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  1. Crestwood 2

    Last Geek Standing?

    Good lord man.
  2. Crestwood 2

    Anybody had LASIK?

    Had it done about 20 years ago when I was in college. One of the best decisions I ever made.
  3. Crestwood 2

    Whither the First Amendment?

    And he’s an attorney that came to a fantasy football message board to ask if he should get attorney for his divorce
  4. Did Cosby fock your mom or something? He’s cool bro
  5. Of course, but it’s still funny
  6. Crestwood 2

    All In The Name Of George Floyd!

    He’ll be back on the streets by noon tomorrow
  7. Crestwood 2

    How long until Reparations for Slavery?

    Dude, your wife doesn’t like you anymore and focking some dude younger than you from Tinder. Move on
  8. Crestwood 2

    Justices Roberts and Gorsuch betrayed you

    lol. Not how it works though. Even unemployment. benefits. We had an an employee that stole two coworkers identities and opened up loans in their names and we lost the unemployment case. This guy was white collar and I work for a pretty large company
  9. Why do you think you earned it? Not trolling but really want to know