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  1. Boots11234

    Biden should absolutely not debate trump.

    He banished Corn Pop if I’m not mistaken this saving the patrons at the pool.
  2. Boots11234

    Man dies after encounter with Minneapolis Police

    Now the Mayor and Governor are at each others throats trying to pass the blame.
  3. Boots11234

    Biden should absolutely not debate trump.

    Cant agree more with this.
  4. Boots11234

    Let’s talk antifa

    No. Her said her went to college remember. Bet he can tell us how many genders there are though.
  5. Boots11234

    Teachers union to support strike

    Exactly. Teachers don’t want to be exposed? Well no one does yet I bet that teacher goes to the grocery store thus raising his risk. The grocery worker doesn’t want to be exposed either but needs to pay rent.
  6. Boots11234

    Lotus Evora Dilema

    She’s probably right about your boozin. Read david cars book: how to quit drinking or something like that. Will put you in the right frame of mind. I was a heavy drinker since college, read the book four years ago and haven’t had a drop since. Quit cold turkey. Enjoy the car sounds awesome!
  7. Boots11234

    Lotus Evora Dilema

    I’ve kicked around the Elise for the last couple of years. Still may pull the trigger but at 50 might be tough getting in and out.
  8. True however I didnt say marriage material but Thors hammer material.
  9. Click twitter link, scroll down see gorilla Bush.
  10. Wood still smash with the might of Thor’s mighty hammer. You see dem nips. She looked like doing what she was doing aroused her.
  11. Liberals are poosays Conservatives get poosay
  12. Boots11234

    The stuff nightmares are made of.

    Opened expecting to see picture of AOC.
  13. What was that crazy hoe in the middle doing with her hand?
  14. Good Buddy of mine is a Minneapolis cop, he hates going to these types of calls. They do have team already for this however the police still need to be there. Crazy people are the worst as the police dont want to hurt them but sometimes they have no choice.