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  1. Chiefs fan boy

    QB: NYJ White over MIA Tua and DET Goff??

    Weather at kick off dont look too bad. Rolling with Tau. Dont have much confidence, but dont have better options.
  2. Chiefs fan boy

    QB: NYJ White over MIA Tua and DET Goff??

    I have same delimna. Tau or Goff? White was already gone off waivers. Still could pickup Purdy, Dalton, Huntly, Jones or Ryan. I dont think I can hold my nose and start any of those. Probably going to see what the weather is at game time in Buffalo. If just cold and minimal snow or rain, then going with Tau. If full on storm or blizzard shift to Goff.
  3. Chiefs fan boy

    week 12 FU

    Is Damoen Pierce hurt?
  4. Chiefs fan boy

    Confidence in Jamarr Chase

    I like easy decisions
  5. Chiefs fan boy

    Confidence in Jamarr Chase

    Assuming Chase plays, do you have confidence in playing him since he might be limited? Assuming he is playing, which one do you sit down. Full PPR Chase, Burks, Boyd, Kamara.
  6. Chiefs fan boy

    Rest of season wr flex

    Got lucky, the dart throw worked. Had Eno in the flex spot all week, but pulled him today when Conner was playing. Marshall with the TD, from Baker Mayfield. Miracles never cease.
  7. Chiefs fan boy

    Rest of season wr flex

    Yes. Very weak at WR due to injuries (Jamarr) and bad drafting. 14 team league. If I need one I will probably just stream based on matchups. Going with my gut and picking up Terrance Marshall and see what happens.
  8. Chiefs fan boy

    Rest of season wr flex

    Looking to add one WR to the bench for occasional flex usage or bye week fill in. Rank these options for rest of season. Full PPR Kalif Raymond, Alec Pierce, Chase Claypool, Terrance Marshall.
  9. Chiefs fan boy

    Flex RB

    Tony Pollard or Eno Benjamin? Full PPR. I am thinking Pollard if Conner is in, Eno if Conner is out.
  10. Chiefs fan boy

    The Official Week 17 FU Thread: Championship Edition

    Where to start... Ronald Jones against the Jets. Wtf Jordan Howard Jalen Waddle
  11. Chiefs fan boy

    Football Team at Eagles: TuesNF Discussion

    Hurts pilfered not one, but two short yardage TDs from Sanders. Cost me my playoff game. I had Sanders, opponent had Hurts. If Sander gets one of the two TDs I would have won, but no.
  12. Chiefs fan boy

    FU week 15

    Wtf, Arizona. Your playing Detroit!!!!!
  13. Chiefs fan boy

    Playoff Flex Decision

    Gaskin and Parker. It's the Jets.
  14. Chiefs fan boy

    Which RBs

    Currently starting Sony Michel and James Conner. Jeff Wilson and Miles Sanders on the bench. Looking for maximum upside, need some luck here, as I am already in a deep hole with Kelce going off Thursday night against me. Would you swap anyone? Only other choice is the flex position with KJ Osborn in there currently. Kind of like him, but what say you? Full PPR league.
  15. Chiefs fan boy

    Philly RBs

    So after Sanders, who is the one to have, Jordan Howard or Boston Scott? For the rest of year, assuming equal health, which may not be a good assumption given Howard's knee.