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  1. FrancieFootball

    So how do the Dems eliminate Biden?

    Hoping that reminder will be him trying to campaign while under house arrest following his felony convictions.
  2. FrancieFootball

    What do we make of Derrick Henry moving forward?

    This coupled with him being at that age at which running backs typically decline prompted me to pass on him during my draft this year. That didn't really work out well for me, either, because I picked Chubb over him.
  3. FrancieFootball

    Travis Kelce boo boo.

    Just a hyperextension and no damage. Status unknown for Week 1, but this could have ruined my team had it been an ACL tear or something.
  4. I strongly agree with these two points. 1.) The trans community's power needs to be executed in the board room and ballot box, not through library readings and outlandish behavior at public events. We don't take our kids to go see that nonsense. It's the trans equivalent of rednecks flying the Confederate flag, getting into drunken brawls and having a wet T-shirt contest at an ATV rally. 2.) I'm sure there are transgender people who are pedophiles, but I've never heard of one. Those who cast the pedophile blanket over the trans community are ignorant, uneducated and most likely on the extreme far right.
  5. This team was a mess.
  6. FrancieFootball

    2023 Draft - Best Players to draft early. Who is a lock?

    I'm high this year on Lamb and Chubb. We get to keep one, an I've both those guys. The guy who has Ekeler also has Chase. I have the No. 2 pick, so I'll keep Chubb in hopes that I might get Chase with my first pick. If he gets the No. 1 pick, I'll just go with Lamb and go RB-WR in rounds 2 and 3 unless a top-tier QB is available.
  7. FrancieFootball

    Bounceback Players

    We shall see, but I'm sticking to my guns on this one.
  8. James Taylor does not, sir.
  9. FrancieFootball

    Football is back!

  10. FrancieFootball

    Dynasty trade question

    Yeah, nah.
  11. FrancieFootball


    The usual peanut gallery feeling threatend and reassuring one another. GO PRIDE!
  12. FrancieFootball

    Death rate higher among anti-vax MAGAturds

    Not if you were a parent who gave their kids some historical perspective on hard times and made it a together adventure that we ride together, come out on the other side and become stronger as humans and little humans in the process. We are stronger and more road-tested life for it. So proud of my family.
  13. FrancieFootball

    Putin signs law banning gender change in Russia

    Not mine. They're fully functional and most likely much larger than yours. That's just the anatomy with which I was blessed. But one can identify as a woman and still have this plumbing. This is who I am biologically. It's nothing for which you need to feel threatened. I hope you'd find me interesting and intellectually stimulating if we went and had a drink. I likely could whip you at billiards and drink you under the table, plus have your back in a bar fight, which I've been in and held my own. I was born this way and have taken a long time to be comfortable in my skin, because American society can be so cruel and inhibit our reality. But I'm good now. I have a spouse and two great kids and have been approved to adopt a third. I can't wait to meet this child. Life is good. Love is good. Love wins every time.
  14. FrancieFootball

    Putin signs law banning gender change in Russia

    It's like it's not OK to cut out cancer because it's a part of the body that doesn't belong. What an awful mindset.