/@BetoORourke/rose-and-eliza-51d8be9fb675 Kamala Harris' father announced that his grandmother was the descendent of slave owners. https://medium.com/@politicspeach/kamala-harris-jamaican-family-were-slave-owners-her-policies-as-ag-were-no-different-neverkamala-55eb89beef72 Barack Obama's ancestors (on his mother's side) owned slaves for nearly 200 years. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2007/mar/04/uselections2008.barackobama Mitch McConnell's ancestors in Alabama owned slaves as well. https://eu.courier-journal.com/story/news/politics/2019/07/08/report-mitch-mcconnells-family-owned-14-slaves-alabama/1678900001/ Any other current/recent politicians who come from slave owning families? (The above four are ones that have been in the news in the last few days)
  5. Intense Observer

    Trump deporting millions of illegals next week

    That dude is a coward. He jumps in every thread and repeats his racist bullshite, then when asked to clarify his position he deflects and disappears.
  6. Intense Observer

    Trump deporting millions of illegals next week

    I know Newbserver can't reply because he went off his meds and threatened to kill someone again. Can one of the other Trump haters explain why kids in cages/concentration camps was good under Obama but bad now? I can't be the only one who remembers that weekend last summer when all of Hollywood and the media decided on the same day to post pictures of kids in cages. Only to learn the next day that all of those pictures were from 2014, under Obama. They even had the balls to delete the posts, and still . I get people making posts like Newbserver because they are inflammatory and are effective trolls. But educated people can surely see the folly in this tactic. This is why moderates look at the never ending cries of racism and Nazi and cages and laugh. Literally every single thing they about Trump, a few years ago Obama was doing. Sad!
  7. Intense Observer

    Im no teetotaller, but...

    Addiction is a strange animal, some are able to manage it seemingly with no struggle, others it is a ticking bomb waiting to go off. For whatever reason I seem to know a lot of addicts. One sober for 30+ years, another sober for 15 years (if you don't count prescription meth), another sober for 10+ years after several starts and stops. Then I have another friend who will sober up for a year or three then go off the deep end .. booze, cocaine, Xanax, hookers, 24/7/365 until he lands back in jail or the hospital. 6 DUIs, 3 domestic violence, numerous drunk & disorderly, hospital for multiple arse whoopings, once was stabbed a dozen times by a guy who didn't know how to use a knife. I finally had to give up on him after getting dragged into one too many legal/financial/personal disasters. Best advice if you have a friend who is an addict is to stay the fock away.
  8. Another European country this week published a peer reviewed scientific paper that claims if we planted more trees then man made global warming would be cured in a few years. Now we get to see if the politicians, media, and activists truly care about the environment or if they only care about control, power, and taxes. Fight climate change by planting 1,000,000,000,000 new trees Study says over decades, new trees could suck up nearly 750 billion tonnes of heat-trapping carbon dioxide. The most effective way to fight global warming is to plant lots of trees - one trillion of them, maybe more, a study says. And there's enough room, Swiss scientists say. Even with existing cities and farmland, there's enough space for new trees to cover nine million square kilometres, they reported in Thursday's journal Science. That area is roughly the size of the United States. The study calculated that over the decades, those new trees could suck up nearly 750 billion tonnes of heat-trapping carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. That's about as much carbon pollution as humans have spewed in the past 25 years. "This is by far - by thousands of times - the cheapest climate change solution" and the most effective, said study co-author Thomas Crowther, a climate change ecologist at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. Six nations with the most room for new trees are Russia, the US, Canada, Australia, Brazil and China. "We all knew restoring forests could play a part in tackling climate change, but we had no scientific understanding of what impact this could make," said Crowther. "Our study shows clearly that forest restoration is the best climate change solution available today
  9. If I had to guess, there are probably a few industries that might have a financial incentive to avoid global carbon taxes and stricter regulation.
  10. Prosecutors unlikely to charge Trump Org executives, sources say (CNN) — A federal investigation into whether Trump Organization executives violated campaign-finance laws appears to be wrapping up without charges being filed, according to people familiar with the matter. For months, federal prosecutors in New York have examined whether company officials broke the law, including in their effort to reimburse Michael Cohenfor hush-money payments he made to women alleging affairs with his former boss, President Donald Trump. In recent weeks, however, their investigation has quieted, the people familiar with the inquiry said, and prosecutors now don't appear poised to charge any Trump Organization executives in the probe that stemmed from the case against Cohen.
  11. Intense Observer

    Stranger Things on Netflix

    I don't get the hype. I watched season one and thought it was good. Not enough for me to give a fock about season 2, or maybe I was just busy last November, who knows. Now I see people obsessing over this show like it is Game of Thrones lite. I'll watch it when I get around to it, hopefully it surprises me. It seems like in this age of binge watching and social media a dozen shows a year are hyped as must watch and a few are automatically lumped in the GOAT category. Is social pressure factoring in to this? Anyway, I care enough not to read this thread and spoil season 2&3. /getoffmylawn
  12. Intense Observer

