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  1. scout124

    Golden Tate or Jamaal Williams at Flex?

    Tate preferred, he's their WR1 for the week and will likely get more opportunities than Jamaal.
  2. scout124

    SIMTT -- Godwin or Julio for Kamara?

    Thank you, so one vote for no trade. Anyone else please? Stack the RBs (and if so, which WR to trade) or keep the balance I have now?
  3. Should I make this trade for Kamara at all, and if so, do I trade Godwin or Julio straight up? Or do I stand pat? My other RBs are Cook, Carson, Gore, Sanders and Mattison. My other WRs are Mike Williams, Curtis Samuel and McLaurin. League is 12-team full PPR. Currently in 2nd place, playing 1st place this week, already off to a bad start thanks to Williams and Waller, and looking to make a final move to win a title. Trade deadline is Saturday. Thanks in advance.
  4. I need 1 WR and 1 flex for a full PPR league out of Landry, Mike Williams, Cohen, Dion Lewis and Justin Jackson. Leaning towards Landry at WR, Cohen at flex (my other RBs are D. Cook and Carson) and benching Williams (I also have Julio and Godwin). One of the things making me hesitate is that I have Rivers at QB. Thanks in advance.
  5. I need 1 TE to pick up between Burton, Waller or Doyle, please. League is full PPR. Leaning towards Waller for now, looking long-term. Thanks in advance.