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  1. On 10/5/2021 at 12:00 PM, Hawkeye21 said:

    And Chicago is different from the other cities because...

    Stop on by. I’ll meet you at Dearborn and Oak. 

    So the few police that I know  here now say there isn’t even an excuse. These guys are allowed to murder…. So why not ???  Police are getting ambushed too. But again, come on by. 














  2. 14 hours ago, haloman30 said:

    Yeah - those people do exist unfortunately.

    I brought up the debt because initially (and still currently to some extent), the finances are still my primary concern. That being said things are already progressing in the right direction - all of the bills excluding the mortgage on my place are caught up, and I should be good for the rest of the month. At the start, I was not only dealing with the shock of finding my father dead, but then coupled with that was the fear of realizing that basically every bill was a month behind and that there was basically no money available to work with to start getting things caught up. I was fearful that my utilities and such were on the verge of shutoff, and that I might even be at risk of foreclosure soon.

    For what it's worth - dad's burial costs have been covered as of now, with the burial date being Tuesday (September 7th). The 4000 that we originally thought we needed was reduced a considerable amount thanks to some assistance the funeral home told us we could get, and proceeds from the GoFundMe and other stuff was able to cover the rest. So if your main reason for contribution is to help dad be laid to rest, you can put your wallet away - as dad will be laid to rest soon. For the sake of transparency, any future funds will just end up going directly to me to help with finances and bills and such. Once again, though - I'll likely be alright. I've got money, enough for the rest of the month, and once things are said and done I'll be in pretty decent shape.

    But yeah, that's why I said in earlier posts that I understand the skepticism. Awful people do exist and would either use a terrible situation to get profit, or would make up some kind of situation for money. I hold nothing against Ed or the others who felt (and maybe still do) feel skeptical. I can understand seeing the money stuff being brought up and thinking "oh man is this another one of those scams". And like I said, I think at this point I'm past the point of needing any real financial help - so thank you to anyone here who happened to contribute, as the funds raised have helped a great deal.

    Thank you - I feel like a broken record at this point but I really do appreciate everyone's kind words.

    No comments from family or friends on his obit page after 5 days. Strange. 

  3. 4 minutes ago, MLCKAA said:

    Yeah, I’m talking about a $40k job. Yutz.  $40k jobs don’t start at 20 days PTO.  Stop trying so hard to be a dck.  Making yourself look stupid.

    What’s the salary?

  4. Outlandish money to this clown is probably $40k. 

    So, they wouldn’t pay you the $3k more that you wanted?  I pay entry level accounts $3k more if it’s a deal breaker and we really want them.