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    FU Thread: Championship Edition

    Huge FU's go out to my whole team: Hurts: not bad but those turnovers Chubb: what a time to do squat Hopkins, DK Metcalf, Corey Davis: See Chubb The final hugest FU goes to a friend who dropped out just before the draft that forced me to have to draft a 2nd team/sell it week 2... this team, the ONLY team to beat me in reg season and you guessed it, the team that snagged the ship from me. Josh Allen, Carson, Dalvin Cook, D. Montgomery, DaVante Adams and Calvin Ridley foundation to work around all year. I built the only team that beat me, so FU TO ME! (mini rant over)
  2. TheReign5136

    Championship lineup help

    First off, thank you to all who answered last week and helped so (Insert Bernie Sanders meme) I am once again asking for your help setting the last lineup for all the dough. (initial leanings listed in bold/italics) QB: Jalen Hurts, Justin Herbert 2 RB: Chubb, Fournette, Gallman 3 WR: Hopkins, Corey Davis, Rashard Higgins, DK Metcalf, Juju TE: Andrews, Tonyan Def: Colts, Browns Looks like the Hurts/Herbert question is popular this week, do I have the guts and/or stupidity to sit Metcalf? and Colts or Browns? Help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks
  3. (initial favs in Bold) Need 1 RB: Gallman vs Cle, Fournette vs ATL, or Zeke(ugh) vs SF Best 3 WR: Hopkins vs Phi, Metcalf vs Wash, Corey Davis vs Det, Tyron Johnson vs LV, JuJu vs Cin, Boyd vs Pit 1 TE: Tonyan vs Car, Andrews vs Jax Def: Cle vs NYG or Ind vs Hou Help would be appreciated
  4. TheReign5136

    Week 12 FU

    FU to Brady and his garbage time points, Zeke and Brandon Allen(for killing Boyd's productivity).
  5. TheReign5136

    Week 9 FU

    FU to Jackson but in honesty... FU to ME as my opposition was a team I had to draft and sell off, my 1st loss was to basically myself (Josh Allen, Dalvin Cook, DaVante Adams and "luckily" Ridley, Carson and Golladay on IA)
  6. TheReign5136

    Week 9 RB starts?

  7. TheReign5136

    Week 9 RB starts?

  8. TheReign5136

    Week 9 RB starts?

    Which 2 to start? Lindsay vs ATL Jackson vs LV D. Dallas vs Buf R. Jones vs NO Thinking Jackson and Dallas but would love another opinion, Lindsay is next choice and I have Jones but Fournette finally taking over? Thanks P.S. late thanks for all who helped on my QB question a few weeks back
  9. TheReign5136

    Which QB to drop?

    Need to drop a QB for waiver pickups, who's the odd man out between Herbert, Minshew and Brees?
  10. TheReign5136

    Week 6 FU

    This and add Indy D