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    12-Team PPR Dynasty: Progressives Only!

    Only three spots left!
  2. Capn Obvious

    12-Team PPR Dynasty: Progressives Only!

    You must have me confused with someone else.
  3. I'm looking to add one more dynasty league and get to know some fantastic people in the process. If you politically identify as progressive, you'd be a great fit for this league, which should be a fun, enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Feeling stuck in a toxic league in which you've invested a lot of your time is a pretty miserable situation and unfortunately all-too-common occurrence in fantasy; you should both expect and help effect a respectful environment with a healthy amount of playful trash talk. Women, POC, and members of the LGBQTIA+ community are more than welcome! This year will be free due to COVID-19, but we will certainly discuss making future seasons paid (I fully anticipate doing so at around $20, but we can figure out what works best for everyone). The league setup might be slightly different than that to which you're accustomed, but should generally feel pretty familiar; scoring will be fairly standard aside from a few small tweaks (a point for a 100-yard rushing/receiving game and a point every 20 completions) and defensive scoring adjustments to make the D/ST slot more consistent, appealing, and reflective of actual NFL success, and the postseason matchups for teams who miss the playoffs should prove more fun and meaningful than usual. We'll hold the slow startup draft (from which rookies will be separate) on FleaFlicker, then transfer over to ESPN for the league itself. Entry to the league and all league correspondence (including the Rookie Draft, the order of which will be transparently randomized after the conclusion of the startup draft for a little extra intrigue) will be hosted on Discord (https://discord.gg/XujsZy9). Other logistics: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, 3 FLEX, D/ST Waivers 16 Bench (26 roster spots total) 4 IR (for COVID-19; we can adjust that number in the future) Draft start date TBD, but likely in the next week or so If you're interested, join the Discord posted above, and we'll get started!