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  1. Speaking of Jewish stereotypes, they sure do produce some hot women. Especially the ones with eastern European lineage.
  2. Goggins

    Guess when Ruth Bader Ginsburg will die

    Ruth Bader Ginsberg says the president should do his job and nominate and the senate should do their job and vote. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/flashback-in-2016-ginsburg-senate-election-year-vacancy Better honor the woman's wishes.
  3. BLM commits multiple felonies breaking into and burning down businesses. Bar owner and his dad are attacked by BLM animals while defending their business. BLM animal chokes bar owner, bar owner shoots animal, animal dies. Dead animal was a 3 time offender (armed robbery, rape, strangulation) at age of 22. Initially ruled self defense, no charges. Other BLM animals riot, coerce Omaha into appointing racist special prosecutor and racist grand jury who charge bar owner with a bunch of made up bull shite. Bail set at $1,000,000. Gofundme shuts down all fundraisers for bar owner. Bar owner commits suicide. The good thing that will come out of BLM and their terrorism is Trump gets another 4 years and then these animals are put down. Through legal mechanisms if our DOJ has a set of balls, or through civil war. There are millions of people who love this country and are willing to fight for it against these racist, violent, marxist terrorists. Sad that we have to endure billions in property damage, thousands of lives ruined, and dozens of murders to get to that point.
  4. Goggins

    What is your favorite Bill Murray movie

    Probably Kingpin, although he was not a lead so not sure if that counts. If not, Scrooged or Groundhog Day. Gun to head to pick one, Groundhog Day. Looking through his IMDB he really hasn't done jack shite since 2003 that appeals to me.
  5. You don't come across as the informed type, so I'll recommend you the same article I recommended that Chinese guy. History is on the side of the Republicans in 2020 and it was in 2016 as well. https://www.nationalreview.com/2020/08/history-is-on-the-side-of-republicans-filling-a-supreme-court-vacancy-in-2020/ * and there are dozens of videos and tweets out there of everyone screaming now about how Trump "must wait" back in 2016 those same people were saying "you can't wait! constitution demands a justice!". Yes the Republicans have also switched sides of the argument this go around so if you are going to call one side hypocrites you must call the other side hypocrites. Then when you are done with the histrionics you take a look at the precedent over the last 244 years and see that history does in fact support the Republicans in both 2016 and 2020
  6. The only problem with him is that once he is dead (sooner than later hopefully) his son takes over. Best option is to declare him a terrorist, shove a JAGM up his arse, and seize his assets. Trump has laid out some executive orders over the last few years to make that legally possible. If George was smart he would disappear to some place like Argentina.
  7. Goggins

    Instant Fantasy Analysis - QB Joe Burrow, Bengals

    Through 2 games: 4 TOT TD, 509 yds Extrapolate to 16 games: 32 TOT TD, 4072 yds
  8. Goggins

    Flex starter

    Well when you put it like that... I had Hines in the flex spot all week but with waiver wire pickups (new toy syndrome) and injuries changing game scripts (49s and Titans) I started overthinking things. Forgot I scooped up Goedert this week, would you rank Hines > Goedert for wk 2? I should thank this board for giving me a heads up on Hines, Robinson, and Shenault who were all picked up at the end of the draft or waivers prior to week 1, saving me a ton of $faab and providing instant depth.
  9. Goggins

    Guess when Ruth Bader Ginsburg will die

    https://www.nationalreview.com/2020/08/history-is-on-the-side-of-republicans-filling-a-supreme-court-vacancy-in-2020/ @titans&bucs&bearsohmy! and anyone else who wonders how the current situation and the 2016 situation have been historically decided, this article (written in August) lays out all of the scenarios of a judicial appointment during an election year and how they played out. History is on the side of the Republicans now and in 2016. Pretty informative article, it should be required reading for anyone who cares about this or tweets about it.
  10. Goggins

