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    Keeper League (First time/year)

    My league of ten years decided last year to start a 2 player keeper league. I now have about two weeks to make some decisions and really need some advice. I have a 10 team PPR league on ESPN. 8 starters 6 bench team. Must play QB, RB(2), WR(1), WR/TE(1), Flex(1), D, K. Apparently we can save 0-2 players from last season(would not get to pick the first or second rounds of draft depending on how many I save). If we all save two, that could mean the top 20 players removed from draft before it even starts. I already know I will have the 5th pick in the draft and it is snake format. I have done well in my league and tend to draft 1 if not two RB's in the first two rounds of draft. My third round would then prob be WR, unless I saw value RB still not taken. I like my RB's. Looking at my roster from last year and comparing it to an ADP list, I have Tyreek Hill WR ADP 10, Nick Chub RB ADP 12, and Austin Ekeler RB ADP 19 are all that I have within what is considered the top 20 players by ADP. I am leaning towards keeping Tyreek Hill and Nick Chub but never doing this format before and being uncomfortable picking a WR in either the first or second round normally I am wondering what you fine folks with more experience would consider.