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  1. One owner is needed to take over a team that just became vacant. This is a dynasty league, but its best ball. If you hate putting in a lineup each week this is the league for you. Simply assemble the best team you possibly can and each week you will receive the best score possible by your team. All teams make the playoffs in a double elimination scramble. Other details about playoffs and payouts available. Please contact me at whalersman@gmail.com I've run leagues for over 40 years. Things run smoothly and you will enjoy your experience. Ron
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  3. I have a 10 team Best Ball Dynasty league that needs just one good committed owner. The roster is below. Its a good team, but the guy wont pay so I'm gonna boot him if YOU are the one who wants to play in a dynasty league. $50 entry. Contact me at whalersman@gmail.com Ron QB - Mahomes, Wilson RB - A Jones, McKissic, Moss, Singletary, Stevenson NE, SWift, J. Williams Denver WR - Corey DAvis, Hardman, Lamb, Mooney, sutton, Waddle, SValdez cantling TE - Fant, Kittle K - Tucker Def - Denver
  4. One owner is needed to fill an open team in a best ball dynasty league that was established last year. $50 league. Contact me at whalersman@gmail.com Thank you Ron
  5. Two dynasty leagues - each has one opening. One league is new and will draft this year, the other has one opening for an existing team. These are best ball leagues with experienced players. New league is $50, other league is $45. contact - whalersman@gmail.com for info