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  1. Goggins

    Queue the mass shootings

    2 mass shootings in 2 weeks, one an Antifa supporter, the other a radical Trump hater. Will the media and lefty politicians be held accountable for spreading hatred and division, calling for violence over the last 5 years? They obviously inspired these acts of terrorism. This CO massacre is particularly bad for the lunatics on the left. Shooter was Syrian refugee. Shooter was on FBI radar. Shooter passed background check to buy gun. Shooter was Arab and killed 10 white people, obviously a hate crime. Basically every propaganda talking point used by the left over the last 10 years was destroyed in 5 minutes. * Wasn't there some loser here who proudly posted in every muslim terrorist attack thread that there had never been a refugee who killed an american? Womp womp.
  2. Goggins

    protesters tear down barricades and storm US Capitol

    BLM Antifa guy arrested today, his discord showing coordinated plans to storm the Capitol and frame Trump supporters. Dis ninja gonna get butt raped in federal prison. https://mobile.twitter.com/jessiprincey/status/1349914721252761600 And to the surprise of nobody, Anderson Cooper had this terrorist on CNN and was draining his balls the day after the "insurrection".
  3. Goggins

    protesters tear down barricades and storm US Capitol

    Trump and Rudy handed them out at the rally. Then the violent rioters carried them 1.5 miles to the Capitol.
  4. Goggins

    protesters tear down barricades and storm US Capitol

    It matters because for 100 days the left encouraged violence across America. That resulted in billions of dollars in damages and 30+ dead, including 3 assassinated law enforcement and 2 assassinated citizens for their political beliefs (not died from a stroke hours after being hit with a fire extinguisher, but executed with a bullet to the brain or chest). Tried to burn down a federal building with law enforcement inside. The same people clutching their pearls now not only encouraged that behavior, they glorified it. Raised a billion dollars off of it. Paid the bail for the people arrested. Got charges dropped. Hailed them as heroes. Now, a few dozen people with ill intentions and a few hundred innocent bystanders caught up in the excitement (and based on the response to the summer of Burn Loot Murder likely did not think anything would happen to them) entered the Capitol and ....... took selfies. Nobody was attacked, nothing was burned, nothing was looted. And the swamp rats are pretending it was an insurrection. Trying to lump that feisty field trip of a few hundred with the hundreds of thousands of people who attended the Trump rally 1.5 miles away and had nothing to do with the Capitol. Now the Nazis in charge are stripping people of their first and second amendment rights, putting them on no fly lists, getting them fired from their jobs, and calling them domestic terrorists despite having nothing to do with the handful of bad apples who were part of a different event. Charge the people who broke the law, but quit pretending this was some sort of assault on our "democracy".
  5. Goggins

    protesters tear down barricades and storm US Capitol

    First off, I'd like to welcome our new deranged mob. Apparently y'all were in hiding, or too busy burning down cities and assassinating people who disagreed with you, and couldn't be bothered frequent the Geek Club the last few years. Nice to have some fresh meat after Shotard and Saints vanished when Kavanaugh was appointed to scotus (while enduring mobs of violent protesters who entered the Capitol and beat on the doors of the Supreme Court) As for polifact, thanks for bringing them up. In their words (interesting how the narrative changes when you delete all of their opinions and only stick to facts): Sullivan confirmed to PolitiFact that he entered the building with the rioters, and that he is in the photographs shown as part of the Facebook post. PolitiFact reviewed Sullivan’s video of the mob into the Capitol and Babbitt’s shooting. It doesn’t show Sullivan clearly engaged in the violence or leading the run up to the Capitol, although it does show him animated as he spoke with police and rioters from the frontlines. At points in the video, Sullivan can be heard telling others he was only filming and discouraging violence. At other points, he appeared to encourage what was happening. As rioters scaled a wall outside, for example, he cheered them on. "We did this s---, together," he said after the barricades came down. "This is f------ history. We’re all a part of this f------ history." "Let’s burn this s--- down," Sullivan can be heard saying on the video before heading inside. He told Deseret News he was trying to blend in. Sullivan spoke with police and FBI agents Jan. 7 about the shooting he witnessed, he said. "You could say if I were going to be arrested, they would’ve done so," he said. (Lol, that aged well) Social media users have linked Sullivan to antifa and Black Lives Matter because of his past protest history and social media activity. His Twitter accounts have frequently used #antifa, #blm, and other anti-Trump or anti-police hashtags, PolitiFact found. The cover photo for one of his accounts advertised a Jan. 6 Insurgence USA event to "Kick These Fascists Out of DC." At a small August rally in Washington, D.C., he described the need to "rip" Trump out of office, according to Fox News. Photos highlighted on his personal website show him holding a firearm. Sullivan faces criminal charges related to a June 29 protest in Provo, Utah, according to public records. Deseret News reported that he helped organize the event and was seen on recordings kicking and threatening drivers while directing protesters to block intersections. In summary: - incited violence at Capitol - verbal threats against Trump previously - uses Antifa and BLM hashtags - already under criminal investigation in UT for organizing a violent protest and on video kicking people - pictured on social media with a firearm Politifact verdict: innocent
  6. Goggins

