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  1. 16 team keeper PPR ....Im 4-2, 2 games out of 1st....Im playing the 1st place team in our division today. I have Kamara, and he is OUT! Im in a tight spot to replace him bgood luckecause NOBODY is on waivers with 16 teams. I have Ito Smith vs Rams or Miles Sanders vs. Cowboys.....UGG! any help is appreciated thank you and
  2. FunkyStunts

    Pick 2 for RB and FLEX help

    I'm starting Kamara...but I have 2 spots for 4 players. M. Gordon, A. Jones, Gallman and Mixon Leaning towards Gordon and Jones...please advise thanks
  3. FunkyStunts

    Gallman vs Mixon?

    1pt PPR bonus for 100 yard game bonus for 40 yard gain Mixon @ PITT? Gallman at home vs Wash
  4. FunkyStunts

    Trade. Which side you like?

    I like Kamara as best player in trade. adams has turf toe....Min never throws anymore....Goff could get better...tuff call
  5. FunkyStunts

    WR Marvin Jones vs WR Christian Kirk

    also bonus points for 40+ yard TD and bonus for every 100 yards
  6. FunkyStunts

    Drop Duke Johnson for...

    Darrell Williams KC RB for my 12 team ppr. ALSO: Bonus points for 40+ yard gains, 100, 200 yard games. looking for big play guys thanks
  7. FunkyStunts

    Ppr flex help

    i like Robinson over white
  8. 12 team 1pt ppr thanks!
  9. FunkyStunts

    FLEX HELP pick 1 of 3

  10. FunkyStunts

    FLEX HELP pick 1 of 3

    Happy football Sunday! Im in a 10 team ppr league and Im already down because of Green Bays D. pick 1 for FLEX: D.Freeman vs TEN W. Gallman vs WASH C.Thompson @ NYG Thanks in advance