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  1. Thanks for the replies! Sorry if this is posted in the wrong thread. I searched the site and this seemed like the only place. I don't mean to overrun a thread or site, but getting this kind of information is extremely helpful to what I'm trying to create and I'm dropping a line in every fantasy football forum/outlet I can find. It's insane how helpful this info is with investors, etc. so I appreciate any responses that I can get. This is my first time ever posting on this site as I just discovered it a couple days ago. Sorry if something like this has been brought into the forum in the past, I promise it wasn't me haha! Thanks again!
  2. Greetings FFToday! I'm currently hard at work with a web developer creating a brand new fantasy football website that combines the best of season-long and DFS, to create something fresh and exciting for our industry. As this site is built by fantasy football players, for fantasy football players, we want your input! Below is a link to a very short google form survey that will help us shape this website to meet all of your fantasy football needs. If you want to be included in our beta testing and receive exclusive promo codes towards free contests, please leave your email address at the bottom of the survey. Thanks to you all!