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  1. Mayorkas is a spineless puppet. Same as the rest of this administration.
  2. Our only hope is to restore the nuclear family. Our culture and values are manipulated by money and those with power. Until we can see and acknowledge this, we're treading water and slowly drowning.
  3. The Biden standup comedy hour continues. Its going to be a week of blaming Christians and Republicans.
  4. EXCLUSIVE: Nashville mass school shooter Audrey Hale was rejected by her Christian parents who 'couldn't accept' she was gay and trans - as cops reveal she also planned to shoot relatives Nashville school shooter Audrey Hale's parents 'couldn't accept' she was gay and trans | Daily Mail Online
  5. Is there any evidence the AR was even used? Every video and in the final shot the gunwoman had the keltec in her hand.
  6. Ultra Max Power

    Onside Kick -vs- 4th & 20

    I like the idea of a single 20 yard play to get the ball back in the 4th quarter. It would be more entertaining than the onside kick and should make games a bit closer.
  7. Unfortunately the Taliban is now the official government of Afghanistan and those vehicles belong to the government. So we're SOL. On the flip side to make things worse, Russia has offered to buy most of the inventory not being utilized. Afghanistan needs money, so its only a matter a time before the deal happens.
  8. Ultra Max Power

    Anyone here buy gold or silver?

    Bullets are cheaper.
  9. She brought an AR-15, but from the videos she was using mostly a kel-tec sub2000 9mm. But I'm sure the AR is gonna get all the play.
  10. That was a very well done clearing operation. I've done a couple CQB clearing classes and those guys were on point. Couple crossing into lines of fire, but under the circumstances I can understand. All in all that was amazing work by the police.
  11. So republicans have to explain this shooting now? Yesterday libs wouldn't even acknowledge a link.
  12. Ultra Max Power

    Guns: The No. 1 cause of death for U.S. children

    Technically its congenital abnormalities.
  13. Video from the school. Metro Nashville PD on Twitter: "Active shooter Audrey Elizabeth Hale drove to Covenant Church/School in her Honda Fit this morning, parked, and shot her way into the building. She was armed with 2 assault-type guns and a 9 millimeter pistol. https://t.co/mIk2pDmCwQ" / Twitter
  14. Let the weapon identify how it wants.
  15. Ultra Max Power

    Guns: The No. 1 cause of death for U.S. children

    I mean its just the truth. The study groups in 18 and 19 year olds as "Children". I'm guessing that was the bump they needed to get the headline.
  16. Ultra Max Power

    Guns: The No. 1 cause of death for U.S. children

    How would the first be solved with a national database? The problem is that we find out people do those things listed and aren't being punished for them. Enforce laws on the books. Then lets talk about how those didn't work.
  17. Tell that to ABC news who linked the two ideas. You're acting like its some outrageous idea when our MSM has already speculated it.
  18. Ultra Max Power

    Guns: The No. 1 cause of death for U.S. children

    Lying on a firearm background check, losing your gun in public, possessing a firearm while using controlled substances should all be starters.
  19. Confirms it...no. However ABC news reported the shooter was Trans and immediately began discussing the anti trans legislation passed recently because in their eyes there could easily be a connection. They aren''t reporting month old news out of the blue for no reason.
  20. Ultra Max Power

    Guns: The No. 1 cause of death for U.S. children

    can we run the numbers again without gang violence?
  21. There has been reporting that she was a former student of that school. Police has also speculated she chose the school due to it having minimal security.
  22. the link was already posted in this thread.