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  1. Bears_beets_battlestar_G

    What's the thoughts on David Montgomery?

    I still managed to finish first and win the league with him. Only got one decent week out of him. He rode my bench all year. Never would’ve drafted him if I saw this thread in time. I went DJ, Evans, Carson, Montgomery, Henry with my first 5 picks. Busted big on DJ and Monty. Lamar Jackson saved my ass (I drafted him to be my back up)!
  2. Bears_beets_battlestar_G

    Just saw the Henry news...

    Switched to them right before kickoff. Almost certain to survive! Championship!!!
  3. Bears_beets_battlestar_G

    Just saw the Henry news...

    This blows lol. I could do both Lewis and Boone Id have Carson, Drake as 1 and 2 With Boone and Lewis as Flex? So that leaves Montgomery or Washington? Is there any consideration there? Good luck to you!
  4. Bears_beets_battlestar_G

    Just saw the Henry news...

    Do put I put in Lewis for Henry or are these other guys more appealing? Two spots open: Drake, Boone, Lewis, Washington, Montgomery, Mike Williams?
  5. Bears_beets_battlestar_G

    The ship. Who is going and what does your roster look like

    L. Jackson, Tannehill Carson, Henry, Singletary, Drake, DJ, Montgomery, D. Washington Perriman, Sutton, Mike Williams. (Had Evans, Godwin, AJ Green all year until the last two weeks) Hunter Henry, Howard (basically streamed all year). Had Andrews early and dropped him. Butker and Gay most of the year Streamed Def for the most part. I didn’t have a positive score for the first 4 weeks. I mostly went with the saints. They were solid until recently.
  6. Bears_beets_battlestar_G

    FU semifinals

    Perriman and now Drake on my bench. My bench is out scoring my opponent and only up by 10 with my regulars.
  7. Bears_beets_battlestar_G

    FU semifinals

    FU to TB WR core. I had Evans and Godwin all year. I wasn’t going to mess with picking up Perriman and roll with Godwin. Added D. Washington just in case barring Jacobs news. Dropped him for Perriman at about 12:30 today, but didn’t start him.
  8. Bears_beets_battlestar_G

    Last minute OJ vs HH?

    I want to start OJ because Evans is gone and the guy that I’m facing drafted Howard. But Hunter Henry is hunter Henry?
  9. Bears_beets_battlestar_G

    Have the victory but ...

    Yeah didn’t want to mess with the fantasy gods by benching. I was going to play him but guys at work said bench him. I do have Penny as well. Thanks !!
  10. Bears_beets_battlestar_G

    Have the victory but ...

    I’m up by .2. I have Carson yet to play, so is it wrong to leave the spot open or risk a fumble and lose 2 points?
  11. Bears_beets_battlestar_G

    49ers defense for real?

    Came here to say, no mention of Kwon Alexander?
  12. Bears_beets_battlestar_G

    Which RB?

    I know it’s last minute but due to my dumb ass I have this predicament. 3 spots for 5 guys. Carson, D. Henry, David Johnson, Singletary, Montgomery. Who would you start?
  13. Bears_beets_battlestar_G

    My line up is a mess in a good way.

    F U Me lol
  14. Bears_beets_battlestar_G

    My line up is a mess in a good way.

    Montgomery already at 85 yards today. The guy on the podcast I listen to repeatedly said “enjoy your 5 points from Edmonds this week, I like Montgomery.” I hate this game. Lol
  15. Bears_beets_battlestar_G

    My line up is a mess in a good way.

    Ty I just saw that! That’s who I chose.