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  1. Two flex spots are open, 9 points needed in tonight's game for half-ppr. Picking two of the three below: Jared Cook Jack Doyle Zach Pascal If TY plays, leaning Cook and Doyle for higher floor? If he doesn't, Cook and Pascal are obvious choice?
  2. Busboy

    Saints/Colts...what do you need?

    Down by 9, need to choose two flex players among Jared Cook, Jack Doyle and Zach Pascal to get me home in the semifinals
  3. Yeah liked the Dallas matchup but keep in mind I would have to play him against SF the following week!
  4. Nope. Cousins just became available though. I will say that I am facing Lamar Jackson who just went off last night. So probably need a high ceiling QB. Leaning Fitz for that reason, provided Devante passes concussion protocol. But if he doesn't, I have no idea who has the most upside?
  5. Haha gotta love the loyalty from JagFan
  6. So 2 for Fitz and 2 for Jacoby... can someone break the tie?
  7. Have to make this $1 waiver dollar count for the next two weeks of playoffs. Have Josh Allen (PIT, NE) so looking at a QB streamer to carry me through the 'ship: Fitzpatrick - NYG, CIN Minshew - OAK, ATL Brissett - NO, CAR Trubisky - GB, KC Mayfield - AZ, BAL Goff - DAL, SF Rivers - MIN, OAK
  8. Busboy

    PPR TE - Week 15

  9. Need your help fellas. I have two flex spots and a cast of mediocre bench characters. Regardless, I am seeking your counsel for the best two for half ppr: Zach Pascal Robby Anderson Adrian Peterson Jared Cook Jack Doyle
  10. Would you choose Josh Allen or Baker? Josh has to play Pittsburgh's D, but would you trust Baker against the Cards after flopping against the Bengals?
  11. Busboy


    I think a lot of it is luck but an area where in-season skill has really come into play in our 12-team league is on the waiver wire auction... knowing when to pounce and pay up for players like Chark that can be viable long-term vs. spending a bunch of money on a Brian Hill that doesn't pan out. But yes even that like everything else in fantasy has a fair amount of luck involved too.
  12. Busboy


    Fair points. Four teams make playoffs
  13. Busboy


    Would you ever believe that this team did not make the playoffs in an 8-team ppr league? - Russell Wilson, Kamara, Chubb, Davante Adams, DJ Chark, Lockett, Kittle, NE D/ST. Throwing myself a pity party. That is all.
  14. Busboy

    QB Help-K. Murray or B. Mayfield?

    Kyler for sure