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  1. Intense Observer

    Official Trump Impeachment Inquiry Thread

    I was hoping for witnesses so we could get Schiff, Eric CIAramella, Hunter Biden, and Joe Biden on the stand. Given their desperation and collusion with the MSM to bamboozle the public with faux outrage over 100% legal actions.... I hope Mitch and the Republicans tell the Dems to go fock themselves. No witnesses. No trial. Dismissed. The melts will be glorious and the only people who will care are the retards who are beyond help anyways.
  2. Intense Observer

    Official Trump Impeachment Inquiry Thread

    The retard board is over here. Not shocking at all that on the eve of day 1 of Trump's defense ABC leaks an 82 minute private dinner party conversation that included 30 seconds about Ukraine, all prompted by the 2 Ukrainian guests that nobody knew, who are now under arrest for the 100% subjectively enforced violation of campaign donation laws and are therefore claiming OMB. Then, totally by coincidence, on the eve of day 2 of Trump's defense, the NYT leaks a transcript of a book written by none other than Dem Favorite John "Never Met A War He Didn't Love" Bolton. Bolton, who served briefly in Trump's administration before being fired, without starting a single war btw, is now doing the OMB media/book tour. Where have we seen this before? - Michael Avennati - Michael Cohen - Omarosa - Stormy Daniels - James Comey - Half a dozen other fired/disgraced RINOs If you are dumb enough to believe any of this bullshite then you deserve the self inflicted misery you put yourself through. #WeGotHeemThisTime!!!
  3. Intense Observer

    Kobe Bryant - Dead in helicopter crash

    I watch about one NBA game a year outside of the playoffs. A few years ago while flipping channels I stumbled across Kobe's last game and decided to watch the second half. It turned into the greatest farewell performance you could ask for outside of a walk off ring. Sometimes you are aware of watching history being made, this was one of those times. Sad day for the sports world. (Kobe dropped 60, including 13 unanswered in the final 2:30 to seal the win, and ended his career with ......... an assist. #MambaOut)
  4. Intense Observer

    Kobe Bryant - Dead in helicopter crash

    If it makes you feel any better, that isn't Kobe.
  5. Intense Observer

    Official Trump Impeachment Inquiry Thread

    Everyone is talkng and laughing about how dumb the Dems are. The conversation turns to oil and gas. Which leads to Germany paying Russia billions, despite accusing Trump of "colluding" with Putin. Which leads to pipeline talk, which leads to Ukraine talk. This is where the 2 Ukrainian dudes who have previously been silent pipe up about Ukraine being a great place for oil. About Ukraine loving Trump. About Ukraine being Russia's biotch and a potential target. Back to Ukraine loving Trump. THEN, they (Parnas and recorder guy) bring up the ambassador, that she hates Trump and is against positive/productive relationship between US-Ukraine. Then someone mentions Pompeo. Then you hear Trump say "we should do something about her of she isn't on the same team, get rid of her". And then the conversation moves on to another topic. Literally less than 30 seconds of an 82 minute dinner party conversation. But the MSM is trying to convince you it is a smoking gun. Heck, people here, in an impeachment thread, are talking about it being important and they are too lazy to even click a YouTube play button and listen to the conversation. Imagine how lazy the average CNN watcher is, do you think they are going to bother seeking out and listening to the actual tape? Just like Kavanaugh, Covington, Smollet, Russia, Iran, the 2A lobby event.... It is all about controlling the narrative and controlling the lazy/casual observers.
  6. Intense Observer

    Official Trump Impeachment Inquiry Thread

    I linked a YouTube video that clearly shows they are at a dinner table. You can hear silverware, chewing, drinking, toasting, farting, side conversations. If you are going to bother giving your opinion on shite at least put in some minimal effort to know what you are talking about. Don't be MDC. And again, the Ukraine ambassador talk was 2-3 sentences, less than 30 seconds, of an 82 minute conversation.
  7. Intense Observer

