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  1. The CBS site is not allowing me, as the commissioner, to process my league's FAB bids. Any other league having that issue?
  2. Mack 1

    Mike Evans

    Antonio Brown's consistency makes him the unquestioned WR in fantasy football. But there is certainly an argument over who's no. 2. Julio is a monster in PPR, but in standard leagues, I'd go with Evans. Julio only has one season with double-digit scores, while Evans has scored 12 TDs in 2 of his first 3 seasons. Choosing between these two is a toss-up in PPR, but in standard leagues, I'd go with Evans.
  3. Mack 1

    Week 12 FU Thread

    Can anybody confirm if Brandin Cooks is hurt? A big fat zero with all that production going 'round? He has to be injured, no?
  4. Mack 1


    He could have very easily had 3 short rushing TDs in the first half. Dont get it.
  5. I've benched Jameis in 2 of the first 3 weeks in favor of this pr!ck and it's cost me both games. I'm sure his family loves him, but his fantasy owners wanna tar-and-feather him. Dude won't see my line-up for the rest of the season. It's Jameis and Carson Wentz from here on out.
  6. Mack 1

    Moncrief droppable?

    I dropped Moncrief, perhaps for no other reason than I already got Josh Gordon sitting on my bench. And besides, like someone else mentioned above, bye weeks start neek week. Roster spots will now be at a premium.
  7. Mack 1

    Coby 'Sunshine' Fleener

    I recall Sean Peyton saying this summer that Fleener had issues comprehending the playbook. Um.....yeah. That can be a problem.
  8. Mack 1

    FAAB System Set-up on CBS--need some help

    I am bewildered with the limitations these fantasy sites have. Combining two free agent pick-up processes seems like a logical thing to do. SMH.
  9. Mack 1

    FAAB System Set-up on CBS--need some help

    I was afraid we'd have to do it manually every week. It's shameful that CBS can't combine the two forms of free agent pick-ups (FAAB and FC/FS) at the same time. Ridiculous.
  10. Mack 1

    FAAB System Set-up on CBS--need some help

    I sent 'em an inquiry through the site, so now we're just waiting for feedback.
  11. Our league is using the FAAB system for the first time this year on CBS. We currently, of course, have a bidding period for owners to bid on free agents. That part is set up fine. Where we're having trouble is adding the first-come, first-serve process in picking up players who cleared waivers after the bidding period is complete. Right now, it has the FAAB system throughout the entire week. Can anybody fill me in on how we can add players after the bidding process without using our FAAB system? Much obliged.
  12. Mack 1

    WTF Allen Robinson

    San Diego's defense did nothing fancy...just one on one coverage across the board all day. Problem was, the receivers couldnt shake lose from the coverage. That's the sign of average receivers. Period.
  13. Mack 1

    Brees had 430..Fleener only 6 of them?

    There were rumblings that dude had trouble with the playbook during training camp. Thought those Stanford cats were smart. Oh well. He's on my bench till further notice.
  14. Mack 1

    Rishard Matthews or TSharpe

    The Titans defense gave up 27 or more points in 10 games last year. So yeah...people can say the Titans will run the ball a lot. But if that defense remains a weakness, they're gonna have to throw to stay in games. As a result, Sharpe should be a productive player. Matthews? Nothing special.
  15. Mack 1

    jets=worst 2nd round drafters in recent memory?

    Dude, that's ONE out of EIGHT. I could've gone on and added the Matt Millen picks, but I chose to stop there. Don't get your panties in a bunch.