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    Pick 3 -Week 2

    1/2 PPR Please PICK 3 to start - all difficult matchups: ELLIOT vs Cinn, J.ROBINSON vs Indy, ENTIENNE JR vs Indy, METCALF vs SF, PENNY vs SF Thank you
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    True, I could of done that... and risk losing him to waivers... So keep Claypool ok - stream TE... ( so drop Knox for best matchup ) . So who do like best for ROS - Henry, Knox, Njuku,...
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    Well, in situations where the another TEhas a better match. In the Bills / Rams game, I had no choice but to start Knox even knowing it was a bad matchup.
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    Thoughts on Claypool ... Drop for a 2nd TE. ? Here are my WRs - G,DAVIS, DJ MOORE, METCALF, E.MOORE - CLAYPOOL I have . D KNOX.... but available are H.Henry , NJoku, Fant, Albert O . I like Henry & NJoku. Thinking of dropping Claypool or even Knox for one or both of those TEs.. - or should I just stay with Claypool. What do you think ?