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  1. https://californianewstimes.com/ucla-star-cade-mcnowns-wife-arrested-for-stealing-bags-jewelry/615566/?amp
  2. Crestwood 2

    Freaky Fridays

    He bought 2 limousines right before he died. I mean…. That’s what I would’ve done
  3. Crestwood 2

    Freaky Fridays

    Brother in law owned what?
  4. Crestwood 2

    Freaky Fridays

    Even if you make double that…. You’d still be considered poor in most major cities
  5. Crestwood 2

    Freaky Fridays

    Sure you did. Don’t you make $ 15/hr???
  6. This happens everyday in the black community
  7. Crestwood 2

    fat cheese butter and whole milk are OK again

    Great win for you fatties! How fat are you?
  8. Crestwood 2

    Anyone here ever been to or lived in Russia?

    Dah. My wife was born there. No, she’s not a mail order bride
  9. Crestwood 2

    Who here has been married the most times

    I met my my wife the first day day I moved to Chicago. I’m convinced that she married me for my money, but little does she know…. I don’t have any.
  10. Crestwood 2

    Who here has been married the most times

    Once.. 9 months
  11. Crestwood 2

    How old are you? (Interview Question)

    38…… headed for mid life crisis
  12. Crestwood 2

    The World Is A Vampire

    But can you fake it…. for one more show ?
  13. Crestwood 2

    How is the coin shortage scam still happening?

    Seriously, you’re bitching about “change”. I know that 79 cents can be life changing
  14. Crestwood 2

    Meanwhile in Chicago....

    Stop on by. I’ll meet you at Dearborn and Oak. So the few police that I know here now say there isn’t even an excuse. These guys are allowed to murder…. So why not ??? Police are getting ambushed too. But again, come on by.
  15. Crestwood 2

    Meanwhile in Chicago....

    It’s traditionally the nicest neighborhood, but the police left. We defunded them . It’s friggin gross