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  1. Chiefs fan boy

    Your Player(s) That Are Overdue For A Big Week

    Mike Williams
  2. Chiefs fan boy

    Qb pick one whir

    If he is healthy, Murray
  3. Chiefs fan boy

    RB Issue for Week 13, Recipe for Disaster!! Need help

    I like Scott vs the Jets
  4. Chiefs fan boy

    What RB to start?

    I had the same hold your nose choices in a full PPR league. In a standard league, Burkhead for sure, I think Foreman will get stuffed by Pats. When Titans ruled out McNichols, I picked up Hillard and will hope for the dump off passes when the Pats are up on the Titans in second half, similar to week 11.
  5. Chiefs fan boy

    Jeff Wilson Jr was just activated for Sunday

    I would consider benching Gibson in favor of Wilson. I think Gibsons performance against TB last was an anomaly. I think Washington will be playing from behind again and that means more passing and more JD Mckissic.
  6. Chiefs fan boy

    Hows bout Waddle or Bateman?

    I have them both and am starting Waddle. Not even close in a PPR league. I am considering starting Bateman over Mike Williams, havent pulled the trigger yet, but considering. Waddle is locked in.
  7. Chiefs fan boy

    Sit Pitts for Ertz: overthinking?

    If Murray is back at QB, I would probably roll with Ertz with no Hopkins in picture. Otherwise I would stick with Pitts.
  8. Chiefs fan boy

    Mike Williams or Rashod Bateman

    Mike Williams or Rashod Bateman for week 11? Full PPR. Williams has been stinking it lately, but always has the chance to go off big. You guys still rolling with Mike Williams?
  9. Chiefs fan boy

    Odell LA Rams ?

    Makes no sense. He is chasing a ring??? But the reason he wanted out of Cleveland was lack of usage or targets. There are no targets to be had on the Rams, that WR room is solid. Targets to be had in NO, GB or KC.
  10. Chiefs fan boy

    Bills at Titans: MNF Discussion

    Tannehill vultures a TD from Henry.
  11. Chiefs fan boy

    FU Week 5 - Not Thielen It edition

    Kyler Murray sucking so far. No runs, wtf?
  12. Chiefs fan boy

    Golladay, JuJu or Ruggs ?

    Golladay and JuJu are banged up but looking like they will play. Ruggs has a tough matchup but maybe more upside. PPR league. Who would you roll with?
  13. Chiefs fan boy

    Kenny Galloday

    Thoughts on Kenny Galloday? I have him now, PPR league. Best available: Jalen Reagor, Devante Parker, Rondale Moore, Henry Ruggs Thinking about Reagor as a swap. I just dont have much faith in the Giants Oline and Daniel Jones. Or is it too soon?
  14. Chiefs fan boy

    Week 16 Huge Cojones Awards

    I did not. Thought very seriously about it, but ultimately started Tannehill. If D. Adams scores 15 on Monday night I still win. Otherwise I will regret not starting Fitzmagic. Although if Carson didn't go down it probably wouldn't have mattered.