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  1. Intense Observer

    Rayshard Brooks says hold my 40.

    LiveLeak video Golf cart cops pull over white group, act civilized, get ticket. Pull over black group, and let's just say it goes how you would expect.
  2. Intense Observer

    Rayshard Brooks says hold my 40.

    Full 1:30:00 version. Action starts at 29:00. Sports center version. Dude was so drunk he was passed out in the drive through lane. Then jumps the curb while trying to park. Tells the cop he had 12 drinks. Then 2 drinks. Then 1.5 drinks. He was in town from Ohio to see his momma's grave. Then go out for his girlfriend's birthday. Who dropped him off at Wendy's afterwards to pick up his rental car. He was being cool until the moment that steel hit his hands, then he went apeshit. Stupid games, stupid prizes. Unfortunate for him he he is dead, but he earned it with his actions. Thank God for body cams. The left thought they would show cop brutality, in reality they have shown cops doing the right thing more often than not.
  3. Intense Observer

    Rayshard Brooks says hold my 40.

    Videos released. Once again, white media, black politicians, and black eye witnesses all lied about what happened. Fired officers fitna eat. And once again, a black tPOS acts like a retard, gets dealt with by the book by a cop, and the aftermath ends one of Joe Biden's VP candidate's future.
  4. Intense Observer

    Zero protest arrests/damage attributed to Antifa. Zero

    We have all seen the videos. It is blacks and scrawny white commies doing all the looting and vandalism. If you want to claim Antifa has nothing to do with it then by default you are blaming BLM. You racist piece of shite.
  5. Article with context https://mobile.twitter.com/w_terrence/status/1271472832556544000 Video of the "performance" in the tweet. Will he get equal treatment from the lynch mob? Funny how the liberals who scream the loudest about rape and race are always the ones guilty of it themselves.
  6. Intense Observer

    Rayshard Brooks says hold my 40.

    Every other race would call out their criminals and degenerates, blacks raise them up as heroes. What kind of message does that send. This nation is becoming further divided every day. On one side is law abiding citizens of every race, on the other side is black criminals and white liberals.
  7. Intense Observer

    You know what really grinds my gears?

    The muh Soros crowd has lost all credibility after the global COVID-19 hoax and now the global Race War hoax.
  8. Intense Observer

    Rage Against the Machine offends snowflakes

    I like their music but am smart enough to realize they are the exact opposite of what they preach. Corporate hoors who support government oppression. And OP should be suspended for posting a fake new story from at&t. A kindergartner can tell that is all made up shite just to get clicks.
  9. So 100 years ago a bunch of angry Democrats started a riot over a man falsely accused of rape, decided to burn down black businesses, murder blacks. Some things never change I guess.
  10. Intense Observer

    What's everyone up to this weekend?

    That Pancho & Lefty burger sounds legit.
  11. Intense Observer

    Pick my CHAZ sign!

    You Ain't Black t-shirt
  12. There is a reason that blacks are the bottom of the barrel worldwide. Asians look down on them. Hispanics look down on them. Natives look down on them. Whites look down on them. Even their own blacks look down on them. They are the only race that isn't willing to accept responsibility for themselves. They think they are the only race that has ever faced struggle, discrimination, slavery, lynching. Until they get new leadership with a new message, and take responsibility for themselves, they will always be the low race on the world's totem pole.
  13. Intense Observer

    Protesters take over Seattle City Hall

    https://mobile.twitter.com/tedcruz/status/1271154145739800578 Ted Cruz getting in a jab at CHAZ with a South Park clip. From the comments. Antifa is like ISIS for poosays.
  14. Intense Observer

    Man dies after encounter with Minneapolis Police

    Remember when a small group of white ranchers decided to occupy a remote, closed wildlife refuge building in Oregon? FBI came in and opened fire, killing a 54 year old man. 26 were arrested on federal charges. 7 were sent to prison. $78k in fines. Compare that to how law enforcement and media are treating these animals for doing something similar. Liberals are scum and karma is a biotch.
  15. Thanks to our SS people like you never get to carry out their assassination fantasies. I can see why you'd be mad.