    Flex starter

    I'd roll with Harry, Pats are going to need a lot of points to keep up so Cam should air it out more than week 1. I am also making a flex decision, 1 ppr: N Hines J Robinson L Shenault B Aiyuk Robinson probably has the highest floor, Hines and Aiyuk the highest ceiling. Tempted to roll with Aiyuk because of the 49s injuries, and he'd be the most exciting to watch. Any thoughts? (Also have N Harry but I'd rank him below the other options above)
  11. Goggins

    Guess when Ruth Bader Ginsburg will die

    That is the real issue. Mitch did not want to put Republican senators from moderate states on record in an election year. Vote no they may lose support from moderates. Vote yes they may lose support from conservatives. The outcome was already decided, Garland would have been rejected 100%. So Mitch's decision did not affect the court (no seat was "stolen"), but it did set the table for the shite show we see today. It will be entertaining to see all of the videos of today's Republicans saying the exact same things as Democrats in 2016 and vice versa. At the end of the day though, Trump has the constitution on his side, and his party controls the senate which means a justice would get confirmed if nominated.
  12. Goggins

    Guess when Ruth Bader Ginsburg will die

    If she had any integrity she would have retired in 2019 after her 4th cancer diagnosis at age 85. Remember that SOTU when she couldn't even hold her head up? She has been a bag of bones for 2.5 years. The mere fact she wouldn't retire because she wanted a say in her replacement shows how political she was. Because of that, fock her and fock anyone who tries to compare this to Scalia. She had plenty of time to retire with dignity and prevent a national crisis during an election. Also, Scalia died from an unexpected "heart attack", he did not milk the bench for 3+ years while barely functioning and incapable of performing his duties.
  13. Goggins

    Guess when Ruth Bader Ginsburg will die

    She was appointed by Clinton in 1993. She had colon cancer in 1999. She had pancreatic cancer in 2009. She had a stent put in in 2014. At this point she was 81 years old and had already served 21 years on the bench. If she was concerned about her replacement she should have stepped down prior to the 2014 midterms and allowed Obama to nominate and the Democratic controlled Senate to confirm her replacement. But she did not, she chose to roll the dice because she wanted to stay on the bench. Then in late 2018 she fell and broke some ribs and they found lung cancer. The summer of 2019 she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Then in May 2020 she was diagnosed again with cancer. She could have easily stepped down for health reasons in 2018, 2019, or even May 2020 and allowed the confirmation process to be carried out well before the election. But no, either for personal reasons or external pressure she refused to step down, and now she has put the country in a potential crisis.
  14. Goggins

    Guess when Ruth Bader Ginsburg will die

    It sounds like this needs to be clarified for the casual observers. In 2016, Obama was a Democratic president. The Senate was controlled by Republicans, because the American people spoke in 2014 and voted them in to a 54-46 majority. We have 3 branches of government to provide checks and balances, and the American people voted overwhelmingly for Republicans to control one of the houses of Congress to provide a check on Obama after 6 years of his presidency. The president only nominates a justice, the senate confirms the justice. There has not been a confirmation by the senate of an opposing party president's nominee during an election year since the 1880s. (I don't know how many times that specific scenario has come up, but it is a fact). Given the 54-46 makeup of the senate it is reasonable to assume Garland would not have been confirmed. McConnell merely exercised the rights granted to the senate in the constitution. Was it a dik move? Sure. Was it unprecedented or unethical or illegal? Absolutely not. It was not a "we won't confirm a judge during an election year" stance by McConnell, it was a "we will not confirm a judge from the opposing party in an election year, for a lame duck president much less, as has been tradition for the last 135 years". Currently the president, Trump, is a Republican (and running for a second term) and Republicans control the senate. Because of that distinction, this is nothing like the Garland situation. Despite how emotional the talking heads and chinese bots on twitter get over this, facts are facts, fock their feelings.
  15. Goggins

    Guess when Ruth Bader Ginsburg will die

    Collins coming in hot