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    Draft Buddy problem with Keepers

    I have I have put in my keepers but they are not removing them from the draft board and not adding them to the rosters. What do I need to do?
  2. divrdwn69

    Draft Buddy problem with Keepers

    Mike: It is selected as yes.
  3. divrdwn69

    TE keeper

    I used one of my keepers to keep Darren Waller using my 6th round pick. Also kept TJ Hockenson at my 15th round pick. What are you thoughts? We have to hold two TE.
  4. divrdwn69

    TE keeper

    AxeElf I am also not a very good writer. LOL!!
  5. divrdwn69

    TE keeper

    No! I wanted to know if people think it was a good move or not. My league has a rule that you can't keep players that were drafted in the first 4 rounds. If you originally drafted them and want to keep them, they take the round you drafted them the previous year. Free agents occupy the 5th round pick. They players I had left were free agents and some drafted players that have projected lower ADP then what they would hold on my roster. Those two players seemed to be great keepers for their draft positions they would hold this year. Just wanted to know what people thought,