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  1. Emerson's Boozers

    Justice Hill

    Does anyone think Justice Hill will have an impact this year? Baltimore's running game is not very scary other than Lamar Jackson. He will end up hurt if he keeps running like he is.
  2. Emerson's Boozers

    Kaepernick pens a letter to the jets

    People seem to forget he was washed up and pouting on the bench when he was still in the league. Way too late to bring him back now. Jets have dug a hole. Now just live in it. Use your high first round pick next year to draft another loser qb,
  3. Emerson's Boozers

    Aaron Rodgers

    Packers end up with draft picks and a new starting quarterback that looks good so far. Jets end up with nothing. Feel so sorry for those New York fans. Not!!!
  4. Emerson's Boozers

    BOLD PREDICTIONS for 2022 Season

    Aaron Rodgers wins his third straight MVP award. Distributing the ball evenly among his receivers will lead to his best season ever.
  5. Just based on the fact that the Chicago Bears have no idea how to evaluate quarterback talent, I would have to say yes.
  6. Emerson's Boozers

    Green Bay WR’s…

    The packers have gone 7-0 in games that Davante Adams has missed since 2019. I am not saying they are better off without him. I am just saying that they still have Aaron Rogers on the team. They will be adding wide receivers thru the draft, as free agents, and possibly thru a trade. Could end up being a more balanced team. I would not panic yet packer fans.
  7. Emerson's Boozers

    Giants Sign Former Texans' Dual-Threat QB

    Since 2019, Packers have gone 7-0 in games that Davante Adams has missed. Not saying they are a better team without him. Just saying they still have Aaron Rogers at quarterback. Also, was never a huge fan of MVS. He was hurt a lot throughout his career and not real reliable. The packers will add receivers thru the draft, free agency, and maybe a trade. I think they will be alright next season. All is not lost packer fans.
  8. Emerson's Boozers

    Colts trade Carson Wentz to Commanders

    The Not For Long (NFL) league strikes again.
  9. Emerson's Boozers

    49ers at Packers: Divisional Discussion

    I question the advantage of being a # 1 seed in this case. The packers are a passing team and a cold day in Lambeau Field does not work in their favor. It actually worked out great for San Francisco. A running team who likes to play smash mouth football. Last time Green Bay won a Super Bowl they were a wild card team in 2010. Just saying.
  10. Emerson's Boozers

    Zeke Wk 13: who to believe??

    Pretty obvious that Pollard is the more explosive running back. Maybe time for Jerry to swallow his pride and give him more playing time and his high priced running back less.
  11. Emerson's Boozers

    Are you playoff bound? Why or why not?

    Started out as top scoring team in our league for the first 6 weeks. Since then, Mahomes has become erratic, lost D. Henry, Logan Thomas, and now D. Cook. Will be holding on for my life to make the playoffs now but still have a chance.
  12. Emerson's Boozers

    Detroit Lions

    Pathetic team with a pathetic history. They could eliminate the entire team and would be no worse off next year. Replace Matt Stafford with Goff and this is exactly what everyone thought would happen.
  13. Emerson's Boozers

    What you need MNF - if you need that is

    Need 6 touchdowns from Mahomes to tie. Yeah I know I'm toast.