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    Player you will draft early-ish?

    In a 12 team snake draft, picking 10`th would take him in 1`st round and for sure 2`nd round at pick 11 or 12. G Davis late 5`th and Palmer 12/13`th round .
  2. Lawyersgunzand $

    Player you will draft early-ish?

    D Swift Lions RB, like him taking the next step but per usual, he`s got to stay on the field. Also willing to go a little early on Gabe Davis and Josh Palmer feeling both could enter top 20 WR`s if things go right.
  3. Lawyersgunzand $

    BOLD PREDICTIONS for 2022 Season

    The downward trend continues in Dallas for Elliott. Pollard goes for 1000+ all purpose 50-60 catches and double digit scores.
  4. Lawyersgunzand $

    Mark Ingram Traded to Saints

    I think it`s good news for Kamara. Did you see the Monday nite game, guy touched the ball 30 times and at this pace will have about 320+ carries after never having 200 . 8-10 less carries, including some goal line opportunities, is fine if it means a much fresher Kamara in the second half of games catching passes in open space. The coaching staff seems to have realized their bread and butter is targeting him 8-10 times a game and letting him do his thing.
  5. Lawyersgunzand $

    2nd half breakout

    Hmmmmm, dropping Harris not sure about that take.
  6. Lawyersgunzand $

    Wilson for Hunt

    I .like Wilson too, but RB depth is tough to come by. With a 17 game season think I`d be staying pat for now.
  7. Lawyersgunzand $

    Need 4 of 5 Wr`s

    Hey guys 1 point PPR needing 3 plus flex so 4 out of these 5 WR`s. Metcalf, Deebo, Mike Williams, Cee Dee, MacLauren Wash. Haven`t played Deebo at all this year and it finally cost me last week, thanx for the help !
  8. Lawyersgunzand $

    Super Bowl 55: Chiefs v Buccaneers

    Great game, Tampa Bay earned it. K C o-line banged up but everyone knew that a week ago. Reid/staff have been around for ever and from what I could see made zero adjustments. T B took away Hill, where have we seen that before, and the TB front 4 had Mahomes running for his life all day. The Chiefs have gotten away with this "game plan" many times but yesterday they fell flat. Off season should be very interesting.
  9. Lawyersgunzand $

    Week 12 FU

    M Davis, Kupp and Brian Hill. O U C H !!
  10. Lawyersgunzand $

    Anthony Lynn

    Some of the worst in game decisions I`ve EVER seen yesterday VS the Bills. Not sure which was worse, game or time management. Toss up !
  11. Lawyersgunzand $

    JK Dobbins and Mark Ingram have the COVID

    Well done, let`s wait and see.
  12. Lawyersgunzand $

    Week 10 FU Thread

    Another classic week for my team. Between Metcalf/A Jones/Kupp a solid 28.5 PPR points. 4-6 and fading FAST.
  13. Lawyersgunzand $

    100% GUTLESS (Bill-Raiders) NFL refs

    Y ou`re 100 and 10 percent RIGHT Hater, in fact if that Ref was a Biden guy he would have given him 12 points not just 6. This world is just so UNJUST, it`s not fair !!
  14. Lawyersgunzand $

    The Official Week 3 FU Thread

    A BIG F U to me from the Fantasy Godz. Played against Mike Evans ( 2 catches 2 yards 2 TD`s) Hayden Hurst ( 1 catch 1 yard 1 TD).
  15. Lawyersgunzand $

    Crazy to start gage?

    J J out, Gage looking at 10-12 targets. If he catches only half of those should be a minimum 6/75 and maybe a score.