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    Tell me about your fridge.

    We have a kitchen aid two door at home with a built in ice maker. I am fairly pleased with it but it does tend to leak when the weather is too hot. (Which it always is since we live in FL.)If you live somewhere cooler you might not experience as many problems as we had. I also recently bought a new fridge for my small business. (My family owns a bakery) and we just bought these awesome display fridges as well as some solid two-doors for our bakery. Honestly can't be more pleased with the way they perform. We order it from Australia and at first we thought it was a bad idea but the price was really good and the shipping was not that expensive. https://ianboer.com.au/displays/ They have a good selection as well. We also did a lot of online research and found many positive reviews on these models. Super pleased so far with our purchase. Honestly wish they did not only commercial but private market as well.