    Official Trump Impeachment Inquiry Thread

    It was a random dinner at Trump Hotel DC with what sounds like close to a dozen people at the table, including allegedly Jack Nicklaus and Trump Jr. If you listen to the tape you hear dozens of conversations going on. The 2 Ukrainian voices barely contribute, and when they do it is obvious nobody else there knows who they are, based on the questions asked. The dude recording the dinner keeps going on about marijuana legalization and starting a committee, almost like he is talking to himself. He sounded like a late night infomercial. Makes sense he is recording, probably played it to others afterwards to show "how tight he is with POTUS" and get people to invest money with him. The likely explanation is that someone got them on a list, maybe Rudy, as a favor, where they were allowed to attend a dinner. Trump shakes their hand, asks a couple of questions to be nice, then enjoys his well done steak and A1. This happens 100s of times a year, no reason to expect Trump to remember every single dinner guest. For him it was just another meal. For the dinner guest it was the most memorable night of their life outside of wedding and child birth. Just my guess. And, as mentioned in my previous post, the conversation about the Ukraine ambassador lasted less than 30 seconds, this recording is 82 minutes long.
  8. Intense Observer

    Official Trump Impeachment Inquiry Thread

    "Someone" secretly recorded a dinner party that Trump attended. Apparently Parnas was also in attendance. The recording was leaked. It doesn't look good at all for the left. Highlights include: -Romney being a poosay in 2012 - Hillary and DNC rigging their primary and focking over Bernie - Low IQ Maxine Waters - Trump hoping Biden wins the nomination, he will be easiest to beat in 2020 - Lots of jokes that will trigger the sensitive types Side note, isn't it illegal to record a conversation with the president? Seems like there would be some national security issues there. Eta: if anyone was planning on watching Sunday news shows I would recommend listening to the dinner recording instead. It is 83 minutes long and they talked about the Ukraine ambassador that was fired for less than 30 seconds. Yet the left thinks it is some smoking gun. GTFO.
  9. Intense Observer

    Official Trump Impeachment Inquiry Thread

    He brings up the polls because the enemy of the people trashes him and America 24/7 to influence dipshits like you and your comrades. Take away your propaganda outlets and Americans are doing better than ever and Trump support is growing across all demographics. If the MSM wasn't intent on destroying this country and actually reported the news Trump's approval would be >80%. So yes, it is important for him to tweet all the time and hype the polls. 1. It is the only way to bypass the MSM spin 2. It triggers the fock out of pillow biters like you
  10. Intense Observer

    Favorite Mormon Swear Words

    Dang it and frick appear to be the winners. Also, the girl at :43,
  11. Intense Observer

    trump - march for life

    I dOnT uNdErStAnD wHy EvAnGeLiCaLs SuPpOrT tRuMp!!!111 He HaD aN aFfAiR wItH a SuPeRmOdEl AND a PoRnStAr!1!1!1!1! rEeEeEeEeEeEeEeeerRrrEEEeeee
  12. Intense Observer

    What if it's found that Trump did help the Russians

    This also means any charges/convictions that stemmed from those 2 warrants will be dismissed. The first 2 FISA warrants are still under review. It is possible that Manafort, Gates, Stone, Flynn, Papadaplous all walk, have the records cleared, and are paid millions of dollars in settlement. Comey, McCabe, Schiff, and every person in the media who pushed this Russian propaganda deserve a good old fashioned prison love making session.
  13. Intense Observer

    Anyone own or consider buying a franchise?

    I listened to a few Johnny V podcasts and watched a few YouTube videos of bros living that lifestyle in Bali and Thailand. Is it all a scam or can you legit make money in 2020 dropshipping/FBA?
  14. Intense Observer

    Anyone own or consider buying a franchise?

    Or just open one of these franchises:
  15. Intense Observer

    Anyone own or consider buying a franchise?

    Jerry, given your location you should open a strip club, massage parlor, tanning salon, giner waxing salon, ice cream shop, drive thru espresso stand, smoothie shop, vegan shop, or yoga studio. Or just a giant one stop shop for all of the above.