    Trump may preemptively pardon the cabal

    Looks like the Dems are projecting, yet again: https://www.chicagotribune.com/sns-clinton-pardons-analysis-story.html For those too lazy to read, Bill Clinton took millions from the wife of fugitive Marc Rich and pardoned him on his last day in office. Trigger warning: the article is from the good ol days when media actually reported facts instead of anonymous sources and opinions.
  7. Goggins

    *Official 2020 Election Thread*

    Not even the most deranged Trump haters believe that Sleepy Senile Groping Joe got more votes than Black Jesus. Everyone knows this election was a fraud. Karma is a biotch. Whether it is through the courts, through the state legislatures, or through the 2nd Amendment justice will be served. Trump won the popular vote and 400+ EVs. Facts. Anyone who participated in the fraud (politicians, media, citizens, foreign agents) deserves to be lined up on the National Mall and receive a bullet to the brain. Thanks to Trump's recent proposal that could be a reality.
  8. Goggins

    Xanax, etc

    Xanax alone makes you feel good Xanax and THC makes you feel great Xanax and 6+ alcoholic beverages makes you black out If you want to get a DWI or get in bar fights or ruin relationships then eat/snort some bars and pound bourbon
  9. Goggins

    *Official 2020 Election Thread*

    States refusing to count their votes and declare a winner: GA: Dem Governor NC: Dem Governor PA: Dem Governor MI: Dem Governor WI: Dem Governor Trump is winning in all of these states, in any other election year they would have been called and concession/acceptance speeches would have been delivered. Democrats deserve every bit of retribution and pain they have coming.
  10. Goggins

    *Official 2020 Election Thread*

    You are quite the gaping vagina.
  11. Goggins

    *Official 2020 Election Thread*

    Outstanding: NV, AZ, GA, NC, PA, MI, WI Trump leads in GA, NC, PA, WI, MI Biden leads in AZ, NV Trump needs WI, MI, PA to win. NC is already at 99.2% of eligible voters counted, anything more would indicate fraud. GA, PA, MI are sandbagging votes in their capital cities. Many paths for Trump, Biden needs to steal multiple states. Trump wins. Democrats refuse to concede. Courts, riots, violence. America loses.
  12. Goggins

    *Official 2020 Election Thread*

    Every vote matters this year. CA, OR, and WA are primed to flip.
  13. Goggins

    *Official 2020 Election Thread*

    Landslide for Trump. Dems will be holding out hope they can manufacture mail in ballots after the fact in PA and NC, but Trump will be at 300+ without those states. Media won't declare Trump the winner but Americans will know. Riots start in Philly and DC.
  14. Goggins

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    After using COVID hysteria to fuel their junk mail in ballots for all campaign for the last 6 months the CDC now comes out on election eve and says that it is perfectly safe to vote in person if you have COVID. https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2020/11/03/covid-coronavirus-updates/ I despise them for using COVID hysteria to try and tank the economy, create division, and steal an election; but the backfire will be glorious. They only have themselves to blame.