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  1. Chiefs fan boy

    DJ Moore or M. Ingram flex

    Moore for sure and I would also consider benching Coleman for Ingram.
  2. Chiefs fan boy

    Jordan Howard vs Ronald Jones

    Non ppr Howard, other wise Jones. If you are going to keep them, Howard has a much better schedule down the stretch after this week.
  3. Chiefs fan boy

    Trade Hopkins? Need your advice for playoff run....

    Take it quick before he changes his mind
  4. Chiefs fan boy

    I'm starting Brian Hill over ?

    Carson on bye so I am currently starting Coleman in his place, but Hill is intriguing. Still mulling it over but haven't quite decided to pull the trigger on the swap yet.
  5. Chiefs fan boy

    FU week 10

    It's still early, the Bears and Montgomery cant run on Detroit? Wtf?
  6. Chiefs fan boy

    Mixed reviews?

    No way
  7. Chiefs fan boy

    Which TE should I pickup since Engram is out?

    Same decision for me if Kittle is a no go. I am down to Cook or Everett, still mulling it over.
  8. Chiefs fan boy

    QB Stafford or Ryan

    I am going with Ryan. If healthy he is far more consistent.
  9. Chiefs fan boy

    Mahomes or Winston? 4pt TD's no bonus.

    Start Winston, Could be a high scoring affair. Even if Mahommes is healthy and plays well, Tennessee is not going to score a lot and their defense is respectable, so I expect a lower scoring game.
  10. Chiefs fan boy

    D. Montgomery or J. Jacobs?

    Nice problem to have, all good choices, but I would probably sit Montgomery due to no faith in Chicago's coaching.
  11. Chiefs fan boy

    Matt Ryan vs NO

    How confident are you in Ryan this week vs New Orleans. Could be a shoot out? Or will the Falcons fold it up for the year? Hopefully Ryan is healthy, should be, but it's not a given as he is questionable. My other choice is Stafford at Chicago or drop Stafford for Rivers, who has a nice matchup? Leaning towards Ryan, but if I go Rivers gotta pull the trigger quick.
  12. Chiefs fan boy

    Winston or Garopolo

    Winston, the Arizona matchup is too good.
  13. Chiefs fan boy

    Qb help

    I would drop Allen for Winston in a heartbeat.
  14. Chiefs fan boy

    FU Week 9

    I will second that!!!
  15. Chiefs fan boy

    Coleman vs Carson this week?

    Sorry, thought I was on the Help board