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  1. OBJ and Boyd and Armisted even though I had to look him up and see who he is. Browns-Bengals could be 45-42 shootout (I hope) and Indy sucking wind and new guy Armisted playing for pride. Good luck.
  2. I'm up in the air on this one. Gut is saying Perriman and Lockett. Wonder what other's think. Thanks!
  3. dodge92

    Lineup help

    Hopkins, Diggs and Scary Terry. Ingram and one of the Vikings unless it is too cloudy on which one will start. Mostert is OK though.
  4. dodge92

    Perriman or McLaurin

    IMHO Perriman vs. Texans better matchup. Plus I'm not trusting in Haskins just yet.
  5. dodge92

    OBJ Is This His Week?

    Well that worked out good Should have started Lockett but still won even though I still have Michael Thomas and Jared Cook tomorrow I'm a Browns fan but I hate the Browns.
  6. Cousins slightly over Manning. I continue to stick by my rule of avoiding players on crappy teams when possible. Yes Manning playing Miami but the same Manning/Giants are apt to get shut out. Too much risk in what is probably your playoffs. I don't really like the other options at all but you might be able to convince me Wentz over Manning but we'll see. Post your final decision if you can. Interested to find out how wrong I was.
  7. dodge92

    TE Help!!!

    I'm thinking about picking up OJ also. I think he's the best option...
  8. dodge92

    OBJ Is This His Week?

    ....or should I just give up on him? Options are Deebo, Pascal, Lockett and DeDe. Thanks!
  9. If he starts tomorrow how much will he play? Aaron Rodgers is my backup and Mayfield and Rivers are FA's. Thoughts?
  10. dodge92

    WR and Flex

    This is what I should have done but I went with OBJ and Ekeler and Ekeler scored what three guys would have and I'm in the Super Bowl.
  11. I like Snell's match-up. Guice is tempting but I try to stay away from lousy teams.
  12. dodge92

    WR and Flex

    I have Michael Thomas at one WR and have these options to fill my other WR and flex: Lockett, OBJ, Ekeler and Pascal. Currently I have Lockett and Ekeler planned but now wondering if OBJ goes off this week. Thoughts?
  13. dodge92

    TE - Cook or Andrews?

    Mark Andrews vs. Bills and Jared Cook vs. SF. Any thoughts? Should I just flip a coin? Thanks in advance!