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  1. TO JOIN, PLEASE EMAIL US FOR AN INVITE: AlwaysTennis55@gmail.com or Maggols85@gmail.com Also, feel free to join our Super Pool Discord room by clicking on the link below, where you can chat with fellow pool players, as well as get any questions you may have answered in quick fashion by the Super Pool commissioners https://discord.gg/NgUZSTN ´╗┐ BASICS: This will be our 9th year running the NFL Super Pool! Plainly put, this league is the best damn NFL point spread pool under the sun. There are 2 weekly winners and 8-11 final season winners. The pool will have HUGE CASH PRIZES. Please read the info below and email us for an invite! COST TO JOIN: An amount of $198 is incurred to join the Super Pool League. It is a one time fee and it covers you for the entire season (if you do the math, it equates to a measly $11.65/week). If you cant afford that, then w/all due respect you need a career change, let's be frank. Our cost to join the pool last year was $193 and it saw total prize money for season winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th place) totaling around $19,000, as well as 2 weekly winners paid each week (Read below)! This year, the buy in amount is $198 ($3 is for utilizing the website we are using), and we anticipate slightly more people! Therefore, we definitely expect a pot north of $20,000 this upcoming year! You are officially in the league when you pay the buy-in fee and add your squad! If we do not receive your payment of $198 before the start of the first game of the season, your team name will promptly be deleted and you will suffer the consequences of not being a part of this exciting league - NO EXCEPTIONS!! WEEKLY WINNERS: Each and every week, the person that has the most Wins will make money for that week. The actual amount per week will be the same amount each and every week. This amount will be $195 for 1st and $95 for 2nd place. So essentially you will break even if you win 1 measly week! WEEKLY TIE BREAKERS: If there is a tie between numerous teams, the tiebreaker will be determined by the following and in this respective order. 1. Monday Night Total points, which you will input when making your picks. 2. Monday Night Home Team Points 3. Monday Night Pick (team pick) If a tie persists, the prize will be chopped. **VERY IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ OR YOU'LL BE CRYING LATER** We can't stress this enough, so read this very carefully gang... ALL PICKS FOR ALL GAMES EACH WEEK MUST BE MADE BEFORE THE FIRST GAME STARTS (Usually Thursday!). Once you make all your picks however, you may change your weekend picks after the Thursday game is over, up until the start of the first weekend game. If you fail to make your picks before the start of the first game, the system will automatically auto-pick for you by choosing all the favorites. If you fail twice, you are covered by the auto-pick system. However, if you fail to make your picks three times or more, you will automatically receive 0 Wins for that week and all weeks beyond your second time. If you fail and get 0 Wins, it is out of our control, and we don't have the ability to change anything. So beware of when the first game of each week begins! It will usually be on a Thursday evening **BOTTOM LINE - MAKE YOUR PICKS BEFORE THURSDAY EVENING (1st game of the week) OR YOU'RE...... S.O.L.!!!!!!!!!!!!!** SEASON WINNERS The top 8-11 people with the most wins will make money. Again, the amounts and the number of places will be dependent on the total number of players. We can safely say that first place will receive a minimum of $7,000. This is a conservative estimate; the amount will probably be a lot more (last year winner got $8,000)! The amounts for all 8-11 winners will be posted on this message board immediately after the first game of the season! SEASON TIE BREAKERS If there is a tie between numerous teams, the tiebreaker will be determined by the following and in this respective order. 1. Monday Night Total Cumulative Points. 2. Cumulative number of weeks won If a tie persists, the prize will be chopped. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ADDITION TO THE POOL! We will also feature 2 games each week with an over/under pick! This will add another fun angle to the league that we know our members will love! So for example, if the Ravens vs. Steelers total points over/under is 44pts, you would have to decide whether the game would have more than 44pts scored, or less than 44pts scored. This new addition will again be used for 2 games per week, at our discretion, but will primarily be featured for the Thursday and Monday game! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $JACKPOT$ RULES! Our rollover weekly jackpot was NOT hit last season, so the total amount of $1,500 has been rolled over to this upcoming year! This jackpot is won when a player performs the following feat: 16 game week: 16-0 (over/unders are NOT included) 15 game week: 16-1 (Must win all game picks and 1 over/under) 14 game week: 16-0 (over/unders ARE included) *Any week with less than 14 games is NOT a jackpot eligible week* As you may remember, the jackpot amount increases by $50 each week. If nobody wins the jackpot in any jackpot eligible week, the amount goes up another $50. Our jackpot will start at $1,500 + $50 ($1,550) in week 1 this year. If nobody hits the jackpot in week 1, it will go up to $1,600 in week 2. If nobody hits it again in week 2, it will go up to $1,650 in week 3. You get the damn point! Once the jackpot is hit, the jackpot amount immediately drops back to $50 and begins anew. In addition, if nobody wins the jackpot this upcoming season, the cumulative amount is applied to week 1 of the following season. So for instance, if the jackpot reaches $2,000 and nobody hits it, then next season in week 1, the jackpot would total $2,050. Our jackpot is another exciting way to win BIG MONEY!! PICK MAKING PROCESS You must make all picks on the pick page before the Thursday game begins or you will be auto-picked for (2 autopicks max, if you fail a 3rd time, you will receive a 0 for the week). However, you can change your picks for the weekend games as well as the Monday game as long as you edit your picks before Sunday at 10am Pacific Time. Please note, you cannot change your Monday picks after Sunday 10am Pacific Time! Bottom line: Make all your picks before the Thursday game, and edit your weekend/monday picks anytime before Sunday -10AM Pacific Time! MAY YOUR PICKS TURN TO GOLD AND YOUR BANK ACCOUNTS EXPLODE! -SUPER POOL COMMISSIONERS´╗┐