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  1. Boots11234

    When demand > supply

    Leftism is a mental illness.
  2. Boots11234

    Chicago is going to push section 8 into higher income areas

    Or a prime example depending on who you ask
  3. Boots11234

    SiriusXM Yikes

    Sucker. I got it for 3.99 a month!
  4. Boots11234

    Talk about physical fitness

    I have afib and can’t run but that doesn’t stop me from walking. I walk 5 miles a day. Everyday. My current streak is 383 days. I need to change my diet and get back in the gym 4x a week. Son is 14 and wants to start lifting. still a fatty but hope to drop about 40 over the summer.
  5. Boots11234

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    Anyone go a good link saying masks don’t work? Buddy swears by them. Told him he’s a moron
  6. Boots11234

    Sh!t to Do Before You Are Too Old List...

    Travel. Bone as many women as you can.
  7. Boots11234

    Queue the mass shootings

    Good cat video
  8. Trap shooting. Sex doesn’t matter in this sport. My daughter kicks my ass everyone we shoot.
  9. Boots11234

    Police shooting...get ready for outrage and riots...

    Watched first time on phone. Looked like stick in her hand. Watched again, pick axe. Got what she deserved.
  10. Boots11234

    Police shooting...get ready for outrage and riots...

    Looks like she had a stick?
  11. Boots11234

    Police shooting...get ready for outrage and riots...

    Seemed a bit excessive IMO
  12. Boots11234

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    The border is a focking mess. Wow. Even if you want more immigration, this surely isn’t the way to do it.
  13. Boots11234

    Breakfast Cereal Top Five

    Fortified Oat Flakes. Winner.