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  1. hill2619

    Which of these two WR to keep

    i like sanders. he has to share for targets but that is a high-powered offense. so between shepard and sanders i'd go sanders long tem.
  2. bad weather in pitt today. i was planning on starting claypool from PITT today. He gets some rushes so he could be good with a gadget play. but i also have parker (mia vc lac) and sanders (no vs sf) I like claypool the best all things even. I don't trust parker yet with the new QB, and lots of weapons in NO. Thoughts? edit - standard yahoo league, NOT PPR.
  3. hill2619

    WINDY Weekend - 11/15 ..

    thanks for this info! i'm still playing rogers at QB but i may look to change out my pitt wr.....
  4. i'm a player where i like to draft a kicker and defense and just let it go. I know the rams d is good for real football, but for fantasy they don't create a lot of turnovers and defensive tds. but they seem to be really taking a hit in the rankings both this week and for the rest of the year. what am i missing?
  5. hill2619

    choose 2 (out of 4)

    i think i actually like sanders and samuel. in PPR i wouldn't go with a TE like cook. he'll get TD looks mostly.
  6. hill2619

    Need 1 WR PPR

    tough call but i'd say cooks in PPR. too many weapons in TB.
  7. hill2619

    Week 9 RB starts?

    its unanimous, jackson and dallas.
  8. McCaffrey is back! But i have a choice between him and Robinson from Jax. They are close in every ranking i look at. How can i sit the cheat code???
  9. hill2619

    Ekeler update??

    I've been stashing fournette on my bench all year. I hope it starts paying off soon. I'm positive on him and I don't even play in a ppr league.
  10. hill2619

    Rogers this week

    I'm in a 8 team league, which I know is weak, but it's friends and more important than any other I'd do. Several are Vikings fans and so let their hatred of the Packers cloud their judgment. So I have mahomes and Aaron Rogers. I actually started Rogers the last two weeks with Jones out and Adams back. I was a genius last week, not so much this week. That said, Rogers still did well and I won. Wondering thoughts on Rogers this week. Likely without both rbs on depth chart. I'm thinking Rogers again a great play but it's a little nuts benching mahomes. Thoughts? I hate Thursday decisions!