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  1. BirdGang

    Do people use aliases to pad their likes?

    Fine.....I'll just create some aliases.
  2. BirdGang

    Do people use aliases to pad their likes?

    Can I get some likes guys. Thanks.
  3. BirdGang

    Is it time to get out of the market?

    Wait, did you just quote the biggest tool of the FBG forum?
  4. BirdGang

    What if we get refugees here?

    Very true, but it’s a great place for under employed lawyers to spew one sided bs and claim it’s fact.
  5. BirdGang

    What if we get refugees here?

    Just saw this, lol. The mods are letting the angry libs troll away over there now. Still so angry about getting owned in 2016. Love it.
  6. BirdGang

    Am I the only liberal FFT Geek?

    FYI Hawkeye sometimes goes by ShoNuff
  7. BirdGang

    Official Trump Impeachment Inquiry Thread

    This is what their party stands for, manufactured partisan drama while accomplishing nothing to improve the daily lives of Americans.
  8. BirdGang

    Flex Appeal: Montgomery, Singletary, AJ Brown

    Thanks any others? Leaning Monty easier D and goalline carries.
  9. BirdGang

    TE Help!!!

    Does Brate still dominate TE targets? any others?
  10. BirdGang

    Kyler or Wentz? Need a big game.

    Any others? Big underdog so tempted to pair w Goedert to chase upside but may be a very long shot I need to forget about?
  11. Montgomery at GB Singletary at Pit AJ Brown vs Hou non ppr
  12. I was leaning Cousins as a guy that has suffered through Wentz and his lack of WR.
  13. BirdGang

    TE Help!!!

  14. BirdGang

    TE Help!!!

    Non PPR Goedert - @ Skins and no WR for Carson to throw to. Djoku - Infamous Cardinals D against TE but he's done nothing htis year Thomas- Olsen out OJ - With Mike Evans out does he finally pop? Need a big game, who you got?