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  1. Tree of Knowledge

    INSURRECTION!@$! March 30th

    Is today Tranny Day of Vengeance or is this just the lead up?
  2. Tree of Knowledge

    Colorado's 3rd district must be so proud

    Boebert is so hot. We need more like her
  3. Any truth to the rumor Fetterman is actually transitioning? Will report to Senate as Fetterthey/them
  4. They don’t have to hide their psychosis to get that type of job. It’s a feature and not a bug anymore.
  5. Can’t be too careful. They lost the benefit of doubt.
  6. Trans and Trans advocates need to be branded as domestic terror groups ASAP
  7. That’s their business. That’s how our country should work
  8. I could get behind the #bantrans movement. That would be a decent start.
  9. Tree of Knowledge

    Liberals: The No. 1 cause of death for U.S. children

    ADL is garbage leftist propaganda. The trans terrorist killed more innocents in a few minutes than any alleged right wing groups have killed in decades.
  10. Any Christian school needs armed security. These poor folks are sitting ducks for these triggered leftists
  11. Tree of Knowledge

    Liberals: The No. 1 cause of death for U.S. children

    They do seem to love abortion
  12. Tim will blow past both of you very quickly.
  13. We need a President that treats these leftist terror groups like Antifa, BLM, and militant transgenders as a top priority before more innocents are killed.
  14. Second trans mass murder in a few months. Probably need to outlaw that behavior.
  15. Mentally ill should not have guns.
  16. Is he trying to say this is in retaliation for cracking down on groomers?
  17. Tree of Knowledge

    Ohio is in bad shape...

    That was a scam of historical proportions. The Acorn folks are living phat in retirement after that one.
  18. Tree of Knowledge

    'God, guns and Trump': Thousands turn out for Texas rally

    https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/03/that-was-quick-desantis-donors-reportedly-recommending-desantis-sit-this-one-out/ Looks like big money donors are backing down from a primary showdown with Father Trump. DeSantis might sit this one out.
  19. Tree of Knowledge

    Portland's famous drag queen Darcelle dies at 92

    Will they/them be lying in state at the Washington State Capitol this week and flags at half mast?
  20. I thought he was in the loony bin after a couple weeks of not wearing a hoodie and hiding in his parent’s basement? Great job PA.
  21. War on the middle class as well
  22. Tree of Knowledge

    Another hate crime

    Some of those Memphis players look like they hit McDonalds harder than that BGSU player
  23. Man. I didn’t even know MySpace was still live. I guess I am done learning for the day.
  24. Foiled again. Don’t worry guys. There’s always the psycho woman that claimed she lured Trump into a dressing room to try on clothes for him or dopes in Georgia trying to make a facetious off the cuff comment on a call about finding votes into something.