    Jeffery Epstein arrested

    Here is an article that scratches the surface of who may have been pulling strings on Epstein's deal in 2007. Justice Department Sat on Mountain of Epstein Evidence for 10 Years Since Epstein is being prosecuted by the Political Corruption Unit it will be interesting to see if some members of the DOJ (who decided on the plea), the FBI (who investigated Epstein and allegedly used him as a cooperating witness in another case), and the IC (Acosta claims he was told Epstein was an intelligence asset, thus the sweetheart deal) end up being charged. The media has been salivating over the sex and Trump (surprise!) but there appears to be much more to the story than that.
  13. Intense Observer

    Work meetings that go from noon to 1

    What an entertaining thread, a few intense observations: 1. People take their lunch breaks very seriously 2. MDC has been obsessed with politics for a long time, and it has apparently turned him into a very bitter human 3. AZ happy hours at 11 am sound awesome 4. Newbserver somehow managed to get banned from every fantasy football forum on the internet just weeks before preseason starts, he is going to have a rough draft/season.
  14. Intense Observer

    Prime Age Males

    FIRE? Transitioning to female? SAHD?
  15. Intense Observer

    Jeffery Epstein arrested

    The Epstein Story is interesting. He was investigated/prosecuted in the mid 2000s but apparently nobody was aware of it. Right Wing conspiracy theorists have been pushing the Epstein Story all along. (Likely because of the obvious ties to Clinton, who has been documented flying on Lolita Express 20+ times, allegedly ditching his Secret Service detail multiple times, and visiting the Orgy Island according to testimony of one of the victims Victoria Guiffre/Roberts) There have been multiple lawsuits by victims over the years that went basically unreported other than the Miami Herald. It wasn't until an anonymous accuser came forward a month before the 2016 election accusing Trump of raping her when she was 13 that the MSM and general public paid any attention. (This accuser was never interviewed by the FBI or attorneys for victims in the lawsuits over the previous 10 years, that had identified and taken statements from 80 victims, she was also ignored by multiple media outlets in 2016 who found her story not credible) Fast forward to 2017, Trump appoints a former US Attorney, Acosta, to his cabinet. He is approved with several Democrats supporting him. (Acosta states that Epstein won't be an issue because he was ordered from above to back off because Epstein was an intelligence asset). Former Dem hero and Epstein attorney, Alan Dershowitz, attacks the media and FBI for their involvement in the Russia conspiracy/hoax. He is now on the radar of the resistance movement. Mike Cernovich (alleged alt-right Twitter journalist), along with Miami Herald and Alan Dershowitz, sue to have the sealed records from an Epstein lawsuit released. (Dershowitz because he claims he will be vindicated) Judge stalls, then dies of old age at 96. New judge orders sealed documents released. Epstein is arrested. Epstein's house is searched, finding pics of underage nudes. New charges of sex trafficking. Media goes ballistic. This story has everything, politics, sex, celebrities, etc. Thousands of articles are printed with Trump in the headline, flooding internet search engines so that anyone who Google's Epstein immediately sees a picture of and reference to Trump. Bill Clinton puts out a preemptive statement denying any ties to Epstein and claiming to have only flown on Lolita Express 4 times, and never having visited Orgy Island. With the clarifier, conveniently missed by the casual observer, that he is referring to 2002-2004. There is evidence that Trump banned Epstein from his properties after learning that he creeped on an underage employee/daughter of an employee, Trump is the only person subpoenaed by the victim's lawyers who responded and gave valuable information, Trump called out Epstein in 2002 for liking younger women, Trump called out Bill Clinton in 2015 for having incriminating photos with Epstein's victims/hookers, Trump issued an EO in December 2017 that confiscates money and property from those involved in human trafficking, Trump's DOJ opens a new investigation into Epstein through the SDNY Public Corruption Unit. (Why PCU?) The media is doing their best to minimize Clinton's exposure and maximize/exaggerate Trump's exposure. No mention by anyone of the fact that Robert Mueller was the head of the FBI that investigated Epstein for several years and decided (along with the DOJ) to cut a deal with Epstein. A slap on the wrist in exchange for testimony against a white collar criminal that was also being investigated at the time. Other notables: Epstein's ex girlfriend/pimp Ghislaine Maxwell, who attended Chelsea Clinton's wedding. NXVIM was just put on trial and convicted of human trafficking/sex slavery. Lots of politicians who took money from NXVIM and Epstein. Lots of big names involved with each. This will be the story that dominates the second half of 2019. It will be interesting to see how the story is spun by all involved, and whether or not the DOJ takes legitimate action this time or cuts a deal like they did a decade ago.