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  1. Crestwood 2

    Slowly normalizing pedophilia

    Yup. Exactly.
  2. Crestwood 2

    Slowly normalizing philadelphia

    Sounds strange but that’s what a true Philly cheesesteak is made with…. “Wiz wit” is how you order it. Best Philly cheesesteak is in South Jersey though. Place called Gaetanos.
  3. Crestwood 2

    Fock Chicago

    Not just as easily, because most of them are black. Know what I mean?
  4. Crestwood 2

    Fock Chicago

    Yeah, we weren’t squaring up or anything. I did notice him because he looked like a homeless junkie just shuffling down the street but I wasn’t expecting that right hook to the nose. No words exchanged… he may have been mumbling something to himself but we had no direct words exchanged/conversation.
  5. Crestwood 2

    Fock Chicago

    Because, I was dazed and couldn’t see for a few minutes. When you’re randomly punched really hard in the face when you’re not expecting it, immediately fighting back isn’t always your first reaction. But I’m not as tough as you also.
  6. Crestwood 2

    Fock Chicago

    How dare you call the criminal a bad word!!! Im guessing Mungwater is a little darker than me or is a hardcore newbiest. Its a shame, this town used to be my favorite. Then I moved here and it turned to shiot…. Maybe it’s me
  7. Crestwood 2

    Fock Chicago

    Seriously. I have no regrets about the words I used. I was walking out of a nice restaurant after having dinner with my wife, minding my own business. He was a crazy black guy ,high on some shiot or mentally ill, either way, I don’t care. I seriously was looking to crack him in the back of the head with the hammer. Im not a tough guy, just drunk and pissed. Seriously, would’ve murdered him. Thank God for myself and him, he went back to his shelter or crack den
  8. Crestwood 2

    Fock Chicago

    Cool. When and where???
  9. Crestwood 2

    Fock Chicago

    Anytime you’re in town, let me know. Maybe next time, this ahole will encounter your mom. Let’s see you how you feel then you little turd.
  10. Crestwood 2

    Fock Chicago

    Have been here about a year now. Even the nice neighborhoods are turning to shiot. Some random nagger punched me right in the focking nose after I was leaving Tavern and Rush Monday night with my wife. Some homeless, drugged up coon probably. Of course, the cops do nothing. After walking home, gushing blood, and drunk…. I grab a hammer and go looking for this porch monkey Of course I don’t find him and glad I didn’t bc I would’ve beaten him to death. Fock this place and Fock Beetlejuice
  11. Crestwood 2

    How many languages do you speak fluently?

    English and Russian
  12. Crestwood 2

    Favorite Diff’rent Strokes episodes

    I always had a thing for Shirley from What’s Happenin’
  13. Crestwood 2

    Favorite Diff’rent Strokes episodes

    Weren’t they all though?
  14. Crestwood 2

    Favorite Diff’rent Strokes episodes

    I never understood how Arnold and Dudley went to the same school. It was a public school and I’m assuming they lived in different districts bc Dudleys dad looked like he was a squeegee man
  15. Crestwood 2

    Favorite Diff’rent Strokes episodes

    By The Gooch?