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  1. bengarce277

    Join Free ESPN Dynasty League pre-drafted

    Team 5 available due to drop out.
  2. bengarce277

    Join Free ESPN Dynasty League pre-drafted

    I won't be checking this forum unless someone drops out. But if you are interested, please place your name. CubFanChris, you will be 1st alternate!
  3. bengarce277

    Join Free ESPN Dynasty League pre-drafted

    Sorry, someone else beat you on another forum by 3 hours. I'll let you know if anyone drops out. All teams taken!
  4. bengarce277

    Join Free ESPN Dynasty League pre-drafted

    Team 5 taken Only team 9 left!
  5. bengarce277

    Join Free ESPN Dynasty League pre-drafted

    Team 7 taken Teams 5 and 9 left
  6. bengarce277

    Join Free ESPN Dynasty League pre-drafted

    Team 8 taken 5,7,9 available
  7. bengarce277

    Join Free ESPN Dynasty League pre-drafted

    team 10 taken. 5,7,8,9 available
  8. bengarce277

    Join Free ESPN Dynasty League pre-drafted

    Team 4 has been taken Teams 5, 7-10 still available.
  9. bengarce277

    Join Free ESPN Dynasty League pre-drafted

    team 6 has been taken
  10. Yes I created this. I am willing to move people around before we get started. I really enjoy dynasty and I know this isn't the usual way to go about it. If you feel a team has too many of a certain player and want to join, I can fix that. I tried to make it even this time. Yes, I gave myself a team with more rookies and am willing to disperse. Looking for people interested in joining my free ESPN dynasty league. Look over the teams, tell me who you want! 10 Teams. 25 member roster. At the end of the year keep up to 20. Each year we drop 5 and add 5 rookies. Teams already drafted for this year. QB,RB,RB,WR,WR,TE,RB/WR/TE,K,Def Max = 5QB, 3TE, 3K, 3Def Passing = 25yd/pt, TD/6pt, INT/-2pt 1pt PPR All TDs 6pt, Fumble lost - 2, fumble -2, blocked punt/fg/td 6pt FG missed -1, 0-39 3pt, 40-49 4pt, 50+ 5pt Sack 1pt, Int 2pt, Fumble recovery 2pt, Safety 6pt Allowed pts: 0=5, 1-6=4, 7-13=3, 14-17=1, 28-34=-1, 34-45=-3, 46+=-5 Yds allowed: <100=5, 100-199=3, 200-299=2, 300-350=0, 350-399=-1, 400-499=-3, 450-499=-5, 500-549=-6, 550+=-7 Team 1 (taken) - Mayfield, Garoppolo, Rosen, Jones, Murray - Kamara, Ingram, Henry, Hunt, Singletary, Snell - M. Thomas, Cooper, Sutton, Metcalf, Cambell, Allison, C. Ridley, R.Ridley - Kelce, Fant, - Bears, Browns, - Lutz, Butker Team 2 (taken) - Watson, Haskins, Brees - McCaffrey, Guice, Jacobs, Freeman, D. Williams, D.Lewis - Hopkins, Robinson, Kupp, Harry, Jones Jr., M. Brown, Hardman, Tate, Hilton - Kittle, Burton, James - Saints, Steelers - Fairbirn, Hauschka Team 3 - Trubisky, Cousins, Winston - Barkley, Lindsay, Montgomery, Cohen, Breida, Coleman, Edmonds - Beckham, Moore, Hill, Pettis, M.Williams, T. Smith, Callaway, Landry - Walker, Cook, Butt - Vikings, Packers, Tucker, Succop Team 4 - Prescott, Stafford, Mahomes - Gordon, Mack, R.Freeman, Carson, Sanders, Richard, Coleman - Adams, Davis, Boyd, Shepard, D.Samuel, Enuwa, Tyrell Williams, Watkins - Hockenson, Olsen, Graham - Texans, Cowboys - Crosby, Santos Team 5 - Ryan, Jackson, Carr - Mixon, Fournette, L. Murray, Miller, Henderson, Foreman, Peterson - A. Brown, Woods, Lockett, Gallup, Arcega-Whiteside, Funchess, Crowder, Humphries - Ebron, Hooper, Dissly - Rams, Cardinals - Prater, McManus Team 6 - Wentz, Allen, Brady - Elliott, Jones, Duke Johnson, Ito Smith, Barber, Harris - Evans, Cooks, Edelman, J. Brown, Hamilton, Foster, Isabella, Miller, Lee - Njoku, McDonald, Seals-Jones - Jaguars, Seahawks - Boswell, Vinatieri Team 7 - Goff, Rivers, Flacco - Gurley, Michel, Penny, White, R. Anderson, Yeldon, Thompson - J.Jones, Godwin, A.J. Brown, Washington, Butler, Goodwin, Agholor, Doctson - Henry, Gesicki, Eifert - Ravens, Bills - Gano, Elliott Team 8 - Wilson, Mariota, Foles - Cook, K. Johnson, McKinnon, Howard, Love, R. Jones, Davis - Smith-Schuster, Thielen, Couttee, Jeffery, Moncrief, Stills, Reynolds, Z. Jones - Engram, Andrews, Brate - Chargers, Patriots - Gostkowski, Gould Team 9 - Rodgers, Dalton, Newton - Chubb, Bell, Hines, McCoy, Justice Hill, Samuels, J. Williams - Allen, Golladay, Fuller, Kirk, Fitzgerald, Parker, Ross, Ginn - Howard, Rudolph, Seferian-Jenkins - Broncos, Falcons - Zuerlein, Catanzaro Team 10 - Luck, Darnold, Roethlisberger - David Johnson, Conner, Drake, Hyde, Mattison, Gore - Beasly, Diggs, Green, Anderson, Westbrook, Sanders, Valdes-Scantling, DJax, Chark - Ertz, Doyle, Reed - Eagles, Panthers - Bailey, Lambo Leave email address and Team number. 1st come 1st serve.