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  1. This will be the leagues 3rd year. It is a 18 team guillotine league. There is no h2h but instead every week the team with the lowest amount of points is eliminated. The eliminated teams entire roster will be put on the waiver wire and available for all remaining teams. Entry fee: $65 Draft: tbd Trades allowed Money stored and paid through leaguesafe Waivers: FAAB ($2000 budget/team) Site: yahoo Prizes: 1st $550 2nd $245 Weekly Prizes(through week 15) 1st $25 We are considering a week 1 insurance play. Where each team pays 4 bucks and if they lose week 1 they get their money back. This is up in the air but something we are considering If interested or if you have questions reply on here or email rstezar@yahoo.com
  2. Rstezar

    Anyone drafting tonight?

    Got a 18 team guillotine $65 pays out 1st 2nd and weekly $25 to first. Draft at 830 est