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  1. Chiefs fan boy

    Week 16 Huge Cojones Awards

    I did not. Thought very seriously about it, but ultimately started Tannehill. If D. Adams scores 15 on Monday night I still win. Otherwise I will regret not starting Fitzmagic. Although if Carson didn't go down it probably wouldn't have mattered.
  2. Chiefs fan boy

    Championship WR (Pick 2)

    Agree, Perriman and Fuller
  3. Chiefs fan boy

    Colts at Saints: In-Game Discussion

    Time to double team Michael Thomas
  4. Chiefs fan boy

    Saints/Colts...what do you need?

    I had more breathing room right up to the end, then Kupp scored that garbage time TD to pull my opponent into striking distance.
  5. Chiefs fan boy

    Saints/Colts...what do you need?

    1/2 ppr. I am up by 23.5. Nobody left to play for me. Opponent has M Thomas left to play. 2 TDs for Thomas and I am done, his usual 100+ or so yards and one TD and it will be tight. Hopefully the Indie defense shows up.
  6. Chiefs fan boy

    Week 15 Decisions

    Tannehill or Garoppolo? I am rolling with Tannehill for now. Also with Mike Evans going down I need a WR. AJ Brown and Darius Slayton on the roster. Best available FA is Dede Westbrook, who is intriguing with Chark going down. Also both Evans backups, Perriman and Watson are available as FA. I have Slayton in there now with the juicy Miami matchup, but what about going all in on Tennessee and starting Tannehill and AJ Brown?
  7. Chiefs fan boy

    Giants at Eagles: In-Game Discussion

    Now Sanders doesn't even get the goal line carries.
  8. Chiefs fan boy

    WR Help

  9. Chiefs fan boy

    The Official Week 13 FU Thread

    Lots of FUs to go around this week. Kittle of course, the Philly D gave up how many points to Miami? But the winner has to be Darnold. He comes in red hot and cant throw a TD against Cinnci, WTF?
  10. Chiefs fan boy

    Need to secure 4th playoff spot

  11. Chiefs fan boy

    PPR: Fumbles Carson or Miles Sanders

    Sanders for sure, good matchup. Carson's matchup is not good. If he hadn't had fumble problems I would probably still start him, but not with the current situation and Penny waiting in the wings. I own them both and I am sitting Carson and starting Sanders.
  12. Chiefs fan boy

    Shoot me now!!!

    Williams for sure, after that it's a crap shoot. I would probably roll with Mixon but perhaps Shephard.
  13. Chiefs fan boy

    So I still have Josh Allen..What QB week 13

    I dropped Wentz for Darnold. I may grab Wentz again next week, but he is gonna have to have good game, he has not been good lately.
  14. Chiefs fan boy

    Darnold or Cousins? Who at Flex?

    I would start Darnold over Wentz. Wentz has not been good lately, his WRs are all banged up, and he is hurt. Yeah, Wentz has a great matchup but so does Darnold and he has been hot lately.
  15. Chiefs fan boy

    E. Sanders or OBJ?