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  1. Crestwood 2

    More blacks become first time investors in 2020

    To Key West? I will. Hyatt Centric
  2. Crestwood 2

    Best Little Debbie snack

    Christmas Trees
  3. Crestwood 2

    Geeks that have recently vacationed in Florida

    I was In Key West about 3 weeks ago. Cops “enforce” masks outside on the street. I got busted once and then I just threw it away after putting it on for a second... they’re just doing they’re job. No masks required in bars or restaurants.... free for all. For the Hyatt guys, stay there. You know what you’re getting and it’s a big brand. Hyatt Centric in Old Town I think ??? Nice place... on the water... reliable though. Important. Wife wants to have “wedding” there in April. Sure, why not? Only a thousand per night per room. Key West baby... friggin amazing
  4. Crestwood 2

    Son just got a raise

    Hmmm, still sounds like he’s up to no good. Wouldn’t want him as my kid. 10%
  5. Crestwood 2

    Son just got a raise

    Weird way of thinking but ok
  6. Crestwood 2

    Son just got a raise

    Sounds like a real d bag though by not letting you know about the extra 10%. What am I missing ?
  7. Crestwood 2

    Fock Paulie!!!!!

    Soooo.... am I punished for the rest of my life now ? I liked the movie ......ughhhh
  8. Crestwood 2

    Fock Paulie!!!!!

    If you do give Power of Attorney to Uncle Paulie, where do typically expect to end up?
  9. Crestwood 2

    Fock Paulie!!!!!

    In Rocky V
  10. Crestwood 2

    Songs That Depress You!

    How about “ The Wayback”? Newish, Ben A - fleck movie. But decent. Guy who had a chance to turn his life around but couldn’t
  11. Crestwood 2

    Would you date a person with a prosthetic limb?

    I once banged a girl with cerebral palsy. So sure, why not
  12. Crestwood 2

    RIP Jerry Armstrong

    Wasn’t he the first trumpet player to walk on the moon??
  13. Crestwood 2

    RIP Pedro Gomez

    Damn, just saw him this morning on ESPN. Can’t believe he was only 58
  14. Crestwood 2

    Cuban Cigars

    I’m not a huge cigar smoker. Maybe, I’ll smoke 8-10 year. Everyone tastes the same. Cubans are illegal and exotic, so I think that’s why they get the attention that they do. Forbidden fruit
  15. Crestwood 2

    Where is Wiff?

    Old man fight has been set. The Has-Been vs The Fake Cop/Marine