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  1. Hey everyone, I have been running past 3 years a Fantasy Football IDP Dynasty Tiers league. We are going into our 4th season of doing this, where all our leagues (24 in total) are all dynasty leagues, and winner of each league compete the following season in a redraft champions league. We have 4 orphan teams available in NFL.com 1 and ESPN if anyone wants to play in our free leagues. And I will be starting one more free league. But this post is for our $40 money leagues that will tie into this tiers league. Format will be on ESPN or NFL.com Earnings will be split 1st place: 70% 2nd place: 30% 3rd place: 10% For the money leagues, I want to go all out. For the champion, I want to award a Fantasy Football trophy! This will come from my pocket, not members buy ins. I will include what I call Storyline mode. To begin, I will write in-depth articles on each team’s draft performance. Predicting how their up-coming season will go. I will also be featuring game of the weeks each week, and interviewing owners. I will high light rivalries that are being set up. The IDP leagues I run are for those who not only love Fantasy football, but the draft process!! If you are new to IDP, do not worry. I will post on league web page a IDP draft tutorial to assist you get prepared for draft day. offensive set up: 1 QB/ 2 RB/ 2 WR/ 1 TE/ 1 Flex Defense setup: 3 DL/ 4LB/ 4 DB bench: 18 spots IR: 6 spots Also FAAB setup. You will be able to keep 30 players and carry them onto future seasons. This is dynasty and you really can build a football team. I’m trying to make this a die hard general manager experience for you fantasy fanatics. If interested, email me at streetlit35@aol.com with any questions or for the league invite to the free leagues or money leagues. Please put "IDP Money league" in the subject line. All experience is welcome. This will be the perfect jumping on point for those new to Dynasty or IDP. Payments will be needed 3 days before draft day though leaguesafe. Draft date will be Labor Day